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Reed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. “I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others.” He’s been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.

I love writing about women who want to be a little (or a lot) naughty, people expressing their love for each other as physically and kinkily as possible, and women loving other women. Whether it’s a virgin experiencing her/his first time or a long-term couple exploring the bounds of their relationships, it will be a hot, erotic story!”


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The Futanari Chronicles Vol. 2


But Helen was different.

Ally’s heart beat faster. A delicious tingle rushed through her body as their lips worked together. Their soft kiss slowly grew harder and harder. Their lips working. Helen’s delicate fingers traced down Ally’s back towards her ass. She gripped the futa’s curves, pulling their throbbing dicks tighter.

Ally moaned into the kiss. It was so exhilarating. Heat rushed through her. Her pussy clenched while juices dribbled down her thighs. She squirmed more, her own hands sliding up and down Helen’s side before reaching around to grip her slim ass, squeezing her butt-cheeks.

She tastes so wonderful.

Their tongues met next, their heads turning. Helen moaned now, shivering against Ally. Their tongues caressed as their kiss deepened. Passion quickened between them. Over the scent of Helen’s skin, she smelled their hot pussies: her own sweet musk and a spicy flavor.

You smell wonderful, Helen.

Helen broke the kiss, her eyes so wide. “Oh, Ally, you taste amazing.”

So do you,” grinned Ally. “But I bet your pussy tastes even better.”

And my cum?” grinned Helen.

Oh, yes!” panted Ally. “Let’s sixty-nine. Candy taught me it.”

She’s the futa you were fucking, right?”

Ally nodded her head. “It’s so fun. Let’s love each other, Helen.”

The blonde futanari’s smile lit up Ally’s soul. Such excitement beat in her heart. She concentrated, able to control her dream, and formed a soft meadow for them to lie on. She had never seen grass in real life, only pictures in the books. But she had gotten better at conjuring it thanks to her slaves’ comments.

Oh, my,” Helen said, sinking to the ground. “Oh, that’s nice. Mmm, the grass feels wonderful on my skin.”

Does it feel like real grass?” Ally asked, biting her lip.

Helen blinked up at the curvy futanari. “You don’t know?”

Ally shook her head as she sank down to the grass. She stretched out on it beside Helen, her lips near the blonde futanari’s cock. “I’ve never left the base.”

That’s horrible!” There was such anger in Helen’s voice, and that made the hope in Ally’s heart swell more. “Oooh, I can’t believe it. That’s monstrous. What right do they have to keep you in there?”

I’m an alien,” Ally said. “We’re aliens.”

Still,” Helen said. “Darn them. That’s so wrong.” She reached out, grabbing Ally’s hips and pulling her girl-cock closer. She licked the tip. “I’ll get you out. Leann used to be an army soldier when she was a man. I bet she knows how.”

Before Ally could answer, she gasped as Helen engulfed her dick, sucking so hard on it. Her eyes widened at the hot pressure surging through her body. She spasmed, her pussy clenching as the pleasure rushed through her body. Her eyes rolled back into her head at the incredible suction on her cock.

It was so amazing. Better than she had ever felt. Helen just made it so wonderful. Her pussy clenched with each suck, her dick throbbing. The pleasure rippled through her body. She groaned, reaching out and grabbing Helen’s hips.

Pulling the blonde’s futa-cock closer.

Ally opened her mouth and engulfed Helen’s cock. She sucked so hard, shivering as they blew each other. The pleasure ran through their bodies. Her futa-dick ached in Helen’s mouth. It made her moan and suck so hard on Helen’s dick, her tongue licking, sliding across the crown.

And tasting the joys of salty precum.

Ally savored the flavor of Helen’s precum. She sucked harder, drawing more of the slippery juices out. They coated her tongue. Her body trembled at the wicked thrill. And Helen’s own tongue sweeping about her cock, teasing her and making her moan in delight.

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Two futas, raised under completely different circumstances, awaken to their true passion as they unravel where they came from! You can buy Futa’s Passion Spreads for $3.99 on AmazonAmazon UKAmazon CAAmazon AUAmazon FR, and Amazon DE!


      GHOSTLY FUTA PASSION (Haunted by the Futa Ghost 1)

An Excerpt

Yoshiko froze, her eyes wide. Lips kissed at her mouth, tasting her spicy pussy juices she had smeared on her lips. But there was no one in the stall, no one who could kiss her. And yet she could feel soft, feminine lips nibbling on her lower lip, a tongue lightly licking.
A soft feminine voice sighed: Ōjo-sama.
Yoshiko tried to speak, but she couldn’t. She was being kissed. A body was straddling her. Yoshiko could see her skirt pressed down to her crotch by someone unseen. Hands stroked down her shoulders. Panic shot through Yoshiko as the soft hands gripped her breasts. Someone unseen was in the bathroom.
A girl.
A ghost girl.
A lesbian ghost girl.
The fingers moved across Yoshiko’s blouse and found the buttons. They popped open one by one, her blouse parting, revealing her breasts straining a white bra, youthful flesh jiggling as Yoshiko struggled. The fingers stroked her bra, exploring, feeling her hard nipple through them.
Ripples of pleasure shot down Yoshiko’s body. She groaned, struggling to move as the ghost played with her nipples through the bra, pinching and rolling the nubs. The lips broke the kiss, and Yoshiko gasped for breath.
“Who are you?” she called out to the ghost. “What are you doing to me?”
…Mitsuko-hime… the voice sighed again, a distant echo.
The cups of Yoshiko’s bra pushed up. Her large breasts spilled out. She gasped, eyes bugging as unseen fingers pressed into the flesh of her pillowy tits. The female ghost massaged them. A wet tongue licked at Yoshiko’s right nipple then sucked on it.
“Oh, god,” Yoshiko groaned, the pleasurable sensation on her nipple shooting right down to her pussy. She squirmed more, her hands trying to seize the ghost, but they phased right through her body. “What are you doing to me?”
The answer was soft, whispering in a musical tongue which was vaguely familiar. Japanese? The ghost is speaking Japanese.
The lips sucked harder. Teeth lightly nibbled Yoshiko’s nipple. She watched her turgid nub move and wiggle as the ghost loved it. Yoshiko groaned, her pussy clenching. She couldn’t believe this was happening. It was crazy.
A ghost was sucking on her nipple.
Something hard pressed against Yoshiko’s belly as she squirmed again. The ghost sucked harder. Yoshiko could hear the wet suckling sound now. A faint outline appeared, a girl’s shape, hair falling about the face nursing at Yoshiko’s breast, hands sliding down to her skirt. It was the suggestion of a girl, like the lines an artist might use to roughly sketch out a drawing in pencil before committing to more permanent options.
The mouth moved to her other breast, sucking hard. Yoshiko squeezed her eyes shut, her pussy dripping. The ghost moved, still sucking, her hands lifting Yoshiko’s skirt, unveiling the white panties, crotch soaked dark. Fingers stroked across her panties, so familiar.
“You were touching me while I was watching them,” groaned Yoshiko, recognizing the light flutters she felt while standing riveted before Ms. Lindon’s door.

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                                    JENNY’S AWAKENING (Wild Shifter Passion 1)

An Excerpt:

Jenny dreams…
Jenny smiles as she squirms in his strong arms. She led him on a chase and now she is his. His prize. She loves how strong his muscles are, rippling as he holds her and carries her to the bed in the middle of the forest. Around them, songbirds serenade the couple.
“You caught me, my love,” Jenny gushes.
“Always,” the man answers with a smile. A hungry smile, his one blue and one brown eye fixes on hers. A mane of thick, black hair spills about his broad shoulders.
Jenny’s hand strokes his chest, reveling in the firmness of his muscles. “So strong,” she purrs, wiggling in his arms, her body growing excited beneath her dress and red cloak. “What are you going to do to me?”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Ravish me,” Jenny moans, undulating, her pussy on fire. “Take me, claim me. I’ve waited for you.”
“Have you?” a woman purrs.
Jenny looks over her shoulder. A new figure has appeared on the bed, naked save for her red hair spilling about her wicked, hungry face, a vixen smile spreading wide her ruby lips. Her leg parts, revealing a landing strip of red hair leading to a shaved and dripping pussy.
“Have you waited for us?”
“Us?” asks Jenny, furrowing her brows. “What? No. Just for him.”
“But we come together,” he growls in her ear.
She shudders in his arm. “Yes, yes. You both. I don’t care. Just ravish me. I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been waiting all my life.”
“And we’ve been searching,” the fox-faced woman purrs. She licks her lips and slides a hand between her round breasts down to her groin, stroking the tattoo of an angry unicorn prancing where her groin and right leg meet. “Can you smell how excited we are?”
Jenny inhales. She catches two scents: a wild, primal musk and a tangy passion. The man and the woman. Her pussy clenches again and her nipples ache, eager for the pair to love and caress Jenny’s body.
“Yes, yes. I can.”
“And we can smell you,” he growls.
His lips kisses at her neck and suckles at her flesh. She gasps, arching her neck and giving him unfettered access. His teeth nibbles and bites, teasing her as he reaches the bed. The woman seizes Jenny, pulling her down and out of his arms. The woman nuzzles into Jenny’s neck, her softer lips kissing the other side of Jenny’s neck.
Two sets of hands stroke Jenny’s body through her lovely, silk dress. One small and quick, the other large and powerful. Both tease her body and send thrills of delight racing across her skin. The warmth blossoms between her thighs, her pussy grows wetter, and Jenny shudders in pure delight.
He claims her lips in a kiss. Jenny’s eyes flutter. Other men have kissed her, but they were like boys compared to this man. His lips are strong, devouring hers. She trembles and moans into the kiss while the woman’s delicate fingers pull at the lace knots holding her bodice closed.
“Mmm, what treasures do we have in here?” the woman asks, pushing open Jenny’s bodice and revealing her small breasts topped by puffy, dusky-pink nipples. “What yummy morsels.”
Jenny gasps as the woman’s mouth engulfs her nipple, sucking on the puffy nub. Jenny moans into her kiss with the man, savoring the pleasure shooting from her nipple to her pussy. She squirms on the soft bed.
A strong hand engulfs her other breast, squeezing and massaging it. Callous fingers slide up and find her nipple, rolling it between them while the woman’s tongue swirls about the puffy nub. Jenny sucks in breaths through her nose, the room spinning about her.
The man breaks the kiss. “Ours.”

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INNOCENT LESBIAN SURPRISE (Alien Lesbian Tentacle Surprise 1)

An Excerpt:

Merita gasped as the native’s head struck a protruding rock. The sickening crunch was audible through the skin of the alien’s craft. The ships warning beam, instead of scaring off the native, had caused it to injure itself. The native spilled onto its back, bright red fluid pouring out of a gash on its forehead.
“Status,” Merita commanded her sensors.
“The native has suffered a large blow to her cranium, shattering her skull. In addition, two vertebrae in her neck also snapped, severing her spinal cord leading to paralysis of her entire body, including her lungs. She will suffocate in several minutes.”
“Oh, no,” gasped Merita. “Bring her in. We have to heal her.”
“That is a violation of the Treaty of Primitive Species, Article 7, Paragraph 93, Section B.”
“I don’t care. Override. We can’t let her die. Seeing my craft has already interfered in her life.”
“Likelihood of success is slim without bonding, which is in violation of the Treaty of Primitive Species, Article 12, Paragraph 7, Section C.”
“Override,” Merita said, staring at the poor native’s face, her strange, yellow tentacles extending from her head. They were twisted. Braided.
How strange.
~   ~   ~
The first thing I realized when I came awake was being naked. The next thing I realized was I wasn’t alone.
I laid recline on a seat, my head throbbing. Lights flashed around me as I blinked, struggling to understand what was going on. I remembered finding the magical star egg and slipping, then something rushing at me and…waking up.
Did I hit my head and fall unconscious? Where was I? And who was staring at me?
The face was a young girl’s, her head smooth like an eggshell, denuded of hair, and her skin purple. Silver eyes stared at me as my entire body froze. The girl hovered over me, her body equally naked as mine, her breasts small mounds, her skin smooth and still very purple. My eyes descended to her long legs and, from around her waist, jutted four tentacles, two holding her aloft over me.
A faerie.
My heart raced as I stared up at the faerie girl. My eyes flicked from her tentacles to her silvery eyes and back to her tentacles. I wanted to bolt, to scream, to do anything but tremble like an idiot. But I couldn’t do anything. It was so hard to understand.
She had tentacles and purple skin and silver eyes.
Magical lights flashed around us. Green and red and blue. Strange beeps and whirls sounded. She had taken me inside the egg. I could see the spherical edges around me, where the blinking lights didn’t cover it.
“Can you understand me?” the faerie answered in a melodic voice.
I nodded my head. “A-are you…going to…hurt m-me?”
“No,” she said and then one of her tentacles caressed my naked stomach.
My eyes widened as the tentacle stroked across my skin, rubbery and smooth. It throbbed with her heart beat. It was such a gentle touch. The tentacle circled my bellybutton and then moved higher, brushing the bottoms of my breasts.
“I won’t hurt you,” she answered. “I’m Merita. I hope you can understand me. Your language is so strange.”
“I can,” I swallowed as her tentacle wrapped about my small breast. The end curled up to the top and brushed my nipple.
It hardened pink against her purple and a tingle ran through me.

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                                       HOT GENIE SURPRISE (Master of the Harem 1)

An Excerpt:

My dick erupted. My balls unloaded blast after blast of cum into Brooke’s already soiled panties. I groaned and shuddered as the pleasure boiled out of me. My teeth ground together. The pleasure shot through me in powerful blasts.
Beside me, a strange sound, like rushing gas, hissed. But I couldn’t turn away. Madison was about to cum.
“Oh, fuck!” Madison gasped. “Oh, yes. You slut. I’m squirting. Oh, fuck. Yes, yes. I love drenching your pretty, White face Brooke.”
“I love it,” moaned my sister while Madison thrashed. “Oh, yes, I do.”
My step-sister rose and peeled off her top. For a moment, her head turned and I could see the juices dripping from her mouth. Madison had soaked my step-sister in pussy. My dick groaned as Brooke threw her top to the ground.
I was about to see my step-sister’s tits.
“I wish I could join them.”
“That sounds like fun, Master,” a bubbly voice said beside me.
I turned. A girl stood in the closet beside me, a huge smile on her face. Blonde curls framed her gorgeous face. In her hand she held a pink bottle which she thrust into my free hand while she bowed her head.
“I’m Aisha, Master. At your service.”
“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed.
Too loud. My sister froze and then whirled on the closet. “Steve!”

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                 COLLECTING THE FUTA’S SEED (Futa Red Riding Hood 1)

An Excerpt:

Primrose pushed forward through the crowd, her nipples so hard beneath the linen of her chemise. She broke through the knot of girls. They parted, silence falling. She felt their eyes on her as she approached the mannequin made of rough wood in the vague shape of a woman’s body, the breasts small mounds, almost little cones.
Like my breasts. How curious.
The futas grew alert, their comments falling. Primrose felt their eyes. She glanced at them, the tall and curvy blacksmith apprentice with coal-black hair and smoldering eyes, the ostler at the inn with her large breasts straining her shirt, a tall futa-huntress in leathers and a wolf-furred-lined cloak who watched with hungry eyes as she ran a thick knife over a whetstone. More and more. All eager for her body.
Who will be the first to claim me? she wondered as she reached for the buttons of her dress. She worked them down, her pussy growing hotter and hotter. So many eyes upon her. Today, she would lose her maidenhead and find true love.
Her dull-blue dress slid off her shoulders, falling in a puddle on the ground around her feet. She stood in her wool stockings and chemise, her nipples two points against the thinner undergarment. She pulled it over her head and bared her body, a soft down of blonde adorning her virgin pussy. Her thighs sleek and slim, her hips with just enough curve to prove her a woman and not a girl. She shook out her blonde hair, trembling.
A bead of pussy juices ran down her thighs.
“Well, well, well,” a futa said, advancing as Primrose seized the cloak and pulled it over her shoulders. She tied it to her throat and draped the hood over her head, becoming Little Red Riding Hood. The crimson fell down her body, but didn’t close, revealing her nubile body. “Primrose, eh?”
“Carolina, are you the bold futa who shall be the first to till my fertile soil?” Primrose asked.
“Looks like it,” the futa-huntress said. She had left her boar spear behind, her hands free to pull off her shirt. Her large breasts bounced out, her nipples fat and dusky pink.
“Gorgeous,” Primrose groaned, staring at her first pair of futa-breasts. She had seen girl’s breasts before, Daisy’s many times, as they bathed at the pool. But there was something so exciting about a futa’s breasts. Forbidden.
A rush of heat went through her.
Carolina fell to her knees before Primrose, reaching into the cloak and seizing naked hips. She gasped as the futa-huntress yanked her forward, bringing her pussy closer to hungry lips. Carolina had a beautiful face, framed by black hair.
And those eyes… So dark… Oh, Goddess, those eyes… Maybe she’s my true love.
Carolina breathed in, nostrils flaring. She let out a purring sigh, hands tightening on Primrose’s hips. “Mmm, you smell so sweet, Little Red Riding Hood.”
“Thank you,” moaned Primrose, her heart fluttering, her excitement building. She’s going to eat my pussy out. Oh, Goddess, I have wanted this.
Everyone watched, girls shifting hips, whispering among themselves, the other futas moving in, forming a circle around Primrose, eyes burning so hot, so eager to get a taste of her pussy. They all wanted her whether to fuck her or to find true love with her.
Primrose hardly cared at their motivations as she gazed at bulging skirts and trousers. She gasped as Carolina’s lips nuzzled at her virgin flesh, a tongue licking her cunny for the first time. Shivers ran through her as she bit her lip, admiring all the other futas waiting for their turn with her body.
“Oh, yes, Carolina,” moaned Primrose. “Mmm, maybe you’ll be my true love. You’re sweet enough.”
The futa-huntress laughed, pulling back lips sticky with cunny juices. “When I’m fucking you, you won’t think I’m sweet.”
A blush burned through Primrose’s cheeks. And then she gasped as Carolina licked again. Her tongue ran through the virgin’s folds, brushing the hymen sealing tight her cunny’s entrance. Primrose swayed, her small tits jiggling, nipples so hard. She ran her hands up and down her body, cupping her tits, squeezing those firm, conical mounds as the futa’s tongue slid through her folds and brushed her clit.
Gasps burst from her sweet lips each time. Her blue eyes fluttered as pleasure shivered through her body. She ground on the futa-huntress’s hot lips, smearing her wet cunny on hungry mouth. The futa’s hands moved, sliding back to grasp Primrose’s ass, pulling her tight.
Shudders wracked her body. Her fingers dug into her tits. “Oh, yes, Carolina. Oh, you are so wonderful. Oh, yes, eat my pussy.”
“Devour her,” Victoire said, groping her huge futa-cock through her trousers, full lips moist and wet.
“Eat her,” another futa called.
“Let’s see Little Red Riding Hood cum!”
“She’s such a wanton slut. She’s eager for all our cocks.”
“Yes,” moaned from Primrose’s lips, the excitement of their words and hungry eyes inflamed the lusts fanned by Carolina’s tongue.

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FUTA’S PASSIONATE AWAKENING (The Futanari Chronicles Vol. 1)


“I wrote the letter.” The redheaded doctor’s heels clicked as she walked to the counter. “Don’t get dressed just yet. I want to collect a semen sample.”
“What?” Helen gasped, her blue eyes widening. “A… But don’t I…?”
“Have to masturbate? Yes.” The doctor grabbed a pair of latex gloves and drew them on. “But don’t worry. I will assist you today.”
“I know you’re uncomfortable with your body, so I will masturbate you to orgasm to collect the sample.” The doctor gave Helen a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry. This is a medical procedure, okay? But I would encourage you to start masturbating on your own. It will help with your erections. And it is a very healthy activity for even a young futanari to do.”
Helen’s cheeks blushed. She glanced down at her dick. “You’re not really going to…touch it.”
“I’ve touched it before,” laughed the doctor. “Relax, okay? This is just something we have to do. I have been meaning to collect a semen sample and, well, honey, having an erection for such a long period is not good for your cock. The pressure needs to be relieved. So we’ll get both things done.”
“But…” Helen swallowed, glancing at her dick throbbing before her, swaying with the slightest movement of her body. “I could…” She wanted to finish her sentence, but at the same time the idea of the sexy, older doctor stroking her cock, jacking her off, sent a powerful wave of desire through her body.
“I know this is a little unorthodox,” Dr. Maura said, walking back to the exam bed holding a specimen cup, the type Helen had peed in before. In her other hand, she held a bottle of medical lube she used when giving pelvic or rectal exams. “But it doesn’t have to be weird. Just relax and enjoy it.”
Helen nodded, her lusts driving her wild all day. It was too much for her to contain. She sat on the exam table, the paper crinkling beneath her naked ass, juices trickling out of her pussy. She squirmed, the paper rubbing on her wet lips, sticking to her and tearing.
Dr. Maura sat beside Helen. She handed the specimen cup to the girl “Can you hold this, please? Just make sure to catch your sample.”
Helen nodded, her heart racing. Dr. Maura’s perfume smelled so wonderful. The doctor scooted closer. A hot tremble ran through the futanari, her dick throbbing. She swallowed as Dr. Maura lubed up both her gloves, getting them slick and glistening. Then the doctor wrapped her right arm around Helen’s waist as she sat closer.
“Ready?” Dr. Helen asked, her right hand grasping Helen’s cock, the lube cold and slick. But even still, a hot rush shot up to the tip of her dick.
Someone’s touching my cock. “Yes.”
“Good. Just relax and enjoy.”
Helen shuddered as the doctor’s slicked, gloved hand stroked up her dick, reaching the sensitive crown. A jolt shot through her at the doctor’s electric touch. Then the hand slid down before stroking back up and sending another jolt through the futa’s body.
She groaned, blinking at the surge of pleasure rushing through her dick. She couldn’t believe how amazing the doctor’s hand felt sliding up and down her dick. Her body shuddered, her pussy clenching as something ached in her depths.
“There we go,” Dr. Maura purred, her left hand sliding between Helen’s thighs. “And since you are a futa, we can add additional stimulation to your vagina.”
“Doctor,” Helen groaned as lubed, gloved fingers stroked through her virgin folds, the doctor’s other hand stroking her dick faster. “Oh, wow. Oh… Oh, wow.”
“See how nice masturbation is,” purred the doctor, leaning in closer. “How amazing it is. You don’t have to be afraid of this. Your cock is wonderful. And so is your pussy. You are a special girl, Helen.”
I’m a freak.
But it felt wonderful. She savored the stroking hand and the rubbing fingers. Helen shuddered, her body quivering as the delight stroked up and down her cock. She arched her back, her heart racing, hammering in her chest. The pleasure burned so hot in her. She groaned and whimpered. Her eyes fluttered as the pleasure swelled through her.
Her legs kicked out beneath her. She moaned again, her breasts rising and falling. Spasms shuddered through her body. She squirmed, the paper crinkling beneath her ass. She let out a wanton moan, her body trembling as the pressure built and built in her. Something inside her, deep in her pussy, wanted to escape.

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