Jill Shannon



I live in a small town on Long Island with my husband and a very large dog. When I’m not writing I can be found watching sports, listening to music or catching up on my DVR shows.
I’ve been reading romance novels since I was thirteen from historical, to paranormal, to sci-fi, and now BDSM. The drama, suspense, and of course the love scenes all drew me in. Staying up till three in the morning just because I couldn’t put a book down.

I dreamed of writing my own romance novel, but I never thought I would actually do it. So being a published author is something I can mark off my bucket list. Being part of the Wicked Pens has been an added bonus. They are such a talented group of authors and I’m fortunate to be a part of this group.

When I write my stories it’s with the thought of what my authors have done for me. For just a small time during a readers’ day, I would like you to be a part of the fantasy I creates. In my books you will find alpha male heroes and strong heroines, tattoos, piercings, motorcycles, happy endings, and of course explicit sex scenes. They say write what you know so that’s what I’ve done.


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An Excerpt:

Sadie was going to voice her opinion; she didn’t like how he could just make

these plans for her. “Sadie, I know you’re using this job to further your career, and I want you to succeed just as much as you do. I can help make that happen, but right now I need my sub.”

There was something in Cameron’s tone, almost like a desperation, that pulled at

her. She didn’t know why, but she found herself saying, “Are we going to play, Sir?” She

would let him know her opinion later; right now it was time to play.

She did hesitate for a moment; she couldn’t help thinking about what the redhead

had said last night.

Then she thought, but I’m here and she’s not. I’m going to enjoy this. Plus, Todd

Phillips had already approached her about working with him when her contact was up.

She stepped out of her dress and was about to remove her shoes, when he said,

“Leave the shoes.” Cameron moved his right hand up and unhooked her bra, tossing both off to the side.

She stood before him in all her glory; reaching to the back of her hair, he took the

clip out, releasing her hair. She had noticed the piano was no longer in the cabin, and in its place was a spanking bench and a ring hanging from the ceiling, the rope connected to a hook on the wall. “I want you to go sit on the bed and place both hands behind you.” Cameron removed his jacket, placing it over a chair. He began unbuttoning his

shirt as Sadie watched from the bed. He removed his shirt as she moved her arms behind her. Cameron removed one of the silver domes from the table revealing two shibari ropes in different colors.

When Sadie first saw the ropes she paled, knowing that this is what pleased

Cameron the most. She also knew he wanted her trust. “First lesson.” She thought, she

just didn’t know if she was going to freak out on him when he started.

“Cameron, you know what I went through. I’m being real honest. I don’t know

how I will react when you start putting those ropes on me. I’m going to trust you, I truly

want to try what pleases you, Sir.”

Cameron looked at her sitting on the bed. “Sadie, I will stop the minute you are

not okay with this. I would like to make you more at ease with being wrapped in ‘my’

ropes. We will take it slow, but if you can relax and trust me, I know the pleasure that I

can give you.”

She had thought all day about the pleasures she had received last night, she also

thought about how she had ended up with said pleasures. Her boss had purchased her!

She had gone from not going near her boss, to practically living together.

“You will feed me when we’re done right?” Sadie smiled. “I really thought there

was food under those domes.”

Cameron’s smile was a knock out. “Yes I will feed you.”

Cameron climbed on the bed behind her with the ropes; he braided her hair so it

would not interfere. Looking into the mirror on the opposite wall at Sadie’s eyes, ropes in his hands, he said, “Ready?”

“Ready, Sir”

He started by looping her upper arms together, and continued looping and

knotting as he moved the ropes down to her wrist. Each rope that slid across her arms

was like a caress, creating warmth that headed straight to her core. When he was finished with her arms, he kept going. Wrapping more ropes above and below her breasts, pushing them up and out.

Cameron looked at the lovely piece of work he had created on Sadie. He adjusted

his hard-on so he could finish his masterpiece.

He went to the other domed dish removing it. Cameron turned back with another

ring like the one hanging from the ceiling, and more roping. “You look exquisite, just as

you are, but I’m going to push your limits now.”

She moaned in anticipation.

He moved back to the bed leaning in to take her mouth in a gentle kiss. “Just a

few more, and I will ease that ache you have right here.” He reached between her legs

and slid his fingers through her wet lips. Removing them, and sucking them into his

mouth, he added, “Mmm, I could taste you all day long.”

Cameron stepped back, his hands going to the button on his slacks. As he

unzipped his pants, his huge shaft fell free. Sadie’s eyes dilated with the arousal running through her body. He removed her shoes, running his finger up each foot tickling them.

She wanted to taste him so bad, but knew she had to wait till he was ready,

“Patience”. That’s what he had said she needed. With just what he had already done, she didn’t know how much more she would be able to handle.

Cameron slid the rope around looping the ring through as he went. He wrapped

another shorter rope around her abdomen then connected the ring to the rope. Adding two more ropes to the ring, he split them he then began to twist and turn them in an intricate design leaving enough to slide behind her knees.

Sadie watched Cameron’s face as he worked his ropes. She could see his

concentration, as well as his desire. With the ropes positioned around Sadie’s knees, he

then attached the ends to the center ring.

This position left Sadie’s legs wider then she had remembered ever having them

spread, yet she wasn’t panicking. In fact, the complete opposite was happening. She was dripping wet.

He picked her up and moved her to the rope hanging from the ceiling attaching

the rings together. Her back arched, her head hanging towards the floor, her legs spread open.

Sadie was hanging from the ceiling. Cameron stood by her head, his cock aligned

with her mouth. He squatted down running his hands along the ropes holding her arm. “I

knew you would look beautiful in my ropes, how are you feeling?”

“Amazing,” was all Sadie could reply.

He ran his hands along the ropes holding her arms, moving them up to cup the

back of her head tilting it up so she could look at herself. “Look how my ropes hold you

in place just for me. I have imagined you here, dreamt of what I would do to you.” He

slowly lowered her head, standing.

He walked to the wall were the main rope was connected. He released it and

hauled Sadie up higher in the air. He secured the rope, and returned to her. Her head was now almost chest level to him standing. He rotated her body, bringing her core to his mouth.

Sadie didn’t think she could arch her back anymore, but when Cameron’s tongue

lashed out, licking her from top to bottom, her whole body arched.

He placed both hands on the inside of her thighs, moving them forward to pull her

folds apart, his thumb circling around her entrance. This time when he bit on her swollen

clit, he pushed his thumb in, her hitting that perfect spot. Liquid flowed from her into his


“Holy crap,” was all Sadie could say. Breathlessly she asked him, “What the hell

did you just do to me? I’ve never felt anything like that. That was amazing!” The

sensation that he had created, and the amount of fluid gave Sadie an uneasy feeling.

She wasn’t sure if she peed a little, because that’s almost what it had felt like.

Sadie was not into anything like that. In fact, it was on her hard limit list, but her body

seemed to just flow like the ropes she hung by. She felt free like she was floating and not just her body.

“That was a reward, for putting your trust in your Master. How do you feel?”

“Like jello, I couldn’t stand on my legs if I needed to, did you just make me

squirt?” she asked breathlessly.

“Yes I did, and I intend to do it again and again.” Cameron kissed Sadie’s shaved

lips, then moved away and retrieved a clit vibrator from the set of drawers.

Sadie heard the hum of the vibrator and when Cameron touched it to her already

sensitive clit, she nearly came on the spot. He moved it up and down, spreading her own lubricant around. He made her squirt three more times before he released the rope

moving Sadie back down.

Still suspended by the ceiling rope, Cameron again stopped her at the perfect

height for him to plunge into her. “You look perfect, my angel.”

Cameron grabbed Sadie’s hips and pulled her forward pushing into her tight wet

heat. Cameron held his position, letting her body adjust to him. He reached forward,

rubbing his fingers around her erect nipples, pulling a moan from Sadie.

Sadie didn’t think she could take much more. “Please, Sir.”

“I love hearing my angel beg.” Cameron pulled back almost all the way out of her

then thrust forward, pulling her to him at the same time.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Sadie was just about screaming. Not being able to see Cameron

or touch him bothered Sadie, even if he was making her body experience things it had

never done before.

Cameron started surging into her, sweat dripping off his brow. He felt Sadie’s

walls grip him tighter and knew she was going to come. “Come for me now, Sadie!”

Cameron pushed the words out as he pumped into her.

Sadie exploded with the most mind-blowing orgasm. Cameron followed her

hitting that sweet spot one final time. Cameron collapsed forward, resting his head on


“You have surpassed any dream I have ever had.” Cameron kissed her stomach

and moved away from her.

She felt Cameron slide from her body. Moving to the wall, he once again released

the main rope holding Sadie. He swung her so he could support her head as he lowered

her to the ground.

The blood rushed to Sadie’s head when Cameron tilted her forward. Her butt

landed on the carpeted floor, and Cameron pushed her into a sitting position. He knelt

behind her, removing the ropes, starting with the ones wrapped around the ring.

Sadie pulled her knees to her chest and rested her cheek on them while Cameron

worked. “I had no idea how wonderful being encased within ropes could transport me to

another place, but, Sir?” She turned her head as far as she could to look at him. “Could

we not tie my arms next time? They could use a little rest.”

“I like my angel tied up, but I’d be willing to negotiate with you.” Wrapping her

in a blanket, he carried her out onto the balcony walking to the hot tub. He set her on a

lounge chair. He moved to the hot tub, and began playing with the settings. The water

began rippling as the jets came on.

Sadie sat on the lounge. Her breathing was almost back to normal, but the rest of

her body tingled all over. Who would have thought being tied up could be so mind


Sadie felt like she was still suspended from the ceiling, and even though her arms

had been tied behind her for so long, she had never lost the feeling in her hands. Her

shoulders were achy, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle.

Cameron came back, unwrapped her from the blanket, and carried her to the hot

tub. Cradling her to his body, he climbed in, settling her on his lap. Sadie lay with her head on his shoulder, her body lying across Cameron’s. She raised her head to look at him. His eyes were so focused on her, as she whispered to him,

“I would say ropes are no longer a soft limit for me.” Cameron smiled down at her. “Only

if they are your ropes,” she added.

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An Excerpt:

They both began walking towards her. Taking the key from her hand, Dimitri placed it on

the table near the door. Xavier took her bag and placed it with the key. Dimitri withdrew the contract and pen from his jacket. Xavier guided Madison to sit on the couch. Putting the contract on the table, he threw his jacket onto one of the chairs on either side of the couch. She watched as Dimitri’s fingers slowly glided down his shirt popping buttons as he went. Removing his shirt, tossing it aside with his jacket, exposing his beautifully sculptured chest.

Xavier followed suit. Kicking off their shoes they stood before her in their slacks. “Your turn. Stand up. We are going to help get you comfortable. Then we will begin. In this room you will call us Master Dimitri and Master Xavier. Do you understand?” Xavier asked her.

They could see her tense up. “Madison, relax. Nothing has changed. These things we are requesting of you are normal commands.” He began unzipping her gown.

Xavier brought his hands up sweeping the material from her shoulders. Letting the dress puddle in a pile at her feet. Stepping out of it, she stood before them in her sapphire colored corset and a string thong. She started to step out of her shoes, but they both stopped her.

“Before the talking begins. We are going to remedy a situation that has been neglected for three weeks.” Dimitri pulled Madison into his arms, kissing her as if his life depended on it.

Xavier came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. He began loosening the ties on her corset. Removing it, he threw it off to the side. His hands then encased both of her breasts. Squeezing down to her erect nipples, he pinched with just enough sting, making Madison gasp. With Dimitri’s mouth free from Madison’s lips, he leaned down taking her breast in his mouth. His tongue lashed her nipple, easing the sting before sucking it to a hard point again.

The minute her mouth was free, Xavier moved to take control of it. Possessing her. Still

holding one breast in his hand. He moved his other further down. Pulling on the string of her thong, Dimitri grabbed the other side. Ripping it from her body. Then they both moved their free hands down sliding their fingers through her slick folds. Madison was so wet the moisture was sliding down her leg. One playing with her clit, the other pushing towards her core. Her legs began to buckle.

Dimitri stepped back as Xavier gathered her in his arms carrying her to the bed. Settling

her in the middle, he moved to the end of the bed, removing the rest of his clothes as he went. Madison turned her head, watching as Dimitri tugged on his belt. Sliding it deliberately through each loop. He heard the hitch in Madison’s breath. “Not tonight, lovely. Tonight there will be no bindings.” His pants hit the floor, his erection springing free. “Tonight we learn about each other.”

Dimitri climbed onto the bed from the side. While Xavier crawled straight up the middle

to the apex between her legs. Swiping his tongue up her pussy as he settled in to devour her.

Dimitri was again kissing her, tweaking her breasts at the same time. Madison reached out, wrapping her fingers around Dimitri’s huge cock. She started rocking her hand up and down. Loving the smooth feeling in her hand. Madison spread the pre-cum around the tip of his dick. She pulled back from the kiss. “May I have your cock, Master?”

“I’ve waited what seems like forever to hear that.” Dimitri moved his body up on his knees next to Madison’s head. Madison guided his cock into her mouth. Her moan vibrated straight up Dimitri’s spine as he pushed to the back of her throat. Madison had the beautiful gift of no gag reflex. It was Dimitri’s turn to groan. He could tell Madison was close to coming, by the way she was sucking his cock. “Madison you are free to come at will. Our first time all together will have no restrictions.”

Xavier began crawling up her body. Nipping and sucking as he went along. When he

reached her chest, he lapped up one nipple while pinching the other. His hand glided down her thigh lifting her leg as he settled between them. He began his kissing trek once again. Up her neck to her ear. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered in her ear, as he pushed his cock smoothly into her. Feeling her tightness gripping him, had him almost spilling right there. “Let yourself go, Madison, we will catch you.” Xavier reared back pulling almost out of her, then slammed forward. Madison wrapped her legs around Xavier as he hit home. Madison exploded around him.

Dimitri could feel her scream around his cock. Pulling out of her mouth, he allowed her to show Master Xavier what he had done to her. Looking at Dimitri with those sub-space eyes made his cock twitch. Easing it back into her mouth, he began pumping. Hitting the back of her throat, he wrapped his hands in her hair holding her in place as he came harder than he had ever come in his life. Madison lapped up every drop, loving his cock as he removed it again from her mouth.

Xavier flopped to one side of Madison, while Dimitri stretched out on the other. Neither

one of them could stop touching her. None of them spoke, each of them taking in the moment.

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An Excerpt:

“I also have a strict privacy and confidentiality clause. Because of my professional life, I

have never signed a contract with a sub before. I never trusted anyone enough.”

Dulcinea thought back to the girl from college who had hurt him. She knew by him offering the contract, he was telling her that he trusted her.

“Being new to the BDSM lifestyle, I’m sure your hard and soft limits have not been tested yet, so we will leave those blank to be filled in as necessary.” He turned her to look at him. Placing his fingers under her chin, he tilted her head up. “Are you ready to be mine, Dulcinea?”

She looked up at the man who was promising to be her protector, lover, and disciplinarian. The man who would take her virginity, and in the process teach her about her body. He would test her limits and bring her to new sexual heights. Her body was vibrating, awaiting his command.

“Yes, Sir.” She took the contract and pen from him, signing her name along the line that indicated submissive. Jackson’s signature was already above the space where the Master would sign.

“Now that that is out of the way, there is something else that needs to be taken care of.

Come with me.” They left the contract in the dungeon area as Jackson pulled her back into the room. He sat on the end of the bed, standing her in front of him. “Remove your dress.”

Dulcinea reached for the hem of her dress, pulling it up and over her head, letting it fall to

her feet. She stood before him in her black panties. The intensity of his gaze had her moving her hands to cover herself. His voice stilled her movements, “If you cover one piece of skin from my view, I will spank your ass. I have dreamed of this body for several months, I want to memorize every inch of it. Burn into my brain.”

Dulcinea, placed her hands together behind her, spread her feet shoulder width apart, and straightened her back. Lowering her head, she stood in a perfect submissive position. Opening her body for his inspection.

Jackson rose from the bed, walking towards her as a lion would stalk its prey. “I vow to

never give you cause to use it, but what is your safe word?”


He glided his fingers along the top of her breast. “Such perfect breasts.” He cupped one in his hand. “The perfect size for your Master’s large hands.” Dulcinea felt the moisture growing in her panties. Jackson stood behind her now. His fingertips grazed along her shoulders, his lips blazing a trail behind them. Dulcinea’s skin tingled with the sensation he was creating, goose bumps raced along her arms. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Her nipples extended to hard nubs, awaiting Master Jackson’s touch. Still placing kisses on her back, he hooked his fingers inside the waistband of her panties, dragging them down. “Move your legs together and let them drop to the floor.” Jackson was on his knees behind her. She went to slip her shoes off, but he stopped her. “I like you the height you are right now.” He leaned forward and nipped her ass cheek.

Trying to be as graceful as possible, Dulcinea stepped out of her panties. However, when her foot got stuck and she started to lurch forward, Jackson wrapped his arm around her stomach centering her.

“I’ve got you.” Jackson’s warm breath caressed the small of her back. “I will always catch you,” he said as his hands rose along her flat stomach, encasing her exquisite breasts in each of his hands. “Walk over to the bed, bend over and extend your arms. I want this luscious ass up in the air.”

With every step Dulcinea took she rubbed her legs together to stop the moisture from

dripping down her legs. Placing the palms of her hands on the bed, she straightened her back, and spread her legs.

“Another perfect position.” Jackson came up from behind her again, dragging his tongue

through her sopping pussy. “How wet you are for your Master. Tell me, Dulcinea, do you want me to eat this pussy before I push my cock through your virgin barrier?” He fingers trailed the path that his tongue had taken. “Do you feel my fingers sliding through your wetness?” He groaned with his own desire to be deep inside her. Pushing two fingers inside her entrance, he said, “Baby, do you feel how easily my fingers slide into you, do you feel your walls clamping down on them? You are so tight. Soon, I will be bucking into you and those muscles are going to contract around my cock as I make you scream your release. But first I am going to make you come all over my fingers, so I can lap up every drop.” He pulled his fingers out and she whimpered at the loss of them. Dragging them up, he circled them around her puckered hole. “I will have you here as well,

but I will make sure you are well prepared for that.” He pulled his hand away and smacked her hard on her ass, leaving his hand print. The sting of his hand landing on her ass made her jump unexpectedly. “Lay on the bed, Dulcinea, keep your legs spread and your arms above your head. Otherwise I will tie you to the bed.”

Dulcinea climbed on the bed. Tucking her hands under the pillows, she spread her legs.

Opening her eyes, she found the mirror above the bed. She watched as Master Jackson moved his body into position between her legs. His wide shoulders pushing them further apart. The first swipe of his tongue was like lightning up her spine. It electrified her whole body, setting it on fire. “You smell divine, but you taste even better.” Jackson positioned his hands to hold her folds open, exposing her little clit. His thumbs posed at her entrance, he knew if he didn’t want to cause her too much pain, he needed to prepare her for his large cock. He continued his assault on her clit. He licked and sucked, his tongue circling, driving her to a place she had never been before. When he

nipped down on her clit, it sent her hips bolting up off the bed. She was so wet his right thumb slid easily into her opening, his left following right next to it. The pumping sensation of his thumbs and the tongue lashings were driving her to an orgasm which she could never achieve on her own.

“Master, may I come?” Dulcinea panted out.

“Yes, my Dulcinea. Keep your eyes trained on me. I want to see those beautiful mixed

matched eyes as I command your body. I want to feel your body pulse around my fingers as I wring out every drop of your release.”

The more he talked, the higher he took her. “Come now, Didi.” She had no idea how she kept her eyes open and focused on Jackson. The flashes of lights and feeling of euphoria that erupted when Jackson commanded her release had tears leaking from her eyes. Dulcinea had learned that withholding orgasms could be a form of punishment. After the pleasure that she had just experienced, she prayed she never did anything to cause Master Jackson to use that form of discipline. Before she knew what was happening, Jackson had climbed her body, his cock positioned at her entrance. “I’m am going to make you mine now. Only mine.” Jackson pushed his cock into

her quickly as to minimize the pain. Pushing past her hymen, he buried his cock into her tight channel. Her sharp intake of breath stalled his movements. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, Sir.” She needed more, but she didn’t know what she needed more of.

“I’m going to move now, you should feel no more pain, only pleasure.”

Unknown Master-

Tonight would be their last night together, Cassidy thought looking out the window from her room down on the grounds surrounding the estate. Dropping the curtain and moving back to the bed she picked up a shirt, folding the clothes he had bought her, placing them in her suitcase. When Cassidy had arrived at Coyote Hill Estate she had no idea what she had been getting into. She had found out very quickly though, when she walked in and was told by Master to strip. He had sat in a chair watching as she did, telling her to stand in her submissive position. Rising from his chair he had walked around inspecting her. When he returned to his chair taking down the zipper on his jeans, he lowered them then sat back down in his chair calling her to him, “Show me how appreciative you are for giving you this opportunity.”

His huge cock was fully erect awaiting her attention. She had gone down on her knees, sliding her hands up his legs her nails grazing along his warm skin. She wrapped both hands around the base of his cock, using the pressure of her thumbs she began massaging up and down his cock. Spreading his pre-cum along his length. With her hand around the base of his dick, she had taken him in her mouth. Using both her hands and mouth she had made love to his cock. Taking him to the back of her throat swallowing every last drop, had her own arousal dripping down her leg. He had then taken her over his lap and turned her ass a rosy red for not asking permission. She had been so wet when he was finished, anticipating him sliding into her weeping entrance and then everything stopped. He had sent her to this room, leaving her unsatisfied. That had been her introduction to Master Viper.

Her friend Snow, part owner of the Black Crystal Dungeon, had arranged everything. Snow knew Cassidy needed money and thought this could be her solution. After her rat bastard of an ex-husband had left for the slut next door, she had found out how far in debt he had put her. Her house had been sold at auction and the one time she had gotten a job; they had garnished her pay so bad it wasn’t worth working. When Snow had learned of Cassidy living in her car, she had offered her a room till she got back on her feet.

Snow had told Cassidy of an eccentric Master that was looking for a live-in sub for two months. Someone to be available twenty-four seven and because of that reason, he was willing to pay well for the subs time. What Master Viper was offering would go a long way in helping her. The one requirement he had was, when they were together she would not touch, nor see his face. However, at the end of said contract no matter what, she would scene with him one last time without his mask. So, Cassidy had agreed now, after being here for the duration of her contract, she would finally find out what Master Viper really looked like. She knew his incredible body intimately. She had run her hands along his wide chest, held onto his strong shoulders while he had slammed his incredibly long thick cock to the center of her core. Igniting a world of pleasure Cassidy had only dreamed about. She knew he was intelligent, wealthy, and sometimes funny. Conversations were easy and she had grown to care for him. She didn’t need to see what was behind his mask, if he asked her she would stay.

Marcus Rafferty had waited fifteen long years for this moment. Behind the door he stood before, she would be waiting for him. The way it would have been, had he been good enough all those years ago. Her parents had refused to let her have anything to do with him. The motorcycle riding, trailer trash, piece of shit as she so eloquently put it, standing next to her father, tears running down her face as the words spewed out of her mouth when he had gone to pick her up. Then, right after graduation she up and married the captain of the football team, moved away and Marcus had tried to forget her.

He joined the Lone Coyotes a local MC club. He prospected for five years till he finally got his patch. Now, VP of the club, they had gone legit, investing in three local businesses and owning one. Adding the strip clubs, repairs shops, and marijuana dispensers the club and its members were financial set. The clubhouse was located on the grounds of Coyote Estates, as well as some of the other member’s homes. Boasting over two hundred acres of Colorado land the homes were spread out. The club had voted for Marcus to live in the main house, since he was the one who had found the property. How far the tables had been turned, Cassidy living in her car, him living on an estate.

He had planned for how he would pull the rug further out from under her. He didn’t count on falling for her all over again, but he knew when she found out who Master Viper really was, she would run as fast as she could. She would know that he had arranged this whole thing as some form of revenge and that was how it had started. It had taken everything in him that first night she was here not to lay her over his desk and pound her dripping wet pussy. He had smelt her arousal as he had spanked her. His dick had been rock hard and dripping to get into her tight channel. But she had needed to learn, as his submissive he controlled all, when she ate, slept, and especially her orgasms, and learn she did.

He had thought if he could train her to be the perfect slave, have her submit to only him, that when he had gotten her out of his system he would give her to one of his brothers. Now, standing here in front of the door to put the final nail in the coffin, he didn’t know if he could. He had heard how broken Cassidy was when he had made her explain what her life had been like. But, the only way he would find out was to step inside the room and finish what he had started. One last test for her to prove if she had truly changed.

Marcus opened the door and there she was a stunning vision in her submissive position. On her knees, leg spread wide, back straight pushing her lovely breasts forward. Her nipples already tight little buds awaiting his clamps. Head slightly bowed allowing her braided long dark hair to fall down her back, her sky blue eyes lowered, and her palms lying face up on thighs, perfectly naked.

He knew she was curious about who she had been submitting to, so he would use that as his test. Closing the door behind him he approached her in his mask. “Tonight is our last night together, as explained in the contract we will scene tonight and I will remove the mask.” He began walking around the room, taking a riding crop from the wall, “However, I have a new proposition for you Cassidy.” Using it he raised her head, “Look at me Cass,” when her blue eyes trained their attention on him, he continued. “I am going to give you a choice, whatever you decide will be what we will do. Understand?”

She knew he wanted her to answer verbally to him so she replied, “Yes, Sir.”

“If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life what would it be?”

“That’s not a choice Sir.” Cassidy didn’t know what he wanted her to say.

“I’m getting to that, now answer the question.” Marcus demanded. He thought for sure she would say marrying her ex-husband. “Now, honestly what would you change?”

Without hesitation she said, “Not sticking up for a boy I was dating behind my parents back.” Cassidy bowed her head again feeling ashamed at what she had done to Marcus. “He had done nothing but take care of me and I had let my parents control my life, that’s how I ended up with my ex. If I could go back and change that one moment, I think my life would have turned out very differently.”

Marcus had his answer, “Cassidy here are your choices, it will be made before I reveal my face to you. I will pay off every dime you owe, set you up in an apartment with a bank account, I will even get you a job, but you will never know who I really am. Or, you could stay because you want to and I will take the mask off.”

Cassidy knew already she wanted to stay so without hesitation she said, “Please remove your mask Master, there is nothing I want more than to stay here with you.”

“Even though under this mask I could be disfigured beyond sight?”

“I’ll be honest it might frighten me at first, but I will learn to live with it as you have Sir.” Seeing her complete trust in him was ripping him apart.

“You may change your mind after I remove the mask,” he mumbled to himself, to her he said, “Either way, I’m fucking you one more time, get on the bed.” She rose from the floor and crawled up the bed. Lying on her back, he cuffed her arms and legs leaving her spread eagle. Her head rested on the pillows as he stood at the foot of the bed, his hands poised to remove the mask. “I will not hold you to your word if you decide you can’t stay.” Marcus then pulled the black mask from his face.

Cassidy watched in amazement as Master Viper revealed his identity to her. At first she just stared at him, expecting to see a mangled face only to be stunned into silence at the exquisite man standing before her. His brown hair curled to his shoulders, small loop earrings hung from both ears, with tattoos covering most of his body. Over his left peck was a coyote howling at the moon. Over his right peck a viper in a striking position. Her view moved up to his face, a goatee and thin beard trimmed his mouth and jawline. His high cheekbones led to his crystal blue eyes, dilated with desire. When recognition registered on her face, he was laying above her.

His face above hers he asked, “Do you want to leave. You could use your safe word, and this will all stop. However, if you give me a chance, I think we could have what was taken away from us a long time ago.”

“Marcus?” Was all she asked tears forming in her eyes. “I thought you hated me?”

“I did at first and then I moved on. I never stopped thinking about you though. Every now and then Snow would let me know how you were doing.”

“How long?” When he stared at her she asked again, “How long, have you been planning this?”

“A while. That’s why the contract was needed, because if I could, I wouldn’t let you go. I knew if I had the contract, it forced me to release you.” Before she could say anything else, he lowered his mouth to hers and told her, “We can talk more later right now, I’m going to make it so you never want to leave.” He lowered his mouth capturing her lips, sweeping his tongue inside hers he began his assault on her. “I knew once I tasted you I wouldn’t want to let you go.”

Cassidy couldn’t believe all this time it had been Marcus. The boy had grown into a man, thinking of the things he had done to her body. The heights he had driven her to, leaving her unsatisfied. Being laid across his lap, feeling his hard cock grow, with each slap to her ass as he punished her. Then, sliding his fingers thru her wet folds, fingering fucking her to orgasm, before placing her on her knees in front of him. Pushing his cock to the back of her mouth, needing to please her Master she had made sure she swallowed every drop. When all along it had been Marcus. “Does this mean you are finished punishing me for what I did?” She nipped his bottom lip as he pulled back.

“Oh, I’m sure there will be other punishments, just not for that offense anymore.” He looked her in the eye as his body lowered to hers, “Will you stay?”

“Yes, Sir,” was all she said, before Marcus began to move.

Kissing his way down her neck to her eagerly awaiting nipples. He sucked one in his mouth, while he tweaked the other with his fingers. The sensation sending a flood of moisture dripping from her. Moving across her body, he started sucking on her other nub. With his mouth still lashing her nipple he moved his hand to her core. Sliding his finger thru her wet folds, straight to her opening. Continuing to move down her body he positioned himself between her legs. Using his fingers, he held her folds back exposing her swollen clit. Grazing his teeth over it then soothing it with his tongue. Using his fingers, he began to pump them into her as he suckled her nub then bit down. Her arms and legs pulling on their restraints as her body bowed on the bed with her release.

“Already I have something to punish you for my greedy sub. You never asked for my permission, I own all of your orgasms from now on.” He positioned himself at her entrance, looking in her lust filled eyes, “I will tell you when you can come,” moaning as he pushed into her. Feeling her warm tight sheath surrounding his throbbing cock had him wanting to shoot his load. Her muscles clamping down, milking his cock as Marcus began moving in her.

Cassidy didn’t know if she would be able to wait for his command. Her body still ramped up from her orgasm and the pace Marcus set was building her quickly to another release. “Please Marcus, may I come.”

Hearing his name ripped from her mouth pushed him over, “Come now Cassidy.” He pounded into her, hitting her cervix over and over till he growled his own release. Sweat coating their bodies, as they crumbled to the bed, getting their breathing under control.

Marcus released her legs, rubbing the feeling back into them. Then he released her arms, massaging the blood flow back down to her fingers. When he had cleaned them up, he pulled the blankets up around them, “I wanted you back then and I still want you now. You’re mine now, my old lady.”

Snuggled next to Marcus, in his arms Cassidy didn’t think she could be any happier, “Yes, Marcus. Only yours.” She looked up at him smiling, “I can’t believe I get a second chance with you, I love you my unknown Master.”

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Young woman with a colorful feather carnival face mask on bright

                                                                        THE CON                                                                         Behind the Mask

A short story…

“The defendant will please rise.” The girl and her lawyer stood, anticipating the sentence she would receive. “You have been found guilty of third degree murder for the death of Paul Donovan. Third degree murder in the state of Pennsylvania carries a sentence of no less than twenty years, with a maximum of forty. Taking into consideration the age of the defendant as well as all the mitigating facts of this case I have come to my decision. Amber Donovan you are hereby sentenced to serve twenty years for the crime you have been found guilty of. You will be remanded to the Lewisburg State Penitentiary for Women, to serve your sentence. You will serve a minimum of ten years, with the possibility of parole thereafter. I suggest you take advantage of the programs available to you. Finish your education and become a productive member of society when you reemerge.” The judge looked at sixteen-year-old Amber with a glimpse of compassion, then quickly said, “Court adjourned.” The judge then slammed the gavel down, stood from his bench and left the court room.

            Amber Donovan opened her eyes, rivulets of water slowly slid from her eyes and brow. Turning her head looking at the calendar next to her put a smile back on her face. ‘Thirteen years, eight months and fucking twenty-two days,’ but today was special. Today Amber was leaving this place she had called home for so many years. She remembered how terrified she had been when she had first arrived. She only had God to thank for putting her in E-block. On her first day, three women became the mother she had always wished for. Rita, Stacy, and Maria took to Amber like the daughter they never had and never would. They had protected her, taught her how to survive behind bars, and encouraged her to suck up as much education the government was going to pay for.

Amber had followed their instructions and when she walked out of the prison gates in a few hours, she would be leaving with her law degree in criminal justice. While studying to become a lawyer she had taken on cases for other women in the prison. Knowing full well she was still learning these women put their trust in her, four of them were now free model citizens. The success of her cases had caught the attention of a firm in New York, the office of Markstorm, Rosenbrook, and Evansky were expanding their firm. Starting an intern program that would include a diverse group of lawyers.

“If you’re going to stay in your rack all day, I’ll gladly take your place and walk out that gate.” Amber turned her head toward the bars of her jail cell to find Rita standing there.

“I was just thinking about how my life is going to change in a few hours. Rita what if I can’t handle the outside world? This has been all I’ve known for thirteen years.”

“Get out that of bed, put your clothes on and get your ass to the cafeteria. You’re not going to ruin our going away party.” Rita said as she walked into Amber’s cell.

“Thank you Rita, for everything. I’m going to miss you.” Amber’s eyes filled with the tears she had been trying to hold back.

“Haven’t I taught you anything? Show no weakness. Tears are a weakness. Now, let’s get you sprung from this joint.” Rita’s faced showed the pride she felt for the woman before her.

Throwing her legs over the side of her bed Amber sat up. “I don’t know when I’ll be able to get here to see you, but I’ll call and send letters.”

“You better, how else am I going to know how the outside world is doing?” Rita teased, she hoped that Amber stayed in touch, but nothing was ever certain. Once people left, they wanted to move forward, not look back on where they came from. However, Amber was one of those special people, if you meant something to her she made sure you knew it. “Now, get yourself all dolled up. You don’t want to look like shit in your going away picture do you?” Rita started to leave when she turned around, half in the cell half out, “Oh, and it’s supposed to be a surprise. So, looked surprised I’ll see you there.”


Amber stood outside the high rise building that housed her future place of employment Markstorm, Rosenbrook, and Evansky. Amber squared her shoulders and made her way to the entrance, confident and ready to start her new life. This morning the women had not only surprised her with cake, they had given her the high powered makeover she needed.  Her chestnut hair had been artfully braided and twisted into a French knot, her makeup flawlessly applied to her sea blue eyes. She wore a black Channel pencil skirt with a matching bolero jacket, a satin white blouse and a pair of Jimmy Choo heels finished her ensemble. Never having worn heels before Amber was cautious as she walked. She held a leather briefcase in one hand and her Coach bag in the other. Amber had no idea how the women could have afforded the clothes they had given her, but figured Margret the jail matron had played a helpful roll in acquiring the outfit. No one would ever know by looking at her in this outfit that she was an ex-con. Walking in, she went to the security desk, they in turn directed her to the elevators that would take her to the sixty-fifth floor.

Stepping off the elevator Amber had to hold onto the wall as the ride up had thrown her equilibrium off. Once she had her feet under her she made her way to the woman sitting outside Mr. Markstorm’s office. “Good afternoon, my name is Amber Donovan and I have an appointment.”

The woman at the desk gave Amber the once over then picked up the phone. “Mr. Markstorm, your two o’clock is here.” Listening and shaking her head as if he could see her she replied, “Yes Sir, I’ll send her right in.” She hung the receiver back in the cradle then looked at Amber rising from her chair, “Before you go in, would you prefer an apartment by the water or the park?”

Amber followed her to the double doors, “Either one, I’m not too picky.”

“All right, this should be pretty easy then.” She pushed the doors open and announced, “Mr. Markstorm, may I present Amber Donovan.” She led her to the chairs set before a huge desk in front of a wall of windows. As she was getting ready to leave she said to Amber, “I’m Beth, if I can help with your transition back into society please let me know. I had a cousin that couldn’t handle it and ended up back on the inside.”

Grateful for her offer Amber replied, “Thank you Beth. I may take you up on that.” She waited until the doors were closed before turning her attention to the man behind the desk. His salt and pepper hair was boyishly styled, with his sleeves rolled up and his tie loosened around his neck,.

Pavel Markstorm’s blue eyes focused on Amber, “So how does it feel to be out?”

Amber was surprised that this would be the first question he would ask her, but she took it all in stride. Apparently everyone in the firm must have heard that she was the ex-con. “Well, to be honest Sir. I left prison on a bus, took a train, and a taxi all to end up inside another establishment. I thought I would have had more time outside.”

He started to laugh at her answer then said to her, “Have no fear Ms. Donovan, you will spend time outside. Now, let’s get down to business.” He handed her an envelope with a set of keys, a coded key card, and a corporate credit card. “We understand that you will need an entire wardrobe to perform your job properly. Use the credit card to purchase what you need. We will deduct twenty percent from each paycheck until the balance is paid. Does that sound fair to you?” Not letting her respond he continued, “We also didn’t want you stressing over a place to live. We have many rental units we keep on hand for international guests. Beth is as we speak setting one up for you, that is until you get on your feet and find a place you can call your own. The coded card is for entrance into the building and the keys are for your office, Beth will show you where it is when we are finished here.” He sat back in his chair having gotten all the basic stuff out of the way. With his elbows on the arms of his chair he brought his fingers together at his chin, “We will expect nothing but your best when you walk into a court room representing our clients and this firm. If at any time you are having difficulty adjusting or if your case load becomes overwhelming, you are to make me or one of the other partners aware of it. We will need to assess the situation quickly in order to defuse it. Do we understand each other Ms. Donovan.”

Amber had sat in the chair listening to all her new boss was throwing at her. “Yes Sir, I believe we do understand each other. You’re laying out a lot of money to make sure your program is looked upon favorably. However, you have every intention of collecting it back. Then, and this is very important, if I become a basket case from the work load you intend to pile on me you will just blame my inability to adjust. Am I following you Sir?” Amber relaxed back into her chair crossing her long legs a smug smile on her face. “I have every intention of being successful both for this firm and for myself. I believe the time I spent behind bars gives me that right. I will not cower, nor will I be manipulated. I owe that to every woman in that prison who taught me to stand up for myself and be proud of what I have accomplished. So, yes Sir I agree to your terms. I’m sure Beth is waiting by the door to bring in a contract for me to sign. Then I will be off to start my new life. I thank you for this opportunity and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.”

Mr. Markstorm sat forward in his chair slapping his hand on his desk, a brilliant smile on his face. “I knew you had a backbone. That’s why we brought you in. Now, the last thing on the agenda, we are having our annual mask ball this coming Saturday. You will meet the other partners, current clients and some previous. You will need a costume; this will be your signing bonus.” His eyes lit up, as if that had just come to him. “So, whatever you feel your signing bonus should be, spend it on a fabulous ensemble. How does that sound?”

Amber had jumped when his hands hit the desk. Listening intently to what he was saying, “So, you’re not going to lose it if I spend twenty thousand dollars on a dress and mask?” She could see Mr. Markstorm’s throat working, she continued before his heart exploded in his chest. “I was only joking Sir. I will keep it to ten.” Seeing the relieved look on his face she smiled. She had no use for a ten-thousand-dollar outfit, but if she could return it somehow afterward that would be a nice payoff. Then as if lighting had just struck, Amber adjusted her position in the chair remembering a very vivid dream she had had of a masquerade ball.

Are you all right?” Mr. Markstorm asked seeing Amber’s white complexion. He continued after she let him know she was okay. “Well then my dear, let’s get Beth in here so you can sign the contract and get started on the case we have left in your office for you. You go to trial Friday.”

A shocked look crossed Amber’s face before she said, “Nothing like throwing me to the wolves so quickly.” She paused when Beth came into the room, placing the contract before her. She skimmed through it, then accepted the pen being held out to her and signed. “Beth would you please have a copy of that sent to my office. Also, I was told you were finding me a place to live.” When Beth nodded in agreement she went on, “That would mean you would also be able to help me spend my signing bonus. I need a shopping buddy, are you up for it?” She smiled at the woman’s show of excitement.

“Absolutely, when do we start?” Beth exclaimed.

“I think I need to get on this right away. So, if you have some free time today maybe you could look into a few places and we will hit them after work?”

Beth gathered up the paperwork, “It’s a date.”

Amber stood up and extended her hand to Mr. Markstorm, “Thank you for your generosity. I won’t let you down Sir.”

“I think you have a bright future here Amber. May I call you Amber?” She gave an affirmative head nod. “Beth will show you to your office. Welcome to Markstorm, Rosenbrook, and Evansky.”


A set of very intense grey eyes followed Amber and Beth as they left Mr. Markstorm’s office. His gaze slid down to the perfect heart shaped ass as it walked away from him. Entering the office with his head still out the door he asked, “Who’s the new chick with the tight ass?”

“Have some class Mikhail. She’s the new intern I was telling you about. She’ll be handling Aria’s case. So, keep it in your pants, this one is off limits.” Mikhail Markstorm stood six foot three with a full head of dark curly hair. His wide shoulders filling the jacket of his tailored designer suit that tapered down to his trim waist. A professional hockey player and only son to the man sitting behind the desk.

Mikhail turned his grey eyes towards his father, “You can’t be serious. Did you look at her?” Then his eyes grew big with the thought he had, “Did you say she was the new intern that was incarcerated when she was sixteen?” His father confirmed the answer, “So, that must mean unless she had a boyfriend in prison…”

His father didn’t let him finish his statement, “Off limits I said! You have never been serious about a woman since that bitch in college. As much as I would like to see you settled and producing grandbabies for me, she is not the one for you. I have your new contract right here. They are offering a three-year deal with a hefty signing bonus. They also agreed to a position with the team after the contract ends. That’s what you need to stay focused on, a Stanley Cup championship is what you have always dreamed of winning. Don’t let a woman side track you from that.” Pavel knew the quickest way to get his son to do something he wanted was to tell him he couldn’t. The old man behind the desk hid his grin.

You know where my focus is, but that doesn’t mean in my off season it has to be all hockey. She would make a wonderful distraction. She’ll be at the mask ball Saturday correct?” His father agreed with him, “Well then she’ll need an escort don’t you think? I’d like to volunteer for the job.” Mikhail picked up the contract he was there to sign.

“Son, she has spent the last thirteen years behind prison bars. She is not a toy to be played with, either you are all in or you stay away. Have I made myself clear?” Pavel asked him.

Handing his father back the signed document, “Yes Sir. I heard you loud and clear.” That didn’t mean he was going to listen, Mikhail thought to himself. “Now, if you will excuse me, it was a long flight and I need some sleep. I’ll see you Saturday Dad.” He gave his father a hug, picked up the bag he had dropped inside the door and headed for the elevators.

Pavel was seated behind his desk when Beth knocked then entered the office. Closing the door, she walked to the bar next to the bookcase pouring two glasses of whiskey. She returned to the desk placing one glass in front of Pavel then sat on the corner. “Do you think this is really going to work? You’ve been trying for years to get him settled, what makes you think this woman is the one?” Beth swallowed the contents of her glass.

“I feel it in here,” Pavel placed his hand over his heart. “You set her up in the apartment across from him correct?” Beth nodded in agreement. “Good, they will have time to get to know each other before the ball.”

“What if she demands we move her?”

“She won’t. She will roll with anything we throw at her, just to prove she can do it.” He downed the liquid from his glass. “I’ve set the perfect table for him, now I just need for him to realize what I already know.” Pavel smiled at Beth, “When you go shopping make sure you include sleepwear that can be appreciated.”

Beth hopped off the corner of the desk and walked to the door. “I hope you know what you’re doing, she could sue you for sexual harassment.”

Pavel’s reply sang out as she closed the door, “But she won’t.”

Amber was seated behind her desk going over the case she would be defending in court on Friday when her door was opened. Thinking it was her assistant, she was shocked when she looked up into the same grey eyes of the man from her dream. Stunned to silence she stared as he said, “Good morning Amber, I’m Mikhail Markstorm and I would like it if you would be my date for this year’s mask ball event. Will you join me?”

The words hadn’t left his mouth, knowing her dream was about to come true she jumped up and shouted, “Yes, I will.”


She stood in the entry way of the ball room. The opulence of the room could be felt in the way it had been designed for this special event. The ceiling was lined with twinkling cloth giving the appearance of stars lighting the sky while, oversized lighted masks hung randomly amongst them.  The green and purple wall lighting enhanced the intimate surrounding area. Tables were decorated with black tablecloths crystal glasses, china, and silver. In the middle of the table a lit candelabra arranged with fragrant colorful flowers finished the elaborate table setting. Beth had helped her find the perfect dress and mask. The red, orange and yellow feast feathered mask rested on her nose covering the upper half of her face extending up beyond her forehead. The strapless gown she had chosen was made of the same brightly colored feathers strategically placed, the choker wrapped around her neck as well. Her vivid blue eyes rimmed with dark liner reflected her excitement. Forming a smile with her red ruby lips and holding her head high she entered the ball room. Walking towards the table Beth was seated at, Amber could feel the eyes of both men and women admiring her. Taking a glass filled with champagne from the passing waiter she continued on her path.

“Good evening everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve attended a party.” Everyone returned their greetings, “Is anyone sitting here?” She asked Beth.

Before she could sit her new boss Mr. Markstorm indicated she should take the seat next to him. “I will be able to introduce you to everyone easier if you are closer.” His black domino mask did nothing to hide his identity. “Go easy on the champagne and make sure you eat. Have you ever had alcohol?”

“This will be my first Sir.”

Mr. Markstorm spoke to Beth, “Please keep an eye on her until we know if she can handle alcohol.” He stood when the two approaching couples reached their table. “Good evening everyone, I think we have another rousing success on our hands. I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Amber Donovan. Amber these are the other partners and their wives, Ira and his wife Theresa and Stuart and his better half Doris.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I’d like to say thank you for this opportunity.”

Everyone took their seats as the MC introduced the host for the evenings event, Markstorm, Rosenbrook, and Evansky Law Firm and the charities that would benefit from tonight’s event. After which the band began playing and the dance floor was opened.

Amber felt the air in the room change as he made his entrance. Shaking hands with the men and flirting with women dominating the path he made directly toward Amber. After greeting the occupants at the table he held his hand out to her. “Would you like to dance?”

The timbre of his voice vibrated through her body. His grey eyes were partially hidden by the half face mask he wore yet; it could not hide his identity from her. Clasping her hand to his she followed him to the floor. When they arrived in the center he pulled her close by their joined hands resting them on his shoulder. Molding her body to his, she snaked her fingers thru the hair resting on his neck. Leaning up she whispered, “I’ve never danced together with someone.”

He wrapped his free arm around the small of her back pulling her closer, “No worries, I can teach you everything you need to know.”

They began swaying to the music, eyes locked, bodies moving in sync as if they had spent a lifetime dancing together. They danced as if they were the only two people in the room. The subtle shift of his hips, pulling her closer had her center grinding against his hard cock. Leaning in close to her ear he told her, “When this song is finished I have a surprise for you down on the beach. There I will teach you what it’s like to be treasured.”

Amber gazed into the grey eyes of the man she had only meet a week before; she couldn’t deny she had feelings for him. Mikhail Markstorm had burst into Amber’s life like an out of control freight train. He was beautiful to look at standing six-foot three, his dark hair curled to his neck with matching brows and eyelashes that could make a woman cry. His nose had been broken numerous times, his jaw hadn’t escaped injury, and the scar under his right eye was yet another result of being a professional hockey player. However, none of these things took away from his ruggedly handsome face. Feeling the power of Mikhail’s body under her fingers, knowing that there would be no clothes between them before the night was over released a wave of moisture in her panties. Tonight would be the prom she never had, the night most girls lose their virginity and she was so ready to lose hers.

He guided her out the open balcony doors, across the manicured lawn. The lighting in the bushes bordered their walkway to the beach. When they stepped off the boardwalk into the soft sand, Amber had to stop and remove her shoes. She followed as he led her to a cabana facing the rolling water. The moon’s reflection on the water set the perfect mood for lovers. A king size bed filled most of the space inside however, there was still room for a table piled with food.

Removing his mask, Mikhail took Amber in his arms slanting his mouth over hers sinking into him as she received her first kiss. Her body ignited from within her nipples becoming hard nubs. She had the sensation of erratic butterflies fluttering around in her stomach and her pussy was wet and throbbing. Sliding his tongue across the seam of her lips Mikhail moved one hand up behind her neck. Holding her in place he captured her quiet gasp of surprise as he invaded her mouth. Drowning in his unique taste Amber surrendered everything to him.  Mikhail began trailing kisses across her jaw towards her ear, “You look exquisite tonight.” Then he sucked her earlobe between his teeth and gently bit down, “Now, I’m going to make you feel exquisite.” He continued down her neck, across her shoulder kissing and nipping her skin as he went blazing a path to her hardened nipples. Caressing her soft skin, he removed her dress leaving her in her panties and mask.

Amber closed her eyes and let the sensations he was creating flow through her body. She slid her hands across his strong chest, removing his jacket as she reached his shoulders. Mikhail let the jacket slip to the floor as he gently nudged her onto the bed. Amber leaned back on her elbows as she watched him undress. Removing his tie and tossing it on the bed. Next he removed his shirt exposing his chiseled body. Kicking off his shoes as he released the clasp of his belt letting his slacks fall to the ground, freeing his rock hard cock. Amber crossed her legs to stop the moisture from escaping down her legs, her panties to far saturated to help. Mikhail moved to the bed standing over her his gaze roaming from head to foot. “Move to the pillows so I can worship your beautiful body,” he said as he collected his tie from the bed. “Put your arms above your head,” he commanded. He tied her wrist together, “Keep them there and your eyes on me. I want to see your eyes dilate with desire as I make you mine.” Mikhail rested most of his body weight on his elbows, his intense gaze locked with Amber’s. “Are you ready to become a woman Amber?” He lowered his head, gliding his tongue along her neck circling it up around her ear.

Amber tilted her head granting him full access. He shifted his body to her side, his fingers grazing along her skin creating an unknown hunger in Amber, something she had never experienced. Amber’s body was on fire anticipating the next place his fingers would touch or where his mouth would suck. “I’ve wanted to hold you in my arms from the moment I first met you.” He continued exploring her body memorizing every exquisite inch. His lips began blazing a path to her breast, sucking first one hard nipple deep into his mouth then the other. Biting down hard on her little nub sent another wave of moisture directly to her sopping panties.

Amber locked her gaze to Mikhail’s as he continued his agonizingly slow journey down her body. Settling himself between her spread legs, “You won’t be needing these anymore.” Mikhail tucked his fingers into the strings holding her panties in place pulling till they came apart. Mikhail inhaled deeply, “If you taste as good as your scent I will forever be one happy man.” With that he slid his tongue from her center to her clit moaning with delight. Holding her hips in place never losing contact as they bucked off the bed.

Amber’s body relaxed back onto the bed as she became accustomed to Mikhail orchestrating her body like a symphony. His tongue continued to lap up her sweet honey as he inserted first one then two fingers into her tight channel then adding a third. Preparing her for his thick long cock he set a rhythm pumping and spreading her. Pushing her body beyond any pleasure she had ever felt. “Are you sure Amber?” He needed to hear her say it.

“Yes Sir, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” His teeth latched onto her exposed clit biting down as his fingers penetrated through her hymen.

Amber felt a slight pinch as Mikhail drove his fingers deeper into her, but then he was back seducing her body. Tears leaked from the corner of Amber’s eyes at the incredible feeling Mikhail was building inside her. “Come for me Amber,” he demanded. Amber surrendered her body, her walls pulsing around his fingers.

Mikhail growled as the need to be inside her overwhelmed him. Moving to position himself at her entrance Amber looked deep into his grey eyes as he pushed his hard aching cock into her tight opening. As soon as he was seated deep within her, Mikhail knew she would always be his. He began to rock his hips into hers gently making love to her. His body extended above as his hands rested on either side of her. Allowing him to push deeper and faster feeling her walls now pulsing around him.

Another incomparable feeling filled Amber as Mikhail began driving his cock into her, building her body toward the incredible feeling he had created earlier. Amber relaxed her body excepting everything he was giving her. Lifting her hips off the bed meeting his demanding pace had her walls clamping down on his cock, and when he pinched down on her clit her body shattered around him.

Thrusting into her one final time Mikhail erupted. Coming harder than he had ever come before. Her walls milking every last drop of cum from his body. Sweat dripping from his brow, he leaned down taking her lips in a gentle kiss. “Marry me, so we can spend the rest of our lives doing this.”

Amber had never been happier, but when she opened her eyes she was no longer looking into the eyes of her lover. She was looking into the eyes of the man she had killed, as he shouted his last dying words at her, “You will never be good enough for anyone but me.”

Sitting up in her rack she looked around the cell she wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon, sweat dripping from her brow. But she would one day and she was going to make that dream come true.



Adjusted Killian 2

Book Blurb:

All Rachel wanted to do was retire to a quiet island and start her life over. Yet, all that changed when the shipment she had crated for Don Santoro goes missing. Now, she has fourteen days to get it back. Rachel sets out on a quest that leads her to the doors of the Celtic Demons motorcycle club—and Killian. A man who, by rights, should be her enemy, but who sets her body on fire.


Killian ‘Yankee’ Ramsey, Vice President of the Celtic Demons has just pulled off the heist of the century, intent on using his bounty as leverage against the Santoro organization to remove them from Demon territory. However, when the plans the Demons have in place fall apart, they need Rachel’s help to get their territory back.


Killian knows Rachel is the perfect submissive for him. Rachel wants nothing more than to give herself totally to Killian. But will their loyalties keep them from being together?


Publisher’s Note: This steamy Mafia versus motorcycle club romance is full of action and graphic scenes. If this isn’t to your liking, please do not read it.



Killian continued to coax her body with his fingers as he made his way back up her body. “Now, my beautiful Angel, I want to feel you pulsing around my cock.” Killian removed his fingers and positioned his throbbing cock at her entrance. Staring into her remarkable eyes he pushed into her. Inch by inch of hellish torture took all of Killian’s resolve. Stretching her tight channel slowly. For as much as he wanted to plunge right into her sweetness, he knew he wanted tonight to be different with her. Somehow, special. A night that would always remain when she was gone. She was like an aphrodisiac, intoxicating him. The connection he felt with her was staggering. The uncontrollable need to keep her with him overwhelmed him as his body joined fully with hers. He growled deep in his throat as a primitive craving to always protect her filled him. In that moment Killian knew he would love her till his last breath. A smile tugged at his lips at the realization. No longer did he want to make her come, he wanted her to fall in love. He leaned his head down kissing her, sealing the deal he had made in his mind.


 Find out what happens when mafia meets motorcycle club.

                As Rachel and Killian take you into both worlds.


 There are codes both motorcycle clubs and organized crime have in common. Yet, the only one that matters to Killian when he meets Rachel is loyalty.














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5.0 out of 5 stars I absolutely loved this book and was honored to have been able …

ByKatie Hansenon July 14, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

I absolutely loved this book and was honored to have been able to read and review. It was such a phenomenal read and had amazing characters as well as an amazing storyline. I just couldn’t get enough of it and once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend that you read it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Book!

By Judy A Phillipson July 11, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

What a fantastic ride this book was and it is definitely one that you will not put down until you finish it because the story-line and the characters really stand out and that is why I consider it a five star read. I volunteered to read an advance copy of this book.