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I am from California and married to my high school sweetheart.  I have a Master’s Degree in English and have worked in a library for many years.  Now, I’m a full-time writer. I’ve written 9 erotic stories.






Lady’s man, Detective Jay Harrison, is on the top of his game.  He is devastatingly handsome, rich, charming and commanding.  His life is turned upside down when a beautiful, alluring, and treacherous young wife calls 911 reporting that someone has shot and killed her husband.  He finds himself attracted to the young wife against his will.  Will she take him down with her?  Find out in “Taken”, a sexy erotic mystery that is meant for adults who are open to reading about the BDSM lifestyle and like murder mysteries.

An Excerpt:

How can Detective Harrison explain to the lieutenant what actually happened and why he thinks Jessica is guilty?  He knows it was unethical for him to have dinner with her, let alone have sex.  Thank God his sub came when she did and got him out of the chair.  How humiliating it might have been if the police had broken in, sensing foul play or fearing that he was dead, and found him in the condition he was in…

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In this tantalizing erotic romance, Renee, a twenty-one-year old virgin, is shocked when her friends send her a female hooker as a birthday present. After a hot night with Candy, she questions her sexual orientation until her friend invites her to a lecture given by a vampire who was once a slave during the Civil War. She loses her virginity on a night when there is a blood moon. It was the best sex she ever had. Their forbidden sex life was rough, hot and thrilling, with a sense of danger always simmering underneath. After he almost kills a man, the vampire must lay low and flees. While he is gone, she once again sees Candy who invites her to a masquerade party where’s there is red room. Will she agree to go? Will her vampire ever return? And what awaits her in the red room?

Here’s a five-star review of this erotic romance:
A thrilling hot experience. Author Maggie May has woven a compelling tale about a virgin, a paid escort, and a vampire who was once a slave. This novella is a fast paced short read that will keep the reader’s interest throughout sexual frustration, new experiences, possible love, drama and suspense …. it has it all!
I would definitely recommend this for any 18+ lover of romance with alternate twists.
An Excerpt:
It has been two weeks and I still haven’t seen my vampire.  He hasn’t come into the library where I work and I haven’t seen him near my house.  Where can he be?  I wonder if he’s in New Orleans with his maker?  Is he having sex with her right now?  Or maybe he is having a three-way somewhere with my hooker friend, Candy.  Finally, I get tired of waiting and call Candy to see if she’s heard from him.  I fish her business card out of my wallet and give her a ring.
I’m surprised when she picks up and I hear her familiar hello.  “Hi, Candy.  I thought you might let it go to voicemail.”
“Who’s this?” she asks suspiciously.
“Don’t you remember me?  It’s Renee.  We had sex twice?  Have you forgotten me already?”
She laughs and says, “Hi, Renee.  Of course, I remember you.  Would you like to come over to my house and play with me?”
“I’m afraid I can’t afford you, honey.”
“Too bad.  I really wish you could.”
I clear my throat and try to dismiss thoughts of the fun and sexy times we’ve had together.  I tell her, “Actually, Candy, I’m calling to ask if you’ve seen vampire Beauregard.”
“No.  I haven’t seen him in ages.  Have you two hooked up?”
“I’m still a virgin, if you can believe it.”
“Honey, that cherry needs poppin’ someday.”
“I know.  I wanted to, but I got scared when his fangs came out.”
“I know.  It freaked me out the first time too.  But he was paying, so I had to get used to it.”
“Did he ever take too much of your blood?  Were you ever afraid he might accidentally kill you?”
“No.  I just felt sluggish afterwards.  He told me to take some iron supplements.  I did and then I regained my strength.  Back to normal.”
“That’s good to know.  So…how many times have you two had sex together?”
“Only twice.”
“Is he a good lover?”
“Yes!  Very intense.  He loves oral.”
“Why am I not surprised?”
She says, “Hang on while I light a cigarette.”
After I hear her exhale, I ask, “So, did it hurt your pussy when he was licking and sucking?  Did you feel like he was gobbling you up; like he was literally eating you out?”
Candy laughs at my question and says, “Honey, he licked and sucked just the way I like it.”
“Okay.  Good to know.”
Candy teases, “All this sex talk is making my kitty purr.  Anything else I can do for you, Renee?”
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In this erotic romance, nineteen-year-old Roxie, a California girl, moves to New Orleans to start her life anew after breaking up with her boyfriend. Her apartment is on Basin Street, across from the famed St. Louis Cemetery, where one night she hears ragtime music emanating from inside. When she follows the music, she meets and falls madly in love with a sexy Creole man who transports her back to the days of Storyville, a red light district where he plays piano in brothels. He takes her to erotic worlds she never imagined, and suggests sexual experiences that test her. Will she go along with what he has to teach her? Will she overcome her jealousy and accept whatever he proposes?  This story contains ménage erotica featuring FFM and MFM.
Five Star Review:
I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this book. Time travel to me is more science fiction, however this book brings the past to the future. Maggie May introduces you to Roxanne who is trying to start a new life in the French quarter and Jan a musician she meets on the street. Their love for each other is felt immediately. Jan helps Roxy adjust to life in the quarter as well as in his life. He teaches her things about herself and shows her how by letting go the impossible can happen. I really liked how the author describes their time together, the love scenes are explicit and very well written. I look forward to more from Maggie May.
An Excerpt:
I was blindfolded, and as Jan was kissing me, somebody was kissing my other lips.  It was a weird sensation, but I liked it.  I could hear them moving around, but I didn’t know who was doing what.  Or if they were doing it to themselves.  Suddenly, one of them straddled me and put his cock into my mouth.  It tasted like Jan, but I wasn’t sure.  While he did that, the other straddled him.  At least that was what I imagined he was doing.  I heard deep moans from both of them.  Are they having anal sex?  There was a whole lot of appreciation going on, whatever they were doing.  I tried my best to stifle my jealousy.  How could I ever compete with a man? It’s impossible: I don’t have a cock.  What do men who like cocks do?  Especially when they’ve been exposed to that kind of sex at a very young age.  It’s best to keep an open mind, after all.
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In this playful and wickedly humorous erotic romance, find out what happens when a handsome 50-year-old husband catches his sexy 25-year-old wife flirting with the guys in their condos’ communal Jacuzzi. He has a special treat waiting for her when she comes home: something that will teach her an important lesson she’ll never forget.
Here’s a five star review:
Sugar Daddy was a fun, quick read, and the first story I have read from Maggie May. I enjoyed the fun banter between the lead female character and the men she came into contact with. Moreover, that lesson her older hubby had in store for her as a “punishment” for her flirting? I think she enjoyed it a bit too much and may end up doing more “naughty” things to get more of that kind of response from her handsome “Sugar Daddy.”
If you are looking for a hot, fast read, then you would most likely enjoy this one from Maggie May. Especially her references to older classic books.
An Excerpt:
He smiled at me as he walked by the circulation desk. After about five minutes, he came up to me with three novels to check out. They were “Vox”, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and “The Story of O”. I blushed as I touched each book. Somebody sure is thinking about sex besides me today, I thought.
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Here’s the book description.  Have you ever gone to high school reunions hoping to find “The One Who Got Away”? Wouldn’t it be great if you got one more chance to get together? How would it change your life? That is what thirty-year-old Danielle wonders as she is getting ready to go to her high school reunion. She has some unfinished business with a guy she’d met in her senior history class who liked her, but she had foolishly turned him down at the time. She is hoping to see him again tonight. Will he be there and will she get a second chance at love? For readers 18+.
An Excerpt:
She is spellbound while he reaches over and slowly, tentatively touches his lips with her own.  He moves her body closer and with both hands firmly grabs her ass.  She can feel his hard-on pressed against her.  They continue kissing and he puts one hand up her dress. She is dripping wet and he whispers, “You naughty and delicious girl.  I want you now!”
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This erotic romance is a sexy western about an 18-year-old girl’s time spent with the men who built the transcontinental railroad and the prostitutes who traveled with them in rowdy makeshift towns nicknamed Hell on Wheels.

A coming of age story, humorous at times, it depicts how she loses her innocence step-by-step.  Leaving behind her moral Mormon upbringing, she earns money writing erotic stories based upon what she sees when a prostitute in the camp brings her customers back to their room.

Falling in love and lust with several men along the way, she meets a surveyor for the railroad who offers her a different life. Will she be able to leave behind what she has seen and experienced in the Hell on Wheels camps? And will one man be enough? Very sexually explicit, containing MFM and FMF threesomes along with F/F erotica.


Samuel helped me climb down from his buggy and we went inside.  He hollered out, “Timothy, we’re home,” and in walked the most gorgeous specimen of a man I’d ever seen.  He was holding a hammer and wasn’t wearing a shirt.  My eyes took in his rugged good looks and I admired his muscular chest that tapered down to his slim waist.  He was wearing fringed suede pants like the Indians wear.  His pants hung down low, exposing a sexy vee pattern of muscles that seemed to point down to his treasure below.  I wanted to pull down his pants to see more but behaved myself.  He sure didn’t fit my preconceived notion of a homosexual.

Timothy asked me, “So, I heard you like to watch people having sex and then write about it.”

“So much for small talk,” Samuel said and laughed at his friend.

I answered, “It’s how I make some money.  My roommate is a whore and she brings men home.”

“Did you bring the book full of your sexy stories?”

“Yes, I did as a matter of fact.  Samuel asked me to.”

Timothy looked over at his friend and said, “Good boy.”

He turned back to me.  “I’m dying to see it.  Is that what you’re holding.”

“Yes.”  I gave it to him and he thumbed through its pages.

“Ooh…this is some sexy stuff here.  I’ll be masturbating to it later.  I promise not to get any cum on it.”

Samuel laughed and said, “Really, Timothy.”

“What’s wrong, Samuel.  Your sexy girl is no virgin.  My language doesn’t offend her.”

There was a rocking chair in the corner of the room and I made myself at home, ready to record what I was about to see.

Timothy walked over to a dresser and pulled out some candles and a satin mask.  He lit the candles and told Samuel, “Have a seat on the spanking bench.”

Samuel warned, “Don’t get carried away tonight because we have an audience.”




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