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Patrick Khayler lives in Texas with his wife of many years and two children. Together, they enjoy active family vacations to exotic locations with diverse outdoor activities such as camping, biking and SCUBA diving. He enjoys reading everything, regardless of genre, in any subject that manages to hold his interest at the time.

            In fiction, Patrick enjoys stories with detailed character development. Those few gems in which the author has pulled the reader in so deeply, the reader can no longer determine where their own life ends and the protagonist’s begins. Stories where the reader is engrossed the entire time, turning page after page just to find out what happens to themselves. They have lived every moment of each character’s background or know others who have. They can actually see themselves acting in the same way and know it is themselves living the fantasy. Hoping it will never end.

            Patrick Khayler’s first book, The Present, was written as a gift to his wife for her  birthday. Written in the erotic romance genre that she enjoys so much, he wanted to compose a story set within the realm of probable while still providing an absolute and total escape from reality. Two people, parents, who love each other completely, actively searching to fulfill their own sexual fantasies… Together.


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An Excerpt:

       “Becky helped me pick out your anniversary present today,” Lisa said, looking over at Becky with a smirk. “She even helped me wrap it.”

Davis looked back to Becky, intrigued. The light from the windows behind her shone through her skirt, highlighting the space between her legs without actually showing anything. As he stared, a small patch of redness snuck upon both her cheeks. Unable to hold her gaze any longer, he looked back at Lisa, hoping his eyes hadn’t lingered for an inappropriate length of time.

“After all her hard work, I figured taking her to dinner was the least we could do.” Lisa opened the bottle of wine. “Besides…” She loosed a bewitching smile as she filled two glasses. “I was hoping you would want her to see you unwrap it.”

Davis was getting more confused by the minute.”Uhm… I guess that depends on what it is.” He smiled uneasily, knowing the type of presents Lisa had given him in private before. His cock decided to rise rapidly. He shifted closer to the back of the couch, hoping Becky wouldn’t see the swelling in his pants.

“Are you okay?” Lisa asked as she walked past him and into the living room with the two glasses. She handed one to Becky and turned back to face him. She took a small sip from her glass as a wicked grin climbed her face. “You look a little…uncomfortable.”

The two women’s eyes bored into him. His face was on fire. He hoped he wasn’t blushing too badly. He decided to play it off. “Well.” He tried and mostly succeeded at a smile. “When you have two gorgeous, scantily clad women in your living room, something is bound to come up.”

The women giggled at his quip. Their reactions more arousing than embarrassing.

     What the hell did they talk about today?

“Well, stop gawking and go get ready,” Lisa commanded. “The sooner we eat dinner, the sooner you can unwrap your gift.” She looked at Becky before they both looked down and giggled again. “I want to give you time to enjoy your dessert…one delicious lick at a time.”

Now Davis was sure he was being excluded from something but he had no idea what it was. He only knew he couldn’t get any harder. He wanted to roll Lisa’s dress up her thighs so badly he couldn’t stand it. Dinner was going to be an eternity. He was going to be rock solid for hours.

“Your wish is my command.” He pretended to tip a nonexistent hat as his cock strained painfully. “Are you sure you won’t join me?” he jested.

Lisa didn’t miss a beat. “Who?” She smiled with mock confusion, switching her gaze from Davis to Becky and back again. “Don’t pretend I didn’t see your eyes burning through her dress.” Her jealousy was all feigned.

“Uhmm…” Again, he had been taken totally by surprise. “That would be you, my love.” His voice cracked as the words barely squeaked free.

“No way,” Lisa quipped. “I’m not going to let you mess up all my hard work.” She snickered, looking at Becky. “I’m not going to let you mess up Becky’s hard work either.” Her eyes lit on Davis’s face again.

Becky put her forehead on Lisa’s shoulder and giggled again.

Davis couldn’t believe what Lisa was saying in front of a stranger. He was dumbstruck. Dumbstruck with a cock that was ready to explode in his pants. “Okaaay…”He drew out the word slowly. “I’ll go get ready.”

“Hurry back,” Becky called sweetly.

Copyright © PATRICK KHAYLER, 2015

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An Excerpt:

Becky could actually hear her own heart pounding. The air seemed to move as the woman spoke. Every hair on Becky’s body felt lifted and pulled at the same time, as if the visitor’s presence alone had become a palpable touch. Ethereal fingertips brushed across her neck before dancing down her spine in an indescribable bouquet of sensation. Warmth expanded in her chest, rushing toward her abdomen before leaping across each of her toes.

What’s happening to me?

Becky watched the woman levitate herself into the chair only a few inches from her own, the same perfect posture pressing her breasts outward and hinting at the nipples below. The overpoweringly seductive scent. The woman’s knees touched and turned inward, letting the fabric of her dress brush against Becky’s. She leaned her elbow on the table and rested her chin on the back of her hand, staring with what could only be described as rapt fascination.

“I’m Valentine,” the woman said.

Becky licked her lips, nerves frayed. She didn’t want to move her legs farther away but she wasn’t quite ready to move them closer either. “Like the day?” Her flush deepened. How could I say something so stupid?

Valentine smiled sweetly before setting her palm on Becky’s twitching knee, immediately calming it. “Exactly like the day. As in four days from now.”

Her hand felt wonderful. So warm. So close. “I’m Becky. I can’t say Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites.”

Valentine pushed out her lower lip and tilted her head in a pout. Her hand moved gently from Becky’s knee to her thigh and back down again. “Well then, I’ll just have to change your opinion of my day, won’t I, Rebecca?”

Becky was wet and horny as hell. She’d only met Valentine minutes before and she was already aching to kiss her beautiful mouth but her eyes were drawn to the small tattoo. Half of the heart was now obscured by the top of Valentine’s dress but Becky couldn’t look away from the voluptuous skin beneath it. She wanted to touch it, draw her finger around the outline until she discovered where the arrow led.

“It’s a birthmark,” Valentine said.

Becky’s gaze leaped back to the luscious smile and insanely green eyes. No. Blue eyes. Dark blue. Infinite dreams. I can’t believe I’m thinking about her breasts! “What? I wasn’t

“That damn word again. You have to be willing to ask for the things you want, Rebecca, or you’re never going to get them.”

Becky inhaled sharply. Lisa had said the same thing. A coincidence. “I was looking at the tattoo—”

“Birthmark,” Valentine interrupted.

Valentine took her elbow off the table and cupped Becky’s knee between her hands. She leaned forward, sliding both hands upward as she moved. Her advance halted with her breasts inches away from Becky’s lips. Her fingers pressed through the fabric of Becky’s dress until Becky could feel them against her damp panties. Becky’s breath caught at the touch as she struggled to keep her legs open.

Valentine’s hot breath whispered in Becky’s ear seductively, “Now you can see it properly. All you had to do was ask.”

Valentine’s dress pulled against the skin only a kiss away. Becky stared at the birthmark. Deep red. Perfectly shaped. The arrow disappeared beneath the fabric, hidden from view. God I want you!

“It points to my hard nipple. But,” her soft lips found Becky’s ear with a gentle kiss, “you’re going to have to ask if you want to see for yourself.”

Before Becky could beg for her permission, the seductress sat up slowly, then stood. She placed a fingernail beneath Becky’s chin and led Becky’s gaze upward until the two of them connected across the intervening space. Her voice was sex without limits. “It’s been a pleasure, Rebecca. I’d like to see more of you. A lot more. If that’s what you want. Wear a smile next time. Panties are optional.”

Copyright © PATRICK KHAYLER, 2016

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An Excerpt:

The door closed, plunging her into a darkness lit only by the ephemeral glow of the displays in the distance. Even through her clothes she felt the heat of his body. The hard bulge in his pants pressed against her, demanding attention. His hands gripped her ass and pulled tighter. She snaked her arms around his body. “I don’t know if I can…” She turned her lips upward, hoping her words didn’t disappoint him.

“My sweet Rebecca,” he whispered in reply. “You’ve already begun.”

She tasted his lips. A soft, moist press. His warm tongue touching her own. His hands slipped farther, cupping between her thighs and ass. As he lifted, she relinquished the floor and wrapped her legs around his waist. She panted, touching his head with the backs of her hands as his lips found her neck.

Gentle. The soft heat of his tongue pressed her jaw line, teased her senses for less than a second before slipping another inch, covering every inch of her neck, kiss by succulent kiss. Her back pressed against the closed door and he leaned into her. The bulge beneath his pants teased her clit through her moist panties. She moaned, ready to give him anything he asked as long as he slid his cock into her.

With a gentle nip against her shoulder, he lowered her legs until her feet rested on solid ground. She stood on shaking legs, unable to see anything in the dim light. She could only feel.

His strong hands cupped her face, turning her chin upward to kiss her lips again. He leaned into her, compressing her breasts against his chest. Fingers tangled in her hair, pulled sweetly and bared her throat to his tongue. His free hand slid down her arm and closed around her wrist before raising it above her head and forcing it against the steel frame. She didn’t struggle. She had no desire to escape, only to yield.

His hand released her hair, brushing her cheek before it slid down her other arm. She felt his hot breath on her ear as he lifted her other wrist above her head to join the first.

“Are you mine?” he asked, his tone low.

She barely managed to find a single word. “Yes.”

His tongue lapped her earlobe. She tried to push her hips against him but his pelvis ground hard, holding her in place. He shifted his grip, holding both her wrists in a single hand.

“I can smell your arousal. The scent of beauty.” His voice had become heated passion.

He stepped slightly, opening space between them but refusing to release her hands. She opened her eyes to see him but a dark outline was all he’d become. His fingertip touched her lips and she took it into her mouth, sucking lightly. A promise to yield. She released the suction with regret, allowing his finger to resume its downward pull. Her chin. Her throat. Her chest. He cupped her breast and slid lower. She gasped and urged her hips forward.

“I will make you my masterpiece.” His hand found the hem of her dress, pulling upward. “Are you willing to learn?”

“I am.” Her resistance had faded long ago. She wanted him inside her. Nothing less would quench her need.

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Two naked girls wet kiss on a dark background


An Excerpt:




The poor swarmed around them. Elisabeth smiled as dirty hands slipped in and out of pockets that weren’t their own. The Cut never changed.

Linked arm in arm, Amelia walked by Elisabeth’s side. A good day. When the mob pressed too close, Elisabeth pulled back the hood of her jacket and uncovered her face. She bared her teeth and growled a challenge. The chorus of gasps her countenance elicited always warmed her heart. You don’t deserve to look at her. The crowd parted  with terror filled shrieks and cleared a path for them to walk.

“You’re evil!” Amelia laughed with an angel’s chorus of perfection. She wrapped her thin arms around Elisabeth’s neck and pulled her close, kissing her with passion. “But you’re my wicked girl. I love you, Elisabeth.”

And I love you, Amelia. Always. Forever.

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An Excerpt:

When you’re through with men forever, the Toy Maker will set you free. She’s uncovered the secret of pleasure without bounds. The flaws within your tools of pleasure have been redesigned and perfected at last. It’s time to unveil her masterpiece. Sex will become nothing more than a superfluous distraction… if love doesn’t ruin everything first.

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