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“Isn’t it a universal truth that it’s our singular experiences and passion, for whatever thing or things, which molds us all into the individuals we become? Whether it’s hidden in the depths of our soul or exposed for all to see?”

Linzi Basset is a South African born animal rights supporter with a poet’s heart, and she is also a bestselling fiction writer of suspense filled romance erotica books; who as the latter, refuses to be bound to any one sub-genre. She prefers instead to stretch herself as a storyteller which has resulted in her researching and writing historical and even paranormal themed works. Her initial offering: Club Alpha Cove, a BDSM club suspense series released back in 2015, reached Amazon’s Bestseller list, and she has been on those lists regularly ever since. Labelling her as prolific is a gross understatement as just a few short years later she has now been published thirty-nine times; a total which fails to take into account the three other published works of her alter ego: Isabel James who co-authors—nor does it include the five additional new works marked for imminent release.

“I write from the inside out. My stories are both inside me and a part of me so it can be either pleasurable to release them or painful to carve them out. I live every moment of every story I write. So, if you’re looking for spicy and suspenseful, I’m your girl… woman… writer… you know what I mean!”

Linzi believes that by telling stories in her own voice, she can better share with her readers the essence of her being: her passionate nature; her motivations; and her wildest fantasies. She feels every touch as she writes, every kiss, every harsh word uttered, and this to her is the key to a never-ending love of writing.

Ultimately, all books by Linzi Basset are about passion. To her, passion is the driving force of all emotion; whether it be lust, desire, hate, trust, or love. This is the underlying message contained in her books. Her advice: “Believe in the passions driving your desires; live them; enjoy them; and allow them to bring you happiness.”


Romance, Erotica, Suspense, Paranormal Historical erotica, BDSM


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His Devil’s Heat

Club Devil’s Cove – Book 2

Keon is stuck between a rock and . . . a soft place.

He has his daughter back, but Lauren Francis is part of the package. Keon is torn between his love for his daughter and his insatiable desire for her adopted ‘Mommy’. Lauren has a guileless sensuality that is hard to resist. Not only is she encroaching on his space, she’s invading something deep within him. The urge to corrupt her is too strong.

Lauren is weary. She feels like a new born fawn, finding her legs for the first time. She finally has a chance to move ahead in life, away from all the ugliness of the past. She’s been a thirsty traveler for so long and Keon represented a balmy oasis. He is hot, talks dirty and is a complete beast in bed. Lauren is helpless as he plays with her body and heart strings, alike.

The world falls away as fates collide and destiny gets rewritten. Keon and Lauren sizzle as the games heat up in Club Devil’s Cove. Keon exults in Lauren’s passion and submission, while Lauren revels in Keon’s gluttonous need for her body . . . and her soul.

But the demons from the past refuse to lie low. The dangerous game is just heating up. No price is too high. No life is too precious.

Life is a masquerade. Keon, Lauren, Rhone and Samantha must dance to the tune of the devil. The band must play till the masks come off.

But when it’s time to draw the first blood . . . all bets are off.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Keep a warm blanket and a bar of dark chocolate handy while reading this freakin’ book. You’ll need to hide your hands and keep your mouth occupied. Happy reading!

Available on Amazon and remember, It’s free on Kindle Unlimited


Paperback coming soon



Alexis Moore is in a rock and a hard place. Literally.

After her car wraps itself around a tree (blame Dora, the GPS), Alexis is looking for shelter in the woods. While running from plenty of sinister things, she runs smack into the most dangerous thing in these woods—a wild man, no less.

Okay, so he isn’t exactly wild. He lives in the woods; is built like an oak; has long, luxurious hair; a killer beard and too many abs to count. The only thing standing between Alexis’ lust and his modesty is a tiny towel wrapped around his sinful body. Somebody needs to save this guy.

Not a chance in hell.

Noah Harris doesn’t need too much persuasion to offer his beguiling guest a bed—his bed, for the night; although, there isn’t much sleeping involved.

In the light of the day, things get even more convoluted. But nothing is going to stop Noah from claiming this gorgeous wood nymph for himself . . . and his best friends, Mason and Logan. Alexis is in for one of hell of a debauched ride, to say the least.

But Alexis is weary of love and commitment. A lifetime of neglect and distrust is a hard habit to break. Will she learn to trust Noah and take a leap of faith into the future, or will she be relegated to a lifetime of loneliness?

Will Alexis say yes?

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His Devil’s Desire

Club Devil’s Cove – Book 1

Their lives were about to fall apart around them.

¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)

(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* ღ



Excerpt: Copyright©2017 Linzi Basset

“Now what?”

Rhone frowned. That didn’t sound like Dave Collins’ usually deep and gruff voice.

“Now you stop this goddamned noise. That’s what,” he growled irritably. “Do you have any idea what the fucking time is?”

The body in front of him froze before slowly rising. The narrow shoulders straightened visibly before he turned to face Rhone while yanking off the protective goggles from his face. The cap fell from his head at the same time, allowing a glorious tumble of golden curls loose. Not Dave Collins.

“Well, I’ll be damned. Who are you and where is Dave?” He was too irritated to allow a pretty blonde, with a cleavage of note and rounded breasts glimmering enticingly in a thin layer of sweat sway him.

“Samantha Frazer,” she snapped through thinly pressed lips. Moments before they had been rosy and pouty.

Samantha stared in fascination as his one eyebrow arched, doing a slow sweep over her body. For one thing, it kept her eyes from wandering lower. That first glance had been enough to make her stomach do a somersault or two and set her libido into super drive.

“As in Woodcraft Carpentry?”

“Yes. Look, I apologize for the early hour but—”

“But nothing. No normal human being is awake at this time of day. What happened to normal work hours?”

She visually sizzled with annoyance.

“Look, mister, you’re the one who changed your specifications for the bar at last minute. So, if you want it finished in time—”

“No, you look here, little snip, when I requested the changes I was assured it wouldn’t be a problem. I sure as hell didn’t expect to be startled awake by that god-awful noise you’re making,” he growled.

Samantha stared at the flashing silver sparks in his eyes. She wondered what he would be like when he was really angry.

“Clive should never have committed to such a ridiculous timeframe, nor should you have had the audacity to demand it, for that matter.”

She refused to be intimidated by the formidable man looming over her. Although, her hands were suddenly sweaty, and her clit was throbbing, escalating with every glance toward his wide, perfectly muscled chest, washboard abs and . . . oh man, she drew in a ragged breath when she couldn’t keep herself from taking another peek further down.

“I don’t give a fuck who did what. Not another single sound, woman, until sunrise.”

“You know, bucko, you should be careful about yapping so disrespectfully. Especially to a woman with a saw in her hands and your . . . dangling bits so invitingly presented. My hands might just slip . . .”

Belatedly, Rhone glanced down. He was naked as a jaybird. His cock, the rowdy bastard, was half-mast in reaction to the enticing little chit in front of him.

He never could resist a blonde and she had a dewy look that made him want to take a nip out of her rosy cheeks that elevated her heart shaped face.

“You shouldn’t have done that, my pet,” he said with a sexy grin that made Samantha’s toes curl in her boots.

She cleared her throat and kept her tongue from swiping the drool in her cupid-shaped mouth.

“Done what?” Her eyes widened when he walked closer, his ‘devil eyes’ sparkling with lustful intent.

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Their Sub Series – Book #


She ran away from him only to find her world tumble upside down.

¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* ღ


She took a final glance over her shoulder at the door and ran smack into a wall. “Oooph!” It was movable wall, with rippling muscles and smelled like heaven when her fingers came in contact with a hard warm, chest. She breathed in his fresh scent.

Oh, hell no! It’s him.

She looked up and into a pair of icy blue eyes that made her feel like she was being pulled into a lake of frozen emotions. Her imagination ran rampant as she watched myriad shades of blue swirl together, leaving her full of apprehension. She could tell from his rigid body that he was annoyed. His flickering, azure orbs confirmed her thoughts.

“Well, well.”

Her eyebrows arched at his cryptic response while feeling a twinge of worry.

Before she could respond, he walked her back until she was pressed against the wall, his body hard against her softness.

“What the devil are you doing?”

“You will learn quickly that I don’t appreciate my time being wasted,” he growled in her ear.

“What are you . . . oooh!”

He leaned in to run his tongue over her bottom lip.

Her stomach heaved.

He licked the seam of her mouth with a sensual sweep of his tongue.

Her loins clenched.

His lips closed over the pulsing carotid vein and sucked. Hard.

Her pussy flushed with heat.

“Let go of me,” she managed to whimper.

Make me.”

Chloe pushed against his chest but it was futile. He was too strong and her feeble attempt had nothing to do with trying to escape, but everything to do with the reluctance to lose the heat that emanated from his body.

Like it did last night. Oh, fuck.

“I said let me go, you buffoon!”

“Now, why would I want to do that, love? Especially, since your body is begging to be fucked.”

Chloe gasped. His eyes turned a shade darker.

“My body is doing no such . . . ooohh . . . thing,” she stammered when he lifted her higher, her feet off the floor, to push his hips between her legs. He grinded his aroused cock against her pussy.

Holy cannoli! He’s huge.

Chloe struggled to get her body to obey the desperate commands her brain was shouting at it. She could almost hear the debate in her mind.

Get away from him. You don’t know the man.

No! I want him to fuck me. I want to feel that cock pound into me like it is—

Geez, Chloe! Get a grip.

“Who the devil are you?” she rasped. She wasn’t ready to admit to him that she already knew who he was.

“You don’t know? Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, you were so drunk last night—”

“No! You’re not . . . fuck me,”

“Oh, I intend to, love. Right now.”

Chloe stared at him wide eyed and shrieked when he yanked up her skirt and ripped off her lace panties.

“Look, Mr. Anderson, there has been some misunderstanding . . . no! Are you crazy? Anyone can walk in on us,” she cried when he started unzipping his jeans.

“I don’t mind an audience, my pet and soon, neither will you.”


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She was left in shatters. Her body and soul destroyed by a mad man. Would Kent be able to salvage the woman she once was?


¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* ღ


“I see I have a task set out for me. Keep still, my pet. I’ll tell you if I want you to move.”

Sharon’s mind was a scrambled mess, unable to process the pleasure that followed each caress. It felt like her body had been numb and only his touch had the ability to move her.

“Your honeyed nectar is intoxicating.” He nibbled on her ear. Kent sighed against her delicate mouth, aware of the conflict raging inside them, if he was honest. It was time to let go of the past. He’d loved his wife and they’d had a good life. But she’d been gone for a long time. It was time to move on and find happiness again.

He looked at her, disarmed by her nudity in the dim light. There was vulnerability in her eyes as his gaze travelled over her body. Her breasts were perfectly molded to her form, begging for him to brush a finger across the taut nipples.

“You have beautiful breasts, baby,” he murmured as he leaned closer to nibble on one taut nipple while fondling the roundness of the other perky orb. He coasted his palms over her nipples, enjoying the sensual moans from her. Kent lingered just long enough for her to understand how beautiful she was to him.

The club rules required regular medical check-ups. All visitors had to supply a recent medical certificate before acceptance to the club; therefore, Kent was assured they both were safe.

“Now, my lovely, it’s time to fuck that pussy of yours,” he growled huskily and pressed his swollen shaft against her puffy folds, teasing her, before slowly pushing inside. His heart-rate accelerated as he watched her eyes flare and her breathing increase.

“Kent,” she whispered his name as their bodies became one, limbs entwined. Their bodies moved to the rhythmic sounds of Kent’s deep murmurs of praises in her ears.

His tongue scored the slopes of her shoulders and throat like an artist painting a masterpiece. His kisses were drugging; aimed at stealing her breath. Her passionate moans drifted to roof in a rush of pleasure.

He thrust . . . harder . . . he plunged . . . deeper . . . they began the sacred dance of passion. He went faster, gasping for breath as their bodies sparked with heat, demanding more. Their hoarse cries echoed in the quiet room as pleasure washed over them in vociferous waves of ecstasy, drowning them in the climax that took control of their bodies.


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Club Wicked Cove Book 5

A Blurb…

They made her a victim . . .

Parnell Oliver is an enigma; a celebrated war veteran with a checkered conscience. Being a Dom at Club Wicked Cove is a role he plays with aplomb. But there’s something he’s been denying himself for long—Kacie Harris. She’s gorgeous, alluring and . . . his friend’s baby sister.

Kacie has lived in the eye of the storm all her life. Her invisible scars have never healed. She’s been broken beyond repair. Or so she thinks. Until, Parnell pulls her out of a hellhole, literally and figuratively.

For Kacie, Parnell is the only hope. He’s her angel, albeit with a broken wing. At Kacie’s behest, Parnell concedes to becoming her mentor—his idea of sweetest hell.

Parnell has to put Kacie together again. Piece by piece . . . touch by touch . . . kiss by kiss . . .

Will Kacie be able to rise above the devastation of her past? Will Parnell be able to mend the most beautifully broken girl, ever?

As the mystery about their faceless enemy unfolds, a treacherous plot comes to light. The Occhipinti family has a closet full of skeletons, just raring to dance. All hell is about to break loose.

The enemy better watch out. Kacie is a victim no more.

She is a deadly weapon.


Curious to read the story? It’s available on Amazon.

Parnell’s Gift Amazon e-book



                                            DESPERATION:  CEEJAY’S ABSOLUTION                                              CLUB WICKED COVE – BOOK 1 PART 1

Golden Flogger Nominee – 2017

An Excerpt:

“Please do as you’re told, Lady Silver. Master Dom doesn’t like his instructions to be ignored, especially by subs he’s taken under his wing.”

“I never asked him to take me under his wing. I want to scene with the same masters as last time.” Ceejay bristled; not believing Master Dom had truly meant the ridiculous ultimatum he’d made.

“I’m afraid you have no choice, Lady Silver. From what I understand, Master Dom made the condition of your return to the club very clear to you.”

“Which were the most absurd stipulations I’ve ever heard. He can’t force me to become his sub.”

Nolan’s chuckle irritated Ceejay and disguised his interest in watching her breasts heave while he brushed a hand over her nipples. She knew better than to snap at him. The sensation felt strange; something she hadn’t experienced since Stephen . . .

“It seems we’ve all been remiss in our attention toward you, Lady Silver. I’ll make it my personal mission to ensure that you’re never neglected again.”

Oh no! Now I have two of them sniffing around me!

“I don’t need your attention apart from your role in the scene that I desire when I come here, Master Wolf. So please, don’t put yourself out on my account.”

The flash in his eyes warned her that he would not allow another insolent outburst. She realized she had forgotten where she was and knew better than to push a dom past his limit.

“Just understand one thing. Master Dom hasn’t taken you as his sub. But, if he does, you’ll know it without a shadow of a doubt. He only made that stipulation to ensure that you learn to deal with what’s driving you instead of using this lifestyle to exorcise the ghosts haunting you.”

“Please don’t presume to think that you know anything about me or why I’m in this lifestyle, Master Wolf.”

“Careful sub. I don’t appreciate your continued insolence. Let me give you a fair warning, my pet. If you want to retain your membership in this club, you better learn what submission means because that’s what Master Dom expects from you. Your submission. Not because you need to be whipped into the next universe, but because you have the inner desire to serve and please a dominant; someone you’ll trust with every cell and nerve ending in your body.”

“I have no desire to become anyone’s submissive.”

Nolan stood looking at her, annoyed for the first time he couldn’t see the emotions he was sure were flooding her.

“Then either prepare yourself to leave this club for good, or become a domme, because, my pet, those are the only two options you have.”

He strolled with long, measured steps toward the door.

“Now, Lady Silver, you’ve wasted a lot of time. I’m sure Master Dom is already on his way, and you’re not ready. Unfortunately for you, that means punishment and believe me, judging from the scenes you covet, you’re going to hate his punishments.”

Nolan left the room, still chuckling at the sudden guarded look in her eyes. It turned into laughter when her clothes went flying before he even left the room.

Ceejay had no intention of testing Master Dom’s patience, therefore she already sat in the Nadu position on the bed when he walked through the door.

“You don’t take instructions very well, do you, sub?”

His voice sounded as deep and guttural as it had the first time they met. She forced herself to remain still and not turn her head to look at him where he stood just inside the room.

“I don’t need to be naked for what I want.”

“Ah, so it seems you’ve forgotten the condition of your return. Get dressed and leave.”

“NO! Please, I need to . . .  I need . . .”

“My conditions, or leave.”

“I won’t have sex with you.”

“I don’t recall asking you . . . yet. Now, either get naked or leave.”

Colt stood looking at the half-naked woman sitting in the submissive position on the bed. Her back was ramrod straight and her body taut with tension. Her masked face remained lowered in respect, but her hands were curled into tight fists on her thighs instead of resting open and relaxed.

His gaze followed the graceful line of her spine and hesitated on the three butterflies tattooed on her lower back. Somehow he knew there was a connection between the tattoo and her need to be punished.

A small tremor shimmied through Ceejay as she felt his eyes blaze over her body. His silence was an ominous promise of intent, which he put to practice when he headed for the door.

“I . . . I don’t see the need to be naked for the scene I want. You’re being unreasonable . . . Master Dom. Surely, you can–”

“-You’re wasting my time. The only way you’ll remain in this club is to obey my instructions. I’ll be at the bar.” He continued through the door, finishing the sentence over his shoulder without pausing. “And if you want to stay, meet me there . . . naked and with the understanding that I’ll discipline you for being disrespectful by not following my instructions.”


“–Not negotiable.” His faint reply echoed down the hallway as he walked away.

Ceejay jumped up and stormed toward the door only to find he’d already disappeared through the dungeon entrance.

“Fucking asshole!” she shrieked as she slammed the door closed, flinching as the harsh sound reverberated through the room.

Anger seethed inside her as she walked back and forth, wringing her hands. She muttered indignantly about the Master Dom’s ultimatum. At the same time, she knew she wasn’t going to leave – not before she got from him what she needed. A deep frown marred her brow as she wondered about what exactly awaited her.

His conditions. He’d never said what they were. Would he give her what she craved and needed? What she needed was to find release from the grief that had been building since that obnoxious Colt Fargo dredged up the memories she’d tried so hard to bury. A dry sob echoed through the room at the thought that he would deny her. She needed the release that acted as a coagulant to stop the bleeding pain.

Ceejay joined the BDSM lifestyle five years ago with the sole purpose of finding relief from her grief through the pain she endured during a scene. Her cousin, Deirdre, had mentioned benefits in the lifestyle that helped people focus on ways to expel ghosts and emotional demons. She’d latched onto that, hearing only the part she’d wanted. She’d forced herself through the training sessions to gain access to Club Paddles in Seattle, passing with flying colors, and fooling everyone into believing she was a submissive. She’d continued the charade by fooling them into believing that she was a masochist submissive. She cringed at the memory of how bad she had felt for deceiving them.

People in the lifestyle were a close-knit community with very high standards of integrity. She’d hated betraying them, but it was the only way she could gain access to the club.

Ceejay lifted her hands, unclipped her bra and allowed it to slither down her arms. Removing her panties was a longer and slower process. She hadn’t been intimate with a man in five years. It was difficult for her to be naked in front of a strange man, let alone walk through the club completely bared.

She chewed her bottom lip then walked to the door, covering her breasts with one arm while the other dropped to protect her mound from prying eyes.

“Fuck being punished because I’m not walking as a submissive is expected to in this club,” she muttered as she walked through the dungeon door. She ignored the twittering of the subs standing outside the ladies’ restrooms. It was what she was looking for anyway, so it hardly mattered that she was adding up the punishments.

* * * * * * * *

“Well, well, well. It seems you still have what it takes, my friend.”

Colt didn’t turn around to look in the direction to which Nolan gestured. He’d felt her presence even before heads turned toward the dungeon entrance. His jaw clenched and his fingers tightened around the beer bottle in his hand. With narrowed eyes he noticed her incorrect form when he caught her reflection in the mirror. Anger boiled in him. In his eyes, it was a show of blatant disrespect for the rules and behavior expected from subs.

Colt swiveled on the bar stool and watched as she came closer. A slight twinge at the corner of her mouth gave her away. He accurately identified it as acute embarrassment. Lady Silver clearly wasn’t an exhibitionist.

“Has she scened anywhere else but in private rooms?” Colt asked.

“No, and she never changes in the ladies’ restrooms either. She strips to her underwear inside the room. Ehm . . . your sub doesn’t appear to enjoy being naked in open areas, Master Dom.”

Ceejay felt his eyes on her naked body. A shiver of embarrassment tingled in her neck when her nipples became erect under his stare. She pressed her thighs together to force the tremor in her loins to stop. She refused to give in to the lust he awakened in her.

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                                                             HIS CHERISHED SUB                                                                   CLUB ALPHA COVE – BOOK 10

Finalist in The Golden Flogger Award 2016

An Excerpt:

Zander was riveted and even battled to breathe, watching as Kendra strutted toward the Saint Andrews Cross. He salivated watching those legs, her soft thighs, her rounded ass, and the sure strides as she stepped toward the cross. Flinging her hair back, she glanced at him over her shoulder with a small smile playing around her mouth.

Little witch, she knows how she affects me.

“How do you want me, my Master?”

Zander swallowed and dragged air into his lungs as she bent over slightly. His eyes dropped to her perfect little cunt.

What the fuck did she just say?

He had to think back and allowed his eyes to run down her body. For the first time, he couldn’t remember when he had ever felt so good about being a Dom. With his voice rough, he snapped shortly, forcing his raging testosterone under control.

“I have the need to watch that ass go red, Swan. Face it and leave your shoes on.”

Kendra stepped against the cross, spread her legs wide, and grabbed the rings high above her head. Zander pressed tight against her body, reached up, and snapped her wrist cuffs into the rings of the cross. Going down on his haunches he directed her feet to where he wanted them and clipped her ankle cuffs to the cross, securing her properly. Turning his head, he dragged his lips on along the inside of her knee, then up to her thighs, smiling as her hips twitched when he reached the soft inner crease of her legs. His tongue swept out and he licked the crease where her legs met her body. A catlike mewl caused his cock to twitch in his pants.

He could not help himself and took one long lick from the front of her pussy to the back. Continuing with torturous slowness, he drew his tongue between her cheeks, up her spine, and ended with sharp, stinging bites on her neck. He soothed the pain with slow, sweet kisses and Kendra groaned.

Oh, my goodness, this man knows just how to drive me insane.

Her pussy clenched and released and she shivered as she felt her juices running down her thighs.

“Do you know why I added the condition I did, Swan?”

Kendra stiffened and with closed eyes dropped her head back on his shoulder. Turning her head, she kissed him tenderly on the pulsing vein in his neck. He reciprocated, licking and kissing her neck, drawing her skin deep into his mouth and sucking sensually. Heat engulfed Kendra, hotly raging through her veins.

“I know why I added my condition, my Master, and I only pray your reason is the same as mine.”

A shuddering gasp escaped her lips as he splayed his fingers over her breasts, pinching her nipples, which pebbled into hard buttons instantaneously.

He lifted his head and growled against her cheek, “Give me your mouth, Baby.”

Kendra did not need a second invitation and turned her head sideways. His lips covered hers and as softly as the wings of a butterfly he placed tender kisses from one side of her mouth to the other.


Her mouth fell open and his tongue took a lazy exploration inside, tangling with hers, enticing her to chase his as he retreated. Eagerly she followed, groaning in frustration that she was tied up and unable to touch him. He deepened the kiss, slowly unfurling the need deep down in her belly with each tender brush of his tongue over hers and her inner cheeks. When he swept his skilled tongue over the roof of her mouth, she nearly exploded. The sensation was similar to the feeling of his tongue stroking inside her pussy softly and oh, so damn erotically.

She had just been brought to multiple climaxes by more Masters than she could keep track of, but none had the effect on her that this man had with a mere kiss.

His lips trailed over her cheek and he nibbled her ear. She shivered as his hoarse voice rasped, “I had no intention of ever giving my heart to another, Swan. Until you ran into me. That day, you took everything from me. My will, my desires, my needs and above all, Baby, you took my heart. I love you, Kendra. Fuck, do I love you.”

“Oh, please . . .I need to hold you.”

Zander chuckled and hugged her against his chest, nibbling on her shoulder.

“Trust me, my love, after this flogging, you are going to want to hug the hell out of me.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Because, love of my heart, I am going to give you every emotion, every drop of love I feel for you with every swing of the flogger. You are going to fly so high you are going to be lost. I am taking you so deep into subspace, Baby, that you won’t feel even the harshest sting of the lash. But believe me when I say you will once I bring you down.”

Kendra’s eyes were wide and she stared at him. Her heart was thundering so hard and fast in her chest, she was sure he could hear it. Zander chuckled and pinched her nipples, pulling and tweaking them until they lengthened and stood out proudly.

“I’ll never give you more than you can handle, Swan, not even while you’re in subspace, but you can take more than I’ve been giving you. Tonight, you’re going to soar for me.”

Reaching into his pocket he took out the clover nipple clamps she had worn earlier and with a wicked, ‘deep breath, sub,’ clamped them around her nipples.

“Holy fuck! I’m still too sore.”

“Deep breaths, Swan. Come on take a breath. Good girl.”

Kendra took deep choppy breaths and scowled at him when he reached into his toy bag, which Ryder had just dropped next to them.

“I swear, if you put a clit clamp on me again, I am going to scream the roof off this place!”

Zander just chuckled.

“Hmm, well, I guess I’ll have to improvise then. Push that ass out for me, sub. More, I want it all the way out.”

Kendra followed his instructions blindly, unable to disobey the deep voice that spoke directly to her inner submissive.

“Oh, fuck no!” Kendra screeched as Zander squirted some lube onto her puckered hole. He hooked his arm under her hips, keeping them pushed out while he pressed the tip of the cold plug against her small hole.

“What is that? It’s cold.”

“It’s a large, steel butt plug, Baby.”

“Large? How large? Aren’t we supposed to build up to large? We’ve not even done medium ‘till now.”

Another chuckle and a row of heated kisses down her spine relaxed her completely and then she screamed when he pushed the plug inside her with one hard push.

“You bastard! I hate you.”

“Hmm, but now it’s over and done. No struggling for half an hour to get it in. Don’t even try to argue, Baby. You know as well as I do how much of a baby you are when it comes to anal plugs. Ryder kept me up to date on all your shenanigans over the past two weeks.”

Zander ran his hands down her sides and rubbed her ass cheeks until he felt the tension leave her body as her muscles relaxed into his touch. He started to vigorously rub her ass and thighs, warming her skin, awakening her nerve endings to his touch.

“Relax, Swan, it’s doubtful that I’ll leave any bruises. I would never want to mar this luxurious skin of yours, Baby.”

He reached into his toy bag and took his calfskin flogger out, swishing it in the air, loosening his wrist.

“What will you say when it is too much for you, Swan?”

“Holy damn?”

She had hoped to make him laugh, but he didn’t. With a finger beneath her chin, he pulled her head around to look into her eyes.

“Kendra, I am not joking. You know how I feel about this and the reason that I made it a rule.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to . . .red, my Master. You will hear red.”

He pushed his face into hers and with a menacing look, grunted against her lips.

“I better, Swan. I fucking better.”

That was when Kendra realized this was going to be more than any previous flogging. Zander was going to push her boundaries. He was going to shatter her ribcage to reach in and take her heart and make it his, irrevocably his. And he was going to use his flogger to do it.

Fuck me.”

“Yes, Kendra. Once I’m done, you will know that you belong to me in every way. You will also know, Swan, that I will never let you go. Are you ready, Baby?”

“I was, but now I’m not so sure anymore.” Her voice sounded small and scared and Zander chuckled. He rubbed her ass once more and gave it four harsh slaps for good measure.

Kendra dragged her breath in with a hiss and glared at him over her shoulder. He grinned at her and wiggled his eyebrows.

“We’ve wasted enough time, Swan. Ready?”

“Yes, my Master.”

“Keep your body relaxed, Swan. Don’t tighten when you hear the swing of the flogger. Keep those muscles loose, Baby.”

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                                                          SARAH: THE LIFE OF ME                                                               THE MADAM SERIES – Book 1

An Excerpt:

The muscles in her legs bunched in preparation to rise and walk out when the door opened. Sarah’s hazel-green eyes turned toward the soft creaking sound that resonated in the shiver raking through her body.

The man who stepped inside the room was, in one word, frightening.

Oh god, I can’t do this.

Sarah sat glued to the chair. She was incapable of forming an order inside her brain, to instruct her body to move. Her eyes travelled higher. Lord, he was tall. I’ve never been this close to someone this big.

There was casualness in the way he moved—easy, relaxed. Like the copious amount of bone and muscle he carried was of no consequence. His face portrayed utmost confidence. Here was a man who enjoyed life and was accustomed to win whatever game he was playing.

His dark brown eyes skimmed over her silky hair which curled around a naked breast. A graceful brow drifted higher, drawing her eyes to his prominent cheekbones and well-defined chin and sculpted nose. He was bare-chested and barefoot, wearing only a pair of white sable shorts. Muscles rippled across every part of his lean, well-proportioned body. He wasn’t bulky, he was just deliciously sexy.

Her eyes drifted over his broad shoulders to find his inked upper arms. She was trying to decipher the design, when his trajectory was set on her. Sarah began to fidget again.

His eyes twinkled and she was stumped when his mouth broke into a boyish grin. Sarah had expected lewdness and was surprised at his affability.

“Hello, Sarah.” His voice flowed over her with the smoothness of melted dark chocolate.

Her heart started beating faster. The silence stretched between them. He was waiting for a response but she found it difficult to focus on his words. His presence was overwhelming.

She could feel the warm blush infusing her cheeks with an enticing pink tint. His look of initial bafflement turned into a pleased smile.

“My name is Alex. I’m looking forward to spending some time with you. Madam said this is your first time; is that correct?”

“Yes. I mean no . . . I mean . . . ehm, it’s my first time here but I’m not a . . . I’m not a virgin,” she managed to stammer under the gaze that didn’t waver from its countenance.

Alex watched the beautiful brunette closely.

She had a kind of understated beauty, perhaps it was because of her disarming shyness. Her skin was flawless, enhanced by long, wavy, dark tresses, which appeared so smooth and silky; he could’ve sworn they were tailored from a shimmering fabric. His eyes once again appreciated her perfect, naked form, her skin glistening in sensual sweat. If he was a romantic, he would compare her to Botticelli’s, The Birth of Venus. Something radiated from within her and made her irresistible.

That was what Madam had seen in her.

He’d been warned about her innocence, but the way she sat there, ready to tear out of the room, warned him it was more than that. He’d bet his brand-new Ducati that Sarah Gould had no idea what she was letting herself into.

She wrung her hands on her lap and the tip of her tongue ran over her bottom lip. She was nervous.

“Are you scared, Sarah?” he asked. He noticed the flare in the darkening green speckles of her eyes. Her lips parted.

“I . . . this is a little overwhelming. I don’t know if . . .”

She swallowed back the lump in her throat. Goddammit, Sarah. Get a grip. You don’t have a fucking choice.

“Why are you here, Sarah?”

Eyes that now glimmered like honey, peeked at him from under perfectly arced brows. They shone like a sunlit, polished stone and hid a wealth of justified mistrust. The connection between the scared young girl and the woman she was, shone barely a fraction of a second, but in that brief snapshot of time a secret had been told. A cry for help had been sent. She wanted to bolt but had no choice other than to stay.

“I . . .” Her voice broke and Alex followed the path of a single tear running down her cheek. He held out his hand.

“Come here, Sarah.”

He didn’t move. Part of his job was to make sure the women who applied to become one of Bellissima’s girls, wanted to be there; that they were ready for the path they had set upon. If Sarah couldn’t trust him, she would fail.

And that would be a pity. She would be an asset to us, for sure.

Alex was a shareholder in The Bellissima Resort and had been involved as the induction manager since it opened. He had a knack of working with the new recruits—male or female; to set their fears at rest and gently ease them into their duties, as escorts, as well as the ones who applied for operational positions at the resort. They all trusted him. He was the one they sought if they needed guidance or a sympathetic ear. As they should—he was a qualified psychologist and had a successful private practice.

Sarah bit her lip. She stared at the big hand he held out to her. He waited patiently, the slight smile on his lips not wavering once. She looked into his eyes. All she saw in them was warmth, understanding and respect. That shook her. She’d been expecting to be ridiculed or cheapened. This was different. Instinctively, she accepted the feeling of inherent trust that filled her mind. She stood up and took the first step. When his eyes dropped to appraise her body, her steps came to a faltering halt.

She’d forgotten she was naked! Sarah might have had sex with a few of guys, well . . . two to be exact, but she’d never paraded naked in front of either of them. Self-consciousness flared with a red tinge that covered her from head to toe.

“Ah, Sarah, you are such a delight. And very beautiful. There’s nothing to this lithe body of yours that you need to feel ashamed about. You are enticing from head to toe. Your innocence is going to be your calling card. I daresay, my dear, you will be booked solid from the first day your profile is listed for our clients.”

His fingers curled around hers as she reached for his hand. The same warmth that filled his eyes, enfolded her hand, infiltrated her skin to flow through her veins and settled inside her mind. She felt welcomed. Like this was the home she’d been searching for all her life. A home where there were no regrets, no broken promises and only a bright future looming ahead.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” she whispered. “Ooh!” she exclaimed when he tugged her closer to stumble into his arms. His hard chest was an immovable wall for her soft breasts that flattened at the impact. Her nipples pebbled and poked against his torso. Sparks of static danced across her skin, where his hands gently skimmed her back. It was a magical feeling that caused her to shiver in complete pleasure and anticipated ecstasy.

“What do you know about sexually servicing a man, darling?”

“I told you, I’m not a virgin,” she responded, trying to sound more confident than she was feeling. The reaction of her body to his gentle caresses warned her that what she’d perceived to be experience from her past encounters was no more than a fumbling of adolescent boys.

He laughed and tilted back her head with a hand below her chin. His eyes smiled into hers.

“Having sex and knowing how to please a man are two different things, my dear Sarah. If you don’t know this, you’re more innocent than you realize.”

“I’m not innocent . . .,” she protested. The telltale blush returned to her cheeks at the amused glimmer in his eyes. “Maybe I am,” she amended. Tears burned behind her eyes. She peered at him, pleading in a soft whisper, “Please give me a chance. Don’t tell Madam to send me away. I beg of you, I will do this. I can do this but I might need a little guidance at first.” She could hear the tremor in her voice.

“Don’t worry, little one. If there’s one thing you need to learn about Madam, it’s that she always spots opportunity. And you, my dear Sarah Gould, are a source of opportunity for her.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You are going to make lots of money for the Madam. Pray that you never lose this innocent look, Sarah. It’s the weapon that will make you rich—if you choose to stay,” he murmured the last words in a soft whisper.

She startled and blinked her eyes. “How did you know?” Sarah whispered. Fear churned her stomach and she envisioned the Madam chasing her out before she even made a dime.

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Poet's lover

                                                               THE POET’S LOVER                                                                        THE SISTERS OF GUTHRIE – Book 1

An Excerpt:

“Let. Go. Of. Me.” Katherine grated irritably.

She could feel the heat of his body pressed against her back.

“Now, why would I want to do that, sweet Katherine? When it took me all of three years to get you inside my house?”

Katherine’s angry thoughts evaporated with the softly whispered words against the back of her nape just before his warm lips traced the curve of her neck. Her resistance crumbled. After just a few delicate touches of his warm lips she tilted her head to rest against his shoulder. Her head swam and she battled to conjure up one single thought. All she could think of, feel, were those tantalizing kisses.

Her skin tingled and the heat he generated with the seductive caress flowed down her body to flush her loins. The acceleration of her heart-rate had nothing to do with fear of what he intended, but with the passion that he awakened with those seductive lips of his. She clenched her thighs when she felt the embarrassed moistness from her pussy wet her drawers.

“You . . . ooh! What are you doing?” She shrieked when he picked her up and began walking toward the door that stood open below the magnificent staircase leading upstairs.

“Your lesson is about to begin, my dear. Now, now, stop struggling. You don’t want me to drop you, do you?”

“Put me down! You libertine! Scoundrel! I said, put me down,” she ordered, grabbing onto the doorframe he was trying to maneuver her through.

“Libertine and a scoundrel? Tell me, Katherine, what made you change your mind so suddenly? Surely, you can’t be jealous,” James intoned. Amusement laced his voice.

She stopped struggling to glare at him. The short distraction was all he needed to start walking down the narrow staircase into the dimly lit room below.

Grabbing him around his neck, she snapped. “Don’t flatter yourself, James Madison. Why would I be jealous?”

“Because you don’t like the notion that I had just spent the past hour with another woman,” he said into her hair.

She snorted but couldn’t hold back the question that burst from her lips. “And did you? Spend it with Laura Sutton?”

“Let’s not waste valuable time on discussing the past, my lovely Katherine. Why don’t we rather concentrate on why you’re here?”

That said, he lowered her feet to the floor but kept his one hand curved around her waist. Katherine looked around. She began to tremble.

“What is this place?” She asked in a small voice. She looked around the room. It was a large square room with an oversized raised bed in the one corner, covered with a single white sheet, and a comfortable stuffed armchair, side table and a lovely stained-glass lamp. A thick-piled rug of Oriental designs covered the floor, and in the opposite corner, stood an ornate washstand painted white with gold leaves, with a fine porcelain bowl. She spied fluffy white towels monogrammed with JM stacked underneath. Her wide eyes found numerous coils of rope on shelves against the wall and what looked like whips and floggers hung in neat rows on the opposite side.

“This, Katherine, is my dungeon,” he responded. He watched her closely. His heart began beating faster when he detected the nervous flash of her tongue wetting her lips. There was an excited flutter from her eyelashes that she used to cover the interest in her gaze. She might be nervous, but she hadn’t run out the door which meant she was at least curious enough to stay.

“Your dungeon?” she asked, feeling like her heart was thumping in her throat. The large room didn’t feel like a torture chamber but rather had a cozy, inviting atmosphere that enticed her to look around.

She bit her lips when she noticed the iron shackles on the wall and beside it a massive wooden contraption in the shape of an X.

Katherine wet her lips a second time. “What is that?” She cleared her throat when her voice came out in a soft croak.

“We call that a St. Andrew’s cross.”

“Oh,” she mumbled as her eyes found something that took her breath away completely. “That . . . that’s a whipping post, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

She nodded as her eyes darted between the miscellaneous accoutrements against the walls to the chains hanging from the high rafters.

“I assume that you knew what to expect when you pressed for private lessons, my dear. Was I correct?”

Again, a small nod. She stood wringing her hands and followed his easy swagger as he walked deeper into the room to lift a flogger from the wall. He allowed the strips of leather to fall through his fingers, watching her.

“And as you haven’t run out the house screaming and crying, do I assume that you still want to continue with your . . . lessons?”

“I, ehm . . . I’m not really sure. What are you going to do to me?”

“The first thing, my sweet darling, is to remember that whatever I do to you in this room, will always be with your consent. I will never do anything that you’re not comfortable with and I will always stop if you don’t like something I do to you. Do you understand that?”

“I guess so,” she responded. Her eyes were glued to the hypnotic movement of the swaying leather strips that he was now swatting against his leg.

“Why?” she managed to croak through her dry lips.

“Why? Do you mean why do I wish to use paddles, floggers and whips on you?”

Katherine nodded. She found the sound of the flogger striking against his leg strangely arousing and every crack, found resonance inside her loins, that clenched and produced a flush of heat to fill her already throbbing clitoris.

“I love to dominate women sexually, Katherine. Using an element of pain elevates my partners into a state of euphoric bliss so high that they experience the best climaxes of their lives.”

“An element of pain? With floggers and whips? It looks like there would be more than an element of pain,” she mumbled, chewing on her lip.

“Do you know what endorphins are, Katherine?”

She shook her head, trying her best to school her features into that of mild interest, rather than the continued arousal that was coursing through her body.

“It’s a concept very few people really understand but once a person reaches that deep endorphin stupor, or becomes a big puddle of quivering ecstasy, they experience the highest level of sexual satisfaction they would ever find. Let me try and explain,” he said noticing the confusion in her eyes. “A person reaches an endorphin high when natural, morphine-like chemicals are pumped into their brain by the body to reduce their sensitivity to pain and raising the pain threshold. With careful manipulation using these . . . tools of mine, I ensure the quantity released and the level of euphoria I want that person to reach.”

“And then you have sex? Once . . . after you’ve manipulated their body to be putty in your hands?”

James chuckled at her choice of words. “Something like that, yes.”

“Is it . . . do you always have to flog or whip someone before you become aroused enough to have sex with them?”

“Ah, my dear, Katherine. Such innocence. No, I don’t and you’d be mistaken if you believe I can only become aroused by these actions. What this does, is give me the power to control your arousal, your pleasures and that is what I love to watch. Having sex or fucking you? I can do that anywhere without provocation but putting you in ropes and watching that pale skin turn an enticing red under my palm or tools, like those cheeks of yours do . . . that excites me.”


“Yes, my darling girl. Ropes. Exactly where your first lesson is going to start today. Take off your dress, Katherine.”

She glanced up the stairs but found the door closed.

“Do not concern yourself, my dear. The door is locked and will always be when we’re in here. I have to ask you to keep what we do between us confidential. This kind of . . . pleasures are frowned upon by those who tend to spend their time judging others.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t want anyone to know that I . . . that we . . . only my dress?” She asked with a darkening of her cheeks.

James stalled for a moment, wondering for the first time if she was as innocent as her looks made her.

“Are you a virgin?” His voice sounded razor sharp in the silence that surrounded them.

“No, I’m not. I’ve . . . there’s been . . . once . . . is that a problem?”

James sighed. If there’s one thing he didn’t want to be to this woman, it was an experiment. “Is that why you’re here? To become sexually experienced?”

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                                                       THE TYCOON’S MECHANIC                                                            THE TYCOON SERIES – Book 3

An Excerpt:

What are you doing, Willow? Get out of here!

This time her legs obeyed her mind. She sidestepped him and tried to march to the door. He caught her within a couple of steps and walked her forward until she was pressed against the wall. His hard body shaped the contours of hers. Her softness yielded against his steely body behind her and the wall in front of her.

She splayed her hands against the wall and tried to push him back but he didn’t budge.

“Michael, this isn’t funny,” she tried to sound angry but nothing more than a breathless whisper came from her lips.

“No, it isn’t, but then, you knew exactly what you were in for when you challenged me, didn’t you, Willow?”

She closed her eyes in helpless surrender as his warm breath tickled the hair at her temple.

Damn, he feels so good. So very good.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she tried to defend herself but knew she had failed when he chuckled and tilted her face toward him with a warm palm underneath her chin.

“Sure you don’t,” he mocked her, his eyes on her lips. He still remembered her taste. Sweet, fresh and innocent.

“Tell me, little girl, will I find the same innocence I did all those years ago, when I first kissed you?”

When, not if. Her mind swirled with pleasurable visions as she licked her lips. Oh, dear lord, please don’t let anyone walk in now. Please let me have this single opportunity to see if memory served me right; that I didn’t imagine those sensations he’d awakened in me.

“I’m not a little girl anymore, Michael. I haven’t been one for a very long time,” she lilted in a voice quivering with emotion.

“Is that your way of telling me you’re not a virgin anymore?”

“I’m turning thirty in six months. What do you think?” she snapped, highly annoyed that he still thought of her as the little, innocent friend of his sister’s.

Well, Michael Hadley, it’s time you realized that those days are long gone. And, dammit! I’ve been patient long enough.

Willow dropped her gaze to his mouth and with deliberate slowness, licked her bottom lip.

“Well, Michael, are you going to kiss me?”

Her sultry voice intoxicated his mind with each melodious syllable. He drew a deep breath, relishing the heat that flooded his cock; the rush of lust that overwhelmed his mind.

He brushed his thumb over the moistness of her bottom lip, aware that her eyes flared heatedly as his hand alighted on her face, moving down, past her collarbone; completely spellbound by the opulent texture of her skin.

Willow bit back a moan at the feather light touch that sparked a shiver at the base of her neck. Her brain was afire, set alight by those fingertips that had to be electric, because wherever they touched, her skin tingled in a crackling frenzy. Willow closed her eyes and tried to settle her breathing. The touch of his fingers, as they brushed lightly over the sides of her breasts, was like divine fire for her soul. She couldn’t prevent another moan as she experienced the tingling sensation of her nipples budding into taut nubs.

It had been so long since he’d touched her with anything but a brief, brotherly acknowledgement that she had difficulty focusing on anything but the sensations that flooded her body.

“Do you want me to kiss you, Willow?” His breath whispered at the nape of her neck, barely touching. Suddenly her body became paralyzed; yearning for those warm, firm lips to touch her skin.

“Mm, yes. I want you to kiss me,” she thrilled, barely a whisper.

“Do you recall what I said the last time I kissed you, Willow?”

“Yes.” Again a soft explosion of sound from her lips as her defenses continued to crumble under his caressing hands.

“Remind me, Willow. Because I don’t want any regrets or accusations afterward,” he demanded impatiently, his body rigid and hard against hers. The huge ridge that dug into her soft buttocks was proof enough of his arousal.

Willow lost the ability to think logically or even remotely sensibly.

“You said that the next time you kissed me, it won’t stop there.” She cursed the breathlessness in her voice. It gave away the fact that she was on the brink of doing something totally out of character. Michael must never know the affect he had on her.

“And?” He pressed for more, knowing that once he kissed those invitingly pouty lips, he would give in to temptation; to the secret desire and lust he’d harbored for this woman since her twenty-first birthday.

“You know what,” she hedged, wishing he would just forget about the words and memories and just rip her clothes off. The curling and swirling heat inside her loins demanded it. The flush of moistness in her pussy cried for it.

“I want to hear it from you,” he insisted as he drew her back and brushed his palm over the taut nubs pressing against her shirt.

“Ahh, that . . . hmm, the next time I poked you in the chest, I’d better be ready to drop my panties and fuck you.” The words rushed from her lips, her breathing fast and erratic as she pressed her breasts into the hand that continued its ruthlessly restrained touches.

His lips brushed the base of her neck and for the first time, Willow experienced what it felt like to swoon, her mind unable to process the pleasure drenching her loins.

“And are you, Willow? Ready to drop your panties?” he growled into her ear, his tongue tracing the edge of her lobe.

Willow growled—a sound of carnal expectation. Michael was affected by the lustful need in her voice, all the way to his balls which hardened and set his cock throbbing. She turned around, fisted her hands in his hair and went on tiptoes.

Yes. Now, kiss me.”

This time she didn’t wait for him to react. She pulled his head down and locked her lips against his.

Michael allowed her the small victory, but the kiss was all him. Deep, erotic and drugging strokes of his tongue, that weren’t just seduction; he demanded her full submission as he laid claim to every emotion that he invoked with the kiss.

Willow was lost in a heat-wave of desire, in the way he savaged her mouth, as though he couldn’t get enough; needed her to quench a thirst that was driving him to nibble and bite her lips, only to soothe them with a deep kiss; demanding more with every swirl of his tongue against hers. She was torn between the elation of having his mouth on hers and the desire to feel his hand touch her skin . . . and then, he was there.

Oooh, sweet lord! Oh . . . God, his hands are hot.

The first brush of his fingers over her stomach sent a shockwave through her. His marauding hand skated underneath her skirt and thong, as he zeroed in on . . . ooh! That feels so good . . . his fingers gently teased the wet folds before he explored the moist heat inside. Willow moaned into his mouth, barely cognizant of him locking the door. Her pussy clenched at the welcome intrusion—one which she’d dreamt about for years. She scoffed at those dreams now. Dreams were nothing compared to reality. Not this reality.

He brushed her clit, stealing her breath with sensual strokes. She went on tiptoes, trying to escape the almost tortuous arousal, only to press down for more. The sensations overwhelmed her; shocked her. Never had she felt so alive. Her body shuddered when Michael’s fist closed around her thong at the back—ripping it off.

Willow gasped jerkily, which turned into a cry of primal greed when he spread her legs wider and pressed his cock against her slit. With slow deliberation, he nudged the blunt head inside her heated channel. Her wet, throbbing pussy welcomed the intrusion with ease.

Fuck. She’s so tight.

He settled inside her—to the hilt, feeling the pulse of his cock all the way into his head; demanding that he feed the hunger of his body. Willow lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, moaning when the movement forced him deeper, pressing against her cervix.

The pulsing heat around him, combined with rhythmically clenching soft walls, became too much and Michael lost the little control he had left—just lost it. He pulled back slowly and then pounded her against the wall with his forward thrusts. Her low cry urged him on and he plundered her body with a raw need that had him undulating his hips against hers with forceful strength.

Jesus, I’ve never felt so much heat surrounding me. Tight. God, she’s tight!

Michael froze. Suddenly the penny dropped. The reason he felt so much heat. He never fucked without a condom and he was bare-assed inside her.

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JUST LOVE Poetry of the Heart

An Excerpt:

Ezra Pound would be pleased with this collection of free verse poetry from Linzi Basset with contributions by James Calderaro.

Just Love, contains 128 poems rich in meaning that evoke powerful emotions the reader may have buried deep and forgotten. The book follows two people falling in love and how they struggled until they overcame their inner demons to make a connection deeply rooted in their souls.

For most, true love is not a ride but a long journey. A trip all too often filled with yearning, hopes, lust, thoughts of love, and disappointment which turns into despair. For those who remain faithful to their belief in true love, destiny can intercede bringing about renewed hope, and it is here where the cycle begins again with the potential for a different outcome.

If you allow love, it will conquer and blossom to bind two lost souls with a winding of thread that becomes stronger with each passing day. The moral of the story is: never give up on life and definitely do not give up on love. For what will we be if our hearts never beat to the rhythm of another? It seems we must feel deep pain before we can find true love. This book’s title conveys a simple message about the complex issues of romantic love:

Just Love!

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An Excerpt:


She taught him the pleasures of a gentle touch.


Sasha gasped and then became still, frozen to the spot as Seth worshipped her. Her hips jerked in frenzy. She arched wildly as she cried out his name.

“Hmm, beautiful,” he said, closing his eyes to suckle deeply, urging her on, taking her higher and higher.

Seth’s body was as hard as stone, rigid with the effort to stay in control, to give him more time to savor her. He sucked in deep breaths of air as Sasha’s hand strayed over his back then back to his nape.

She pulled and pleaded feverishly, “Seth, I need you. I must have you inside me. Take me, now.”

Seth growled when her hand folded around his tumescence. “Sasha,” he said warningly.

“Now, Seth. Take me,” she demanded.

Not fuck me, but take me. Gently. Passionately.

Sasha pushed herself against his hardness and wrapped her legs around his hips, moaning as he pushed into her, feeling the tremors that shook her body the deeper he went.

“Oh, god, I love this feeling. It’s the first time . . . oooh,” she gasped as she felt herself stretch and wrap around his shaft, yielding and submitting to his power. It was the first-time Sasha experienced the exquisite feeling of being slowly filled, of being complete. The butt plug, that she’d forgotten about until he started to move, added to the vibrant sensations that swamped her mind.

Seth’s face was drawn in a mask of torment as he rocked into her with smooth, easy strokes until her movements became frantic, begging for more. He groaned as he felt himself grow harder and thicker. Reaching down, he gently removed the butt plug, smiling at her protesting moan. His movements grew stronger and faster as he thrust deep.

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B1 Slade LB CoverLinz

SLADE The First Touch

The Alastor Chronicles – Book 1

A Blurb…

The Alastor Chronicles is a series around the lives of The Alastor King, Slade Gruber and his two princes—Wade and Jax Wagner.

In Slade: The First Touch, book 1 in this tetralogy, we meet the king’s intended mate, Chiara Silas.

She said . . .

My name is Chiara Silas and I am a vamp-were slayer. My only goal in life is to hunt these grotesque, undead creatures; to avenge the killing of my innocent siblings.

So, there I was, on the run, minding my own business while I hid in his truck. I honestly thought he was a harmless trucker, until he had me naked and kissing in the back of his truck. Things went south from there. He turned out to be a bloody king and I turned out to be Dracula’s relative (ye Gods!). Then he started talking about mating for eternity. I mean, don’t get me wrong. He’s delicious to look at and has that Master-of-the-Universe thing going for him. But I prefer my men humbler and with fewer teeth. Did I mention he’s part vampire, among other things? Also, he looks at me like he wants to eat me whole. Much as I’d like to end up as his dinner, I have a job to do. The Red Moon marriage is right around the corner and I have some serious ass to kick.

He said . . .

My name is Slade Gruber and I am the King of Alastor Protectors. I am here to protect humans and preserve the balance of humanity.

So, there I was, minding my own business, when this red-haired hellion trespassed on my truck, held a gun to my balls and ‘silently’ begged me to make love to her. Things got interesting from there. She’s gorgeous and funny. She also turned out to be my mate, preordained by a long-standing legend. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong. I am hungry and she looks good enough to eat, but I have more pressing problems right now. Like the upcoming Red Moon marriage and the mutiny in various vampire covens. All hell is about to break loose and my spitfire mate is in the middle of it.

Curious about what happens next? Why don’t you take a ring side seat and join Slade and Chiara on this thrilling ride?

Because, if you think you know how this ends . . . think again!

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They had no defense against the emotions that raged through them

“Are you sure about this, sweets? Once I’ve done this, our mating is inevitable. Neither one of us would be able to walk away from it.”

Chiara struggled to hear his words, let alone decipher them, but something inside her demanded that she submitted to him. Not just here, sexually, but give her entire being into his hands.

“Yes, I’m sure,” she whispered against his lips as her hands found the hard planes of his back. She tightened her legs around him while orbiting her hips in an erotic dance of temptation. Her labia spread open and coated his hard shaft sliding back and forth between them. “God, yes! I’m sure.”

Her nipples turned into hard stones when he brushed his palms over them and then pinched them between two fingers to twist and pull. A flood of reckless desire overpowered her, but instead of fighting against it, she embraced it.

She could feel the sharpness of his canines as they elongated, graze her skin when he pulled a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Chiara was amazed that she wasn’t scared. He could so easily bite into her breast and drink her blood as she’d heard vampires did during sex. What floored her mind was the desire to feel those sharp teeth sink into her skin, to feast from her.

Do they even drink blood? She wondered, remembering the massive meal he’d eaten earlier.

“Yes, sweets, we do drink blood but we don’t need it to sustain ourselves,” he answered her thoughts against her breasts as he lapped at the tips which were sensitive after his ministrations.

There was no way to describe the intense effect Slade had on her. Not just her body but her entire being. He shouldn’t have felt so familiar; like she’d known him her entire life instead of just two days.

He dragged her hands above her head and pinned them with one of his. The hoarseness of his voice was proof of the effect she had on him. “I’m not a gentle lover, Chiara. If I get too rough, stop me.”

For a fraction of a second, his warning caused her heart to stop beating as excitement rushed through her.

Slade pressed his painfully hard cock against her softness. He caught her hair in his free hand and pulled her head back to expose the curved line of her throat. He ran his sharp fangs gently over the erratic pulse he found there. “You are so tempting, Chiara. You have no idea,” he murmured in a smooth alto-tone.

A heated tremor passed through her loins at the growl that echoed around them when he slowly pushed his cock inside her pussy. She could feel a shudder run through his body when her heat engulfed his girth.

“You have no idea how badly I want a taste of you, sweets.” His chest vibrated with his words.

Chiara couldn’t deny that she him to taste her. Consume her. Somehow, common sense prevailed, and she bit back the words that were about to tumble from her lips. She concentrated on her senses—his hard body on top of her and his thick cock pulsing inside her. This was what she had been craving—the constant need; the burning heat rushing through her veins. She could no longer deny that she needed this. Needed him.

She spread her legs wide and bent her knees, canting her hips upward. She could feel him holding back and it annoyed her. She wasn’t a porcelain doll and the sooner he realized it, the better.

Besides, I’m greedy. I want all of him.

“Deeper. I need to feel all of you. Aah!”

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