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Discovered in a dense, fog laden forest of a strange, far away land near the broken battlements of a long forgotten citadel, Mr. Castle was adopted and raised by a band of traveling gypsies who roamed from one picturesque village to the next throughout the world in search of the perfect woman capable of weathering the eccentricities and unorthodox tastes of their debonair son. After scavenging for many years without much in the way of luck, and only an endless trail of heartsick broken conquests, they abandoned their journey and left Dominick to deviate and drift away in pursuit of his unrelenting passions.

His captivatingly deviant aura has women drooling, dripping and dropping when he enters any dimly lit room and he inspires even further depths of depravity under the cover of darkness. His insatiable appetite for beautiful, buxom raven-haired lovelies with plush, pink well-rounded bottoms has women flocking to his bedroom door and begging for even a single taste of debaucherous pleasure at the end of his whip. To keep them at bay, he eloquently pens his dirty desires and raunchiest ramblings from a richly carved mahogany desk beneath which kneels a steady stream deliriously delicious nubile slaves ever eager to satisfy his every need.


BDSM, DD/lg, Spanking, Ponygirl, Hucow, Dark Erotica

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The excerpt is from a WIP entitled “Same Time Next Thursday

That all changed a few months later when I met this guy online. He did not try to immediately get me on the phone or jump straight to jerking off. He did not ask for photos or personal details and he didn’t push to meet up. In fact, barring a brief introductory conversation about oral sex stimulated by his humorous screen name, we chatted every night for nearly two weeks before the subject of sex even reemerged.

He was very different from the very beginning and he established one very simple rule up front, which was “no names.” So, I knew him only as “NeilNSuck,” his screen name for the chat site we used. He said that anonymity was something of a turn-on to him and I had to agree it had more than a certain appeal from my point of view. We then progressed to generalities like how he preferred to be dominant and I admitted that based on what I knew about the dynamics of sex roles, that my tastes were, for whatever reason, more passive and therefore I was most likely a submissive. We talked extensively about everything, with him asking me a great deal about my fantasies. One that seemed to peak his interest the most was my fantasy about sucking a guy off through a glory hole. The idea of giving a blowjob was a real turn-on for me, but the whole not knowing who was on the other side of the wall really added something to it. But as I said, I was too much of a coward to actually try anything and though embarrassed I told “Neil” so.

We continued to talk for the next couple of weeks. The topics would range from music to sex, and everything in-between. I learned that he lived only about an hour and a half away, but he never even hinted at the prospect of meeting up. The sex based conversations always seemed to revolve around me. If it wasn’t my fantasies, it was my sexual preferences, or at least what I thought they would be.

I finally pressed him one evening into telling me one of his fantasies. He told me that though he thought my glory hole fantasy was “interesting,” he personally fantasized about something more “open with a greater sense of anonymity and a buildup of anticipation.” He said he felt that it would “provide a far more thrilling encounter and bring a far more explosive climax.” I naturally asked him to clarify what he meant. He told me that with a glory hole, the wall creates a sense of anonymity, yes, the unknown, but it was too spontaneous and lacked any sense of anticipation, therefore making it less thrilling. I was not quite grasping what he meant, so I pressed him further. He said, “The encounter should be more public with a greater chance of getting caught. Perhaps in the back row of a movie theater during a busy screening of a popular film.” I was starting to get where he was going. By setting time and place, a sense of anticipation begins to build and the spontaneity is out the door. But where I was still lost was where the sense of anonymity came into play. If you set a time and place, then obviously you know who you are meeting. So, I asked, “How do you create your sense of anonymity?” His response was, “I never said anonymity for me! You create it for the person you are meeting.” I was a bit puzzled to say the least. Before I could type my response, he beat me to the punch and answered the question I was about to pose, which was naturally “How do you do that?” He said, “You do that by not answering a single question about yourself for 3 weeks and when you are on your knees blowing me Thursday night, you can look up into my eyes and know that you are sucking the cock of a complete stranger. And when I cum in your mouth, you will really begin to realize that you don’t know a fucking thing about me!” He immediately logged off.

I sat there stunned for a minute or two with my mouth sitting open I am sure. I was in complete shock and had no idea what to think. Then, I heard the familiar chime telling me I had a new email. It was from “Neil” and it contained instructions. Time, place, location, film and the following: “I will be the average size guy with sandy blonde hair sitting in the back row near the wall. I will have on a black hooded jacket and wear a plain royal blue t-shirt so you will know it is me. Just like the no names rule, this is not a social event, so no words need to be exchanged. Just walk over, get on your knees and take care of business. Then just walk away. If you can’t follow through, no apologies, just walk away.”

I was completely blown away by the shock of what just happened, but the slick warm sensation building in my panties made me realize just how turned on I was by his audacity. If I was ever going to get up the nerve to suck a guy off, this guy deserved it! I walked head first into his game and come hell-or-high-water I would find myself going head first into his lap three nights from then!

Three whole nights! Now I understand about the anticipation. It was all I could think about at all for three days. My nerves were a wreck and I was somewhere between being completely turned on and totally freaked out and the closer the day came, the more I felt that I would bitch-up and wimp out. During this time, NeilNSuck never once logged on to the chat site and I got no further email.

Thursday afternoon, I skipped out of work early. I headed into the city, purchased my ticket, and went to a local restaurant for a bite to eat before my command performance, but I was too nervous and could not eat. So, I had a couple of drinks to settle my nerves and try to erase the crazy scenarios playing out in my head about getting caught. It helped to a certain degree, but not much. I kept telling myself I could just leave and go home or even just watch the movie if I could not follow through. After all, he had no idea what I looked like. I finally looked at my watch. It was 9:27 and time to go. The movie started at 9:45.

I got out of my car and dropped my cell in the console. Didn’t want to forget to cut it off and have a call bring any unnecessary attention. I went inside, handed the attendant my ticket and headed for the theater. Inside to my relief, the back row was completely empty, but about 50 or 60 other seats had already been filled, with others still coming in. I picked a seat about halfway down on the isle.

Shortly after the lights dimmed and the previews began, I glanced over to see someone just sitting down in the back row near the wall. At first I wanted to dart, and got up to leave. A few quick steps and a hard right turn and I would be free! I made the few quick steps, but right I did not go. I turned left into the back row and headed straight for the figure near the wall. Then I stopped!

It wasn’t him! The guy had on a plain royal blue t-shirt sure, but he was rather stocky with dark, nearly black hair and the jacket was dark brown leather. I was definitely going to bolt now, but then I realized this had been one big fucking game the whole time! I just knew he lied about the description to throw me off and the only way for me to “win” the game now was to call him on it and do what I came to do.

I walked over to the guy, who looked up at me with a strange “WTF?” expression. I ignored it and without a word began to kneel down. I glanced over my left shoulder and saw that the nearest person was 4 rows ahead, midway down the row. The problem was, however, that I could be seen easily by anyone that came in through the theater door. “Fuck it! I am going to win!” I thought and reached for his belt buckle. He looked at me with a squinted, “what are you doing?” look on his face, but he said nothing which told me to keep going. I unfastened the belt buckle and the button securing his jeans. Still no comment, so on to the zipper. It made a slightly audible sound, but glancing over my shoulder, no one seemed to notice. He was wearing navy blue, Hanes brand briefs and had a considerable bulge working beneath the stressed fabric. I reached into the top of his underwear and slipped my hand around the base of his shaft. I pulled it out and it seemed more sizable than I remember discussing, but at this point the guy’s expression was more relaxed. He seemed to be going with it and at this point I did not even care. Someone was getting their cock sucked tonight!