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Alessandra Bordeaux spends her days, daydreaming of all different types of things sexy. Sexy is her middle name. Her motto is, ‘Sexy is as sexy does.’

Writing is just another one of her passions. Once you read her books, Ms. Bordeaux will keep pulling you back for more.




An Excerpt:

Chapter One

Megan Cassidy walked past the mountain of bills on her kitchen counter and cringed. Turning to her two best friends Sophia and Gabriella with a frown, “I feel like I’m drowning in debt. I just graduated college and already the bank sent me a bill for my student loan. Ugh.”

“I know exactly what you mean. It really sucks,” replied Sophia. “I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul.

“I hate to do this but I think I’m going to call my grandparents and ask them for a loan. Between the rent of this cramped apartment and all the other bills, I’m ready to scream.” Megan groaned while taking a seat on the couch in an angry huff.

“Ladies. Stop with all this negativity. We’re all smart and in the same boat. We’ll figure it out,” called Gabriella from the laundry room.

“I graduated from UCONN with a bloody 4.0 average, Magna Cum Laude, sent out over one thousand resumes and have gone on countless interviews. Nothing. What the fuck? We even moved to Danbury, Connecticut because it’s supposed to be less expensive,” barked Megan picking up her laptop and searching her emails.

“Laundry is finished,” called Gabriella while walking into the kitchen. “Why don’t you get out of the house and get some fresh air. Walk around town and clear your mind and things will change.”

“You’re right,” replied Megan. “I’m going to shower, be down when I’m done.”


Just as Megan turned off the water, she heard muffled voices downstairs. With a sigh, she reached for her fluffy white towel, dried off, and wrapped it around her body. With short, quick strides, she walked to her bedroom window and peeked outside and noticed a huge black SUV. ‘That’s odd. I can’t recall anyone I know that drives that massive truck.’ Letting out a long-winded sigh, she made her way to her closet and chose a navy blue maxi dress. Simple, comfortable, and attractive all rolled up in one.

She made her way back to the bathroom and hung up her towel and combed out her gorgeous, golden blonde hair. For a moment, she stood there and stared at her reflection, doing her best to remember the shape of her mother’s face, her eye color, and her features. ‘I often hear from grandma that I resemble you, mom. Sure, wish you were here. You’d know what to do.’ She stared at her brilliant blue eyes and recalled a time when eyes the same color smiled at her every night before bed and frowned. ‘I can’t forget you either dad, after all, I have your smarts according to grandpa.’

Megan fixed her hair and makeup and slipped on a pair of comfortable sandals and opened her bedroom door and paused.

“Megan,” called Sophia in a shaky voice. “Two men are here to see you. They said it’s important.”

Feeling an odd sense of foreboding, Megan took a few steps towards the staircase and froze. Her heart began to beat erratically, her stomach turned sour, and her knees began to wobble. Taking a large gulp of air, she slowly made her way downstairs and came to an abrupt halt in front of two men in dark suits.

Taking a moment to gather strength and courage, she looked at the two men and said in a shaky voice she barely recognized, “Hi. I’m Megan Cassidy.”

“I’m Officer Jones and this is Detective Connor.” Megan couldn’t help but notice that both men were extremely tall and not unattractive either. Yet it was the shorter of the two men who spoke as the other looked on. NNMegan caught herself staring and remembered her manners.

“Please gentlemen, do come in. Can I offer you something to drink?”

“No thank you,” Detective Connor said in a husky voice. “I’m very sorry Miss Cassidy we’re here to inform you of the tragic deaths of Mr. Robert Cassidy and Mrs. Edda Cassidy.”

“What?” A feeling of dizziness overtook Megan followed by, nausea, and her knees went wobbly. “How?”

“A car accident,” replied Officer Jones in a soft voice. “Very sorry for your loss.” Megan felt the need to run. Maybe if she ran from this, it would be like it never happened.

She placed her hand over her heart and asked, “Are you sure? How…How do you know? I can’t. No. Not them.”

“We’re sure Miss Cassidy. You’re listed on Mr. and Mrs. Cassidys’ Emergency contact information,” replied Officer Jones. Megan’s body began to shake and huge sobs escaped her throat.

“No. No. No. It can’t be. They’re the only family I’ve known. No. This isn’t. It can’t be. No.”

Sophia ran over to Megan and hugged her. Too choked up, she found it impossible to speak.

“Miss Cassidy?” asked Officer Jones in a concerned voice.

“Please. I can’t. Not grandma. No. Not my grandpa. Go away. Just no,” cried Megan.

Sophia sat Megan down and looked over at Gabriella for some sort of support or help.

Choking back a sob, Gabriella asked, “Does Megan need to go look at the bodies?”

“Yes. She does.”

“No,” cried Megan. “I can’t. I can’t do this. Not again. It’s, it’s, it’s just too soon.”


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An Excerpt:

Chapter One

            “Most men cheat, let’s face it,” said the gorgeous blonde sitting in a quiet corner in a dimly lit restaurant toying with her food. Feeling slight unease, she placed her fork down on her plate and shoved it away from her.

“Your point,” said the older gentlemen sitting across from her with a sly grin etched across his face.

“I’m not interested in anything you have to offer,” she said while quickly standing up and grabbing her purse and cell phone. With the grace of a prima ballerina, she held her head high and proceeded to walk out of the restaurant and straight to a dark black brand new Range Rover. Sitting in the safety of her vehicle, Brianna locked the doors and started the engine while getting her breathing under control. Every nerve in her body was at attention. Something just wasn’t right.

Taking a look around one more time, she backed out of parking spot, and nervously drove to the safety of her own home.


            Watching her drive off, Blake ran his fingers through his hair. In a zombie like trance, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and sent the picture over to his superior and asked, ‘Is this the woman?’

             ‘Yes.’ Was the response he received almost immediately.

“Well damn. This is going to be the most interesting assignment in the history of my employment,” he whispered in a raspy voice to no one but himself as he paid his bill and left the restaurant.


            Brianna looked around before she drove away and wondered if perhaps her ex-husband didn’t stage that stupid phony job interview. Dismissing the negativity that surrounded that idiot, she decided to drive home and start her job search all over again.

After a few hours, she realized the time and went upstairs to her bedroom to get ready for her night out with some friends, good food, and drinks.

“Hmm, what should I wear tonight?” she asked while rummaging through her closet. “This little number looks super sexy. Why not.”

She showered, and dressed in the sexiest little dress she owned knowing her friends would do the same. Taking one last look at herself in the full-length mirror, she turned and walked downstairs and straight out to her car.

The drive was short and luckily there was a nice parking spot directly under a bright light. Brianna gathered her purse and keys and made her way inside the dwelling and smiled the moment she noticed two of her best friends sitting near the huge bar.

“Well. Look at you looking like sex on a stick,” said Jordan          with a cheesy grin. “Is this what a divorced woman looks like now-a-days?”

“Perhaps,” replied Brianna walking over and kissing him hello. “I’ve missed you so much.”

Brianna walked over to her other friend Mary and kissed her hello and smiled, “Thank you for coming out. I know it couldn’t have been easy.”

“My husband practically shoved me out the door,” said Mary squinting her eyes. “I wonder if he’s cheating too.”

“Men are dogs,” said Jordan pulling Brianna into the seat next to him. “Don’t look now but tall, dark, and delicious can’t seem to take his eyes off of you.”

Feeling her cheeks blush, Brianna glanced in the general direction but didn’t make eye contact. She felt her stomach turn and moved a little closer to the safety of her best friend Jordan.

A few other people joined them and soon they had a group. “Here’s to Brianna finally free of that asshole she married,” said her best friend Annie with a huge smile. “Now I have my partner in crime all to myself again. Let the man-eating begin.”

“Here’s to the end of a bad decision,” said Brianna holding up a small glass of amber liquid. “Most men leave their women for something better, someone prettier, sexier, perhaps even younger. Not my ex. He settled for a woman heavier, older, and totally unattractive. Here’s to them.”

Mary started laughing at Brianna’s toast. “Girl, I saw the two of them at the supermarket last night and couldn’t help myself. I laughed in both their faces. Here’s to his downgrade.”

Brianna sat and joked with friends and had a great time. At the end of the night, she walked to her car and noticed two men staring at her. Her heart rate picked up and her nerves kicked in. Counting to five backwards, Brianna did her best to slow her breathing and get her nerves under control. Glancing in the general direction of the stranger, she realized she’s seen them before. Nonchalantly, she angled her cell phone and snapped a few pictures.

Picking up her pace, she walked to her car and got in, being sure to lock the doors behind her. She started the engine, put on her seatbelt and noticed her hands were shaking. “You can do this Brianna,” she said to herself. “This isn’t a movie this is real life. My life.” With that said, she put the car in drive and headed towards the exit.

Looking in her rearview mirror, Brianna realized she was being followed. Her instincts kicked in and granted her the common sense to drive to the nearest police department. With nervous fingers, she cut the engine and collected her things and got out. Pausing only to look for the entrance, Brianna found her bearings and swiftly made her way inside the massive, unwelcoming building.

“Evening ma’am,” said the officer sitting at the desk. “How may I help you?” he asked while taking in Brianna’s sexy but nervous appearance.

“Evening Officer,” replied Brianna nervously. Thinking she might have made a mistake walking inside she blurted out, “I just left my divorce party and realized that I was definitely being followed.”

The officer looked at her with an odd look. “Ma’am, have you been drinking?”

“No. I don’t drink. I had ginger ale all night.”

A very tall, very handsome man in plain clothes walked over and dismissed the officer with a glare. Turning his attention back to Brianna, he said, “Ma’am do we have a problem over here? I’m Detective Blake. Why don’t you follow me?”


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An Excerpt:

Stefania sat at her desk in uptown Manhattan staring out the window begging for the dreaded workday to finally end. Anything and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong and as the seconds ticked by, things weren’t looking any better.

“Miss Triolo,” called a tall, older gentleman leaning into her office.

“Yes, Mr. Davidson,” replied Stefania standing up nervously.

“Whatever you did to get our client back,” he said in a flat, monotone voice. “Thank you. Just make sure your staff doesn’t do anything like that again.”

Feeling like she shrunk ten inches, she blushed and lowered her eyes, “Yes sir. Apologies. I’ll speak with them on Tuesday at our weekly meeting.”

She stood there for a moment and watched him saunter off and finally let out the breath she was holding. Looking at the huge clock on the wall, she finally smiled and whispered, “Time to go home and get ready for my long three day weekend. Let the fun begin.”

With a skip in her step, she left her office and walked outside and paused. “Crap. It’s about to pour rain. Why? Why? Why? Why does it have to be every time I go away? Someone up there really hates me.”

With a grunt and a groan, she made her way to the subway and the Metro and headed out of the city. She got off her stop and looked around for her ride while doing her best to dodge huge raindrops and avoid getting drenched. With a sigh, Stefania pulled out her cell phone and checked for messages and to her disappointment, none were there.

Dialing her boy friend Brendon’s number, she felt relieved when he answered on the second ring. “Hey, why aren’t you at the train station? What? I can’t believe this. It never fails. I truly should have known better. Okay. Of course I’m still going.”

Her heart hammered in her chest and her head pounded as she started to make her way home. Ten long blocks later and completely drenched, she stepped inside her house and was greeted by her overly excited dog Brutus.

“Come on boy, I know you hate the rain but you’ve been home all day and must have to take a little tinkle.” She carefully walked across the slippery tiled floor and opened up her back door and let Brutus out and waited while shivering for him to return. Not wanting to waste any more time, she called him inside and dried him off then ran upstairs to shower and change.


            Ronan was sitting at his desk when one of his deputies’s walked in unannounced. “Evening Captain. I just got word from Walter Mayberry that a campsite was rented for next three days.”

“Thank you Gomez. I’ll be over around midnight to make sure there’s no partying going on and all fires are out.”

Gomez scratched his head and looked over at Ronan with an odd look. With a huge smile on his face, he said, “I doubt there will be anything crazy going on.”

Not in the mood for idle chitchat, Ronan stood up and said, “Why do you say that?”

“Walter’s wife said that she received a call and was informed that there will only be one person camping.”

“Great. Thank you Gomez.”

“You’re welcome. Mrs. Mayberry also said that it’s a young woman camping alone with her dog.”

“Great,” said Ronan wondering why on earth a young female would camp alone, but dismissed any thought of that and continued to work. “I’ll be sure to check up on the camper later on tonight.”

Gomez made his way towards the exit and just before leaving, he said, “Have a good night. Let the camping season begin.”

Rubbing his over grown beard, Ronan leaned back in his wooden chair and stretched out his long muscular legs and let out a long sigh. Tired of sitting idle, he stood up and decided to check on all the neighboring campsites and get an idea of how many visitors would be in his area for the long weekend.

Finally making it to the Mayberry campsite, he walked over to the counter and patiently waited for the information requested.

“Evening Ronan,” said Walter Mayberry walking over to the counter with an envelope. “I only have one campsite rented this weekend.” Walter scratched his head and pulled out the map of the campsite. “She wanted to be in a secluded area so I gave her campsite 32.”

Ronan took the map even though he didn’t need it and tucked it into his back pocket. He started to walk towards the door but paused for a moment and shook his head. “I wonder why people aren’t camping this weekend? Even the other campsites are empty.”

“Perhaps it’s the possibility of the storm coming,” said Mrs. Mayberry making her way towards the counter with a frightened expression.

“Storm? I didn’t hear anything about a storm,” replied Ronan walking to the door, opening it wide and looking up to the sky.

“I wonder if that pretty little camper is aware,” said Mrs. Mayberry. “I think I’ll send out Roger to let her know.”

“Don’t bother,” said Ronan feeling an odd pang in the back of his throat. “I’ll go. I want to make sure she’s aware of our fire safety rules anyway.”


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