Isabel James



Isabel James is a nom de plume for two authors who collaborate to bring you tales of emotional discovery.

One is an Erotica Author who has achieved Bestseller status a few times with her Club Alpha Cove series. She writes suspense thrillers with a sweltering, erotic twist within the BDSM lifestyle, as well as contemporary, paranormal and historical. The sex is blisteringly intense, with the aim to leave you hot and bothered, yearning for an intimate connection with your own masterful partner. For her, there’s nothing hotter than bringing fantasies to life and sensually enticing others inside their own little world of erotic fun.

Her co-author is a poet at heart and loves the nuances of wordplay. Like a true Artist, he paints a canvas with words, drawing you into his imagination, seducing you with their expressive beauty. He loves everything Shakespeare and draws his inspiration from the beauty of true passion and lust of life and love.

The day these two met, they discovered they had a writing chemistry. Their minds sparred and they converted their passion for words into a journey of discovery that happened without any conscious decision.

Their writing is intense, it’s intimate and no holds barred. They openly explore the sensual and erotic emotions that rule the human body and mind.  They’re each other’s yin and yang, challenging their minds and emotions to constantly explode in the stories they write. It’s an anthology of colorful, winding words that more than tell a story, it draws you inside, inviting you to feel each and every touch, see every emotion and experience the explosive sensations for yourself as they guide you through a maze of emotional discovery.

Be prepared for intense spiritual experiences.










                                                 DOUBLE SHOT ESPRESSO BOOK 1                                             THE WHITE PEARL A Journey of Emotional Discoveries

A Blurb…

What happens when you meet someone who instantly unhinges you? When a clash of heated gazes across the width of a room opens a floodgate of pheromones to surge through your veins?

Jack Cavallaro was robbed of breath when his eyes locked onto the beautiful brunette across the room in the Starbucks café. Kismet. A one in a million chance encounters. Stopping in for a quick double shot and suddenly, magically, there she was.

In New York on a business trip, Linzi Basset had no intention of becoming involved with anyone. But the moment she touched Jack’s hand, an electric shock ripped through her core leaving her stunned.

A black SUV sat mute under a sodium vapor streetlight as a gust of warm air swept up the acid green hem of her flimsy cocktail dress to reveal a pair of firm, round buttocks. A seductive glance back at him and it was all over.

Jack literally took matters in his own hands. Unconcerned about a public display they discovered just how crippling their lust and need for each other was in an unbridled erotic encounter that left both weak and shattered.

Neither one questioned the rush of emotions and pure lust that exploded between them. They threw caution to the wind and plunged into an unknown void that would forever change their world.


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                                                        THE CROW’S NEST BOOK 2                                                         THE WHITE PEARL A Journey of Emotional Discoveries

An Excerpt:

Jack dropped down between her legs and stared at her. The method of her compulsive behavior was resplendent in the soft, vulnerable shimmer of her green eyes. He was familiar with her schoolgirl motif. The flash of the angelic expression suddenly erased by the promiscuity of her pouty mouth. All supplemented by the provocative rippling of her sculpted back. She swung her hips to and fro in a pendulous arc, pitching her fleshy wet cunt up at him.

“Linzi,” he muttered as she finally unhinged him and shattered the last of his control.

Reaching out, he stroked his hand over the slope of her buttocks and the curve of her spine until he reached her neck. Leaning over, he kissed her shoulder. Her desperate trill dropped to a groan in expectation of being penetrated.

“Linzi, you drive me absolutely fucking crazy. How do you do this? Can you know me so well already? How, baby? How do you know?”


“Tell me.”

“You don’t know? You’ve given over your power. You are within me as much as I am within you,” her said as she tried to untangle his confusion. In a blink, he recognized the same raw emotion that had trembled in her voice on the bridge. His heart raced as her gaze penetrated his thoughts.

“I want to be the only one to drive you wild. I want to be the only one to inhabit your heart and soul. Just me and no one else. I’m selfish. I can’t share you with anyone. You know that. I want you to only want me.”

“I only want you,” he muttered in a ragged voice as he brushed a hand between her legs to find the moist slit and probe two fingers inside her.

“Oooh, Jack, you have great hands,” she purred as she felt him delve into her.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, baby,” he whispered as he pressed a fingertip down on the spongy ganglia that he knew would tilt her circuitry. “Lights out honey.”

“Starlight, baby. That’s all the light I need,” she sighed and canted her hips into a tight orbit against his hand.

Linzi surrendered to his shaded explorations willingly, knowing that he would bring her to the edge and suspend her there until he became so intoxicated by the flood of unleashed opioids that he would push them both off into an untethered state of euphoria, floating out into the disconnected void. Near death. Sexual suicide. Ultimate peace, if only ephemeral. Who would want to come back from that? For what?

“Oooh, that feels so good,” she purred. “You know just how to turn me into mush, baby. Oh, yeah, right there. Mmm, do that again.”

Linzi rocked her hips back and forth on his hand, unloosing the hungry licks of heat that lapped at her core, slowly unlocking the tight inner muscles around his fingers.

Jack groaned, “God, I love it when you do that. Give me your mouth.”

She turned her head and his lips closed over hers as he greedily drank in her lust and savored the taste of her soft tongue.

He spread her labia again and gently fingered her, waiting and smiling when she moaned, watching as she pushed her hips back, indulging in the pleasure of his tactile affections.

Linzi’s body pulsed and radiated waves of saturated heat that brought a hot flush to her face. His slow strokes awakened her ardor as she arched in response to the ecstasy that threatened to overwhelm her.

“I want more, baby. Da mi lo . . . voglio di piu! Scoparmi! Scopa la mia figa col quello cazzo. Scopa mi!” her husky voice rasped. Jack felt his desire spike.

Her guttural demand was met with hot wet lashes of his tongue along her jaw and down the side of her neck to trace the roundness of her shoulder.

“Hmm, Jack. Baby, harder. Give me more . . . c’mon, harder!” she sobbed, as she angled her head to offer herself.

Linzi never wanted to be dominated sexually by any man, but Jack was different. She liked his power and how it controlled her. She wanted to feel his strength. It intoxicated her and bent her mind. It was the act of self-subjugation that secretly thrilled her and released her completely. She thought of herself as not submissive to him, but rather instead to the sexual intensity between them. The control that she gave him, she exerted equal control over him during every sexual encounter they had.

He banged hard against her buttocks, slapping them apart with every thrust. He grunted and inhaled deeply as wafts of her fresh scent escaped upwards to fill his nose.

“Damn, you smell so good. Ti voglio fottere. But first I want to taste you.”

“No, Jack, not now. Please, I just want ooohh . . . fuck, that feels so good.”

Linzi curled into the wooden floor and pushed her forehead down for balance as Jack pulled out and flicked his stiff tongue over her clitoris, pushing it past her swollen labia and deep into her cunt.

His sexual hunger drove him as he sucked and nibbled at her fleshy slit. He carried on as if half-starved. His face was smeared in her honeyed juices. He stroked her swollen folds, lapping and sucking on her labia until she was writhing and moaning.

“Baby, please.”

“I want you to come in my mouth. Dai, tessora…voglio che tu venga nella mia bocca.”

“No, oh my God. Mmmm, I want to come with you inside me. Please, baby.”

“God, you know how to get your way, don’t you,” Jack muttered, pulling his face reluctantly away from her fragrant loins. Straightening between her legs, he obliged with a push as he leaned forward entering his swollen knob just past her vulva. Linzi moaned and arched eagerly back against him.

“Baby, please. You . . . C’mon! You bastard!,” she cried.

Jack flexed his distended knob just inside. I wanna hear you beg,” he hissed. He pushed in another inch and flexed. “I’m not hearing anything yet,” he barked.

“Fuck me, Jack. Please? FUCK ME! I’m begging you!”

“That’s what I want to hear.” He grabbed and yanked her hair as he powered his thick, taut, fleshy shank into her.

“Ohhh, my God.” Linzi exclaimed, sucking in jagged gasps of air, feeling him bang against her clitoris. “Oh, yeah. I love that. Mmm. Put it all the way in me, ohmm . . . that’s it,” she purred.

The boathouse resonated with the noise of slapping flesh as he pillaged her and pushed her close to the edge.

“You feel so good,” he groaned as he pressed his face into the nape of her neck. He ground his hips against her buttocks and pumped himself in and out with long strokes, feeling himself slide against her silky walls. Linzi pushed back, submerged in waves of euphoria that rocked her into surrender.

Jack pressed his eyes shut. Nothing mattered anymore. The world fell away inside the boathouse.

An impulse that had lain dormant in a hidden corner of his mind broke free in the sweet tumult of the moment and ventured out of the shadows cloaked in a mischievous smile to break the rules. With a tentative gesture, he brushed his fingers down the crevice of her ass. His face was riddled with the guilty expression of a deviant schoolboy as he nudged her cheeks apart and gently swirled his thumb around the loose pucker of the little rosette. Linzi twitched and glanced back at him.

“Honey . . . I don’t . . .,” she started apprehensively.

“Shh, baby, I know. It’s okay. Trust me. Just relax and enjoy it.”

Jack pumped in and out of her in slow rhythmic strokes as his finger swabbed underneath to lubricate her backside. Linzi whimpered as he pressed the tip of his finger inside. He had been wanting to do this since the day she told him she was inexperienced. Increasing the tempo of his thrusts, he kept vigil on her breathing and with the next gasp, he gently pushed his finger all the way inside her ass.

“Oww! That burns,” she whined.

“It’ll pass,” he coaxed, secretly thrilled with what he was about to do to her.

Oh, all mine, he selfishly thought, trying to mask his excitement. He felt the veins in his cock surge with charged pulses of blood that careened into the end of his shaft, swelling him firmly inside and causing her to moan. He started to thrust deeply while funneling another finger to explore her narrow confines.

Linzi forgot to breathe―her mind was in total disarray, unable to unscramble the myriad sensations that flooded her. She couldn’t tell what nerve endings controlled what orifice or if the sensations duplicated themselves from where his fingers spiraled into her to where his cock was rioting inside her cunt. It all engulfed and overloaded her sensory input, causing strands of spittle to violently ejaculate from her mouth as she tried desperately to draw a breath.

The powerful undertow finally struck in a confluence of physical and emotional currents that sucked her under. It ripped away her balance and pulled her gasping up the face of a towering rogue wave – lifting her up then crushing her beneath its weight. “Jack, stop, ooh! I can’t . . . it’s . . . fah-ck.”

Her plea turned into a scream as her body tightened. Warm liquid gushed from her loins and streamed down her thighs. Her hips jerked as she clawed at the floor in a desperate attempt to draw a breath. Jack pushed relentlessly into her, subsuming her in an act of double penetration, fueling her orgasms, triggering one after the other to stagger through her body.

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