Laney Sinclaire



Hopelessly addicted to reading (anything she can get her hands on), Laney has been a lit nut for as long as she can remember. Addicted to HEA and dark, complicated heroes, she often gets caught up in the world she both creates and reads about. Laney loves writing about devilish men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to take it, and smart, sexy women who like it rough. Writing about far off places and sexy adventures, Laney hopes you get drawn into her worlds and fall in love with her characters.

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Claimed By The Highlander
An Excerpt:
Emma Huston is fed up with her conservative life and on a whim, she decides to take a once in a lifetime trip to the Highlands of Scotland to work at a haunted hostel. Warned against seeking out proof of the centuries-old ghost of the grounds, Emma finds herself thrown through time and into the strong arms of Conn MacKenzie. Mistaking Emma for his lost love, Conn is determined to pick up exactly where he left off—in the bedroom. But Emma is fierce, determined and not quite the woman Conn remembers. Emma’s need to be dominated brings out a wicked desire within Conn that he cannot contain, but will it be enough to win her? Will Conn be able to handle Emma’s fiery temper and modern needs, or will the heat of their passions consume them both?
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                                                            Claimed By The Roman                                                            
An Excerpt:
Ali is a smart girl on the trip of a lifetime. Studying in Rome had always been her dream and her dream comes true when she’s allowed unsupervised access to the most famous site in Rome—the Coliseum. But strong magics flow through Ali’s veins and soon she finds herself transported through time. Captured by a virile alpha male, Lucius, Ali finds herself giving in to her darkest desires—the desire to submit to the dominant Roman.

With a strong hand and a hard body, Lucius possesses Ali in ways she never thought possible—but what is happening to Ali? Will she ever find her way home? And with the sexual claiming she experiences at the hands of the sexy Lucius, will she want to? Dark eyes and dark desires drag Ali to the edge of her sensual limits. But maybe all this modern woman needed was a good, hard spanking by a down and dirty Roman?

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                                                                    Claimed By Time
An Excerpt:
Three complete stories, one erotic collection. Looking for love and lust, join three feisty heroines as they travel through time and find the sensual experiences of their live—all at the hands of three tempting alphas. A gorgeous Roman, a wicked Greek God and a sensual Highlander await to set the night on fire.
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