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I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. A voracious reader since old enough to hold a book or turn a page. Being read to by candlelight at my mother’s side is still a lovely memory and the reason I adore thunderstorms to this day. My father was an eloquent, erudite man and I’d like to think I got a bit of his skill with the written word. I still see him in my mind’s eye, hunched over his old Royal typewriter, books and papers strewn across his desk. I lost both my parents at a young age but their love of reading and writing were firmly passed along. Anything I write will always and ever be dedicated to them.
I grew up in the shadow of the Nation’s Capital, a Beltway insider until moving to Florida. Sun, sand and sexy stories are my pastimes now, along with blogging and podcasting. Not one to stray too far from my Dramatic Arts roots, I love Renn Faires, Comic Cons, costume parties and of course, Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I’m delighted to have the opportunity to pass along a sexy, saucy tale, with hope you enjoy any or all of them. I look forward to sharing more stories in the coming months and would love to have you along, dear reader, for the ride.

“Words, when placed carefully, can warm the heart, amuse the mind, soothe the soul.”

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An excerpt from Disguised Desires:

Hadn’t she always wanted to be desired like this? The men she’d dated were all so proper, such gentlemen. Helping her carefully on with her coat for an evening at a fine restaurant, followed by a movie or dancing. An art gallery opening or a poetry reading. They never knew she secretly wanted them to throw the coat to the floor, push her down and rip her lovely dress off in their haste to claim her. While they chatted about investment banking or the latest fusion cuisine, her eyes would glaze at the thought of being bent over their Mercedes, panties ripped off, dress bunched at the waist and soundly fucked, no prep, just one thrust, buried to the hilt before they began to move again.

Just once she wanted them to take her home sore and well used, panties and bra discarded and never found. To wake up the next morning and marvel at the marks remaining of the night before. A testament to the passion they’d unleashed on each other. But alas, no one had and so the secret fantasies had withered and died over time.

But this man knew. She didn’t know how but she could see it in his eyes. Feel it in his touch as it raced over her, as he pushed into her with fingers and tongue. And she could see an answering passion in his heated gaze. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he gave her one last kiss. Bruising and thorough and when he went to pull away it was she that locked her teeth on his bottom lip. His gloved hand came up to her throat, wrapped around it and applied ever increasing pressure until she was forced to let him go, but not before nicking him. The sweet taste of copper pennies bloomed on her tongue and she watched as he took a step back, wiping his mouth and licking his lip, smiling at the taste.

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She’d responded over the internet to his letter. They’d corresponded, spoken by telephone and the details had been set. He’d specified that she was to tell no one of her destination nor any part of their arrangement. She’d even signed a paper to that effect. Joel’s darkest desire had always been to have a slave for a time. An incommunicado consensual abduction with complete servitude. Her body to do with as he wished, an ultimate fantasy come true.

As for telling anyone, there was no chance of that. Her compliance came easy. She had no one to tell.

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