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Soliel De Bella Author Biography

Soliel De Bella is a student of the Universe and enjoys Astrology in her spare time. Being a Scorpio, sexuality is a big part of her internal make-up, as well as anything considered taboo.  She loves to entertain her creative side by writing Erotica and indulging in all aspects of sexual desire and fulfillment. Soliel invites you into her carnal world where you’ll strip off the masks you wear in society to fully expose yourself to the sensuality burning inside your soul.

Originally from the rugged “Big Sky Country” of Montana, Soliel now resides in Chicago with her family.

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Trail Of Obsession Trilogy Here



Entity’s Rival Here

Trail of Obsession follows Alexis’ journey into a sexual relationship with Michael, an entity who exists in the home she just purchased. Though she’s fiercely independent, she’s easily seduced in her dreams, but the excitement of living in her new home is dashed when Michael’s presence becomes real and his sexual appetite consumes her day and night. With the help of a Native American shaman, she breaks free of Michael’s obsessive sexual prowess and sets her sights on a cowboy hunk she could truly love. However, her bright future turns dark when Michael returns in a twist she didn’t see coming. His dominance and control over her libido drives her to contemplate suicide, so he takes her into hell to show her the consequences. There, the Devil is attracted to her living beauty and makes her his sex slave. The carnal tortures she suffers are not only terrifying but pleasing. She quickly learns that Michael is her only salvation, and as they plot to escape hell, she sees the real Michael and falls in love with him, but the Devil knows all, sees all, and in his twisted sense of mercy offers them a choice that neither can accept without destroying the other.

Entity’s Rival: The Trail of Obsession Excerpt:

Before I can cover myself up with my hands, the red demon lies me down and not exactly gently. He spreads my shaking legs to the sides, Michael sneers as the giant cock head probes my opening, pushes and wriggles until it gains entry. It dazzles me with its movements, burrowing into me, undulating like a larva then becoming rock hard and growing, vibrating inside of me as it grows, paralyzing my pussy in fervor. The Devil lifts his head whilst inside me and a leering grin meets Michael’s anguished expression.

Ah.” My walls stretch to capacity.

Strange creatures lurk in the corners, watching intently, licking their wretched lips, some drooling and others masturbating as they gape wide-eyed.

It’s quickly apparent I’m literally in hell and the Devil himself is fucking me. I look over at Michael and a sadness overcomes me. The terror-struck look on Michael’s face as he watches the thrusts put upon me is one I’ll never forget.

The demon’s body is of a strange slick, snake-like consistency. His powerful cock fills me with every movement. I can’t help but want him.

I can no longer think about my circumstances, as this new feeling is nothing by earthly standards but some erotic force that only I can understand. There is no-one to judge me here, and I lie back in awe of his cock possessing me. Suddenly, it’s as if we are alone I have nothing to fear. I’m in the deepest erotic trance. He rolls me over and I can barely grapple to a doggy-style position before his red warm shaft bores into me once again.

Ah.” It’s so fucking intense. My mouth is open wide, my neck relaxes, throwing my hair over my face, and my fingers claw at the stone floor as his cock literally possesses me.


Fire X Ice Here

Fire X Ice

Meet Silver. By night she’s a professional Dominatrix and sexual deviate who avoids dealing with her tragic past by using her clients’ psychological perversions as her own scapegoat. By day she’s a high-powered public defender with a stellar record for wins in court. However, when assigned a murder case she can’t possibly win, she teams up with a private investigator to learn the truth. She finds him intriguing, sexy, and stable in his profession, the kind of man she wants in her life, but she can’t let go of the darkness within her soul. Limits are pushed and secrets are spilled as Silver battles to heal her bruised emotions and save an innocent man from Death Row.

Fire X Ice excerpt:

My name is Silver—

You will address me by my full name: Mistress Silver De’ Amara.

I do not stand for touching of any kind.

You will avert your eyes and bow your head when in my presence.

You will obey me when I tell you to do something.

I do not use safe words. If you want a safe word, see my Dom girlfriend, Jade. You’ll need one with her.

For all that I expect from you, my pet, you will be rewarded with my love, my honesty, and I will be fiercely loyal to you, and protective. Don’t think you can hurt me. I wield more power and aggression than any man. I take precautions. My flat is blanketed with surveillance cameras. I have a black belt and know how to handle myself. I always win. There will be no question, as you will see.

If you disobey me, my pet, the consequences are dire.

Why am I so cold, you ask? I haven’t had a date with a man in seven years. I’m not attracted to most men anymore. Something is broken inside me. I turn to women to satisfy my needs.

Sometimes I want to be dominated, too, as you will see.

My private life is in turmoil and contradiction because my heart aches for more from life, but I can’t deny who I am. I’m not the shy, dainty girly-girl so many men adore; I’m hard, aggressive, and enjoy being in charge, as you will see.

I sometimes drink over my limits, with regret, but I don’t do drugs at all, because I don’t like the feeling of a hallucinogenic controlling me, just like I cringe at my own feelings that often control me.

You cannot control me either, as you will see.

My nightlife runs into my day life like the mixing of watercolors in oil, the dark becoming darker as I, Samantha De’ Amara, fiercely defend those who may not be guilty in a court of law. I make the perfect defense attorney. My aggression and calculating work has won me more cases than most public defenders, and I’m feared and loathed by most prosecutors.

Being at the top is lonely, but I prefer the win over the love, which makes me one hell of an adversary to my opponents. I despise the news coverage of my cases, even though I always shine, but inside, I want to curl into my private lair of BDSM toys and darkness where my real freedom, my real self comes alive, as you will see.


Dark Raven Society


Dark Raven Society Here

In the outskirts of every modern town lies a society unknown to you.

Dark creatures lurk, rule, destroy and rebuild. Behind black hidden doors lie cruel rulers of vampires that use humans as sexual game pieces in the most twisted of ways. A dark market where competition is fierce and loyalties are earned.
If you ever wonder why so many go missing, that sad truth lies behind those of-
The Dark Raven Society

An Excerpt:

Briar had chosen his bird years ago. A destined ceremony for alpha’s, a quick bite, and they become one. His raven was now forever his, endlessly connected. Chia settles himself into Briar’s lair, their eyes meet. Briar’s eyes turn fully black as the picture is given to him of his new capture, sleeping away near the fire.

“Very good, Chia.” He passes the old bird his favorite treat, a concoction of fish, seeds, and fruit made by Lilith, the coven’s domestic servant. Once a full vampire herself, she had fallen in love with a human and had been condemned.

The thought of their full-blood lineage trickling with diseased humans was not taken lightly. The coven took away the vampire’s womanhood and, although still a vampire in every other accord, she was anointed a misfit and sent for servitude. They thought about killing her, but being a third wife to an elder, she couldn’t be sacrificed within the coven’s rules.

Chia caws and takes his treat to his nest made up for him within the walls. Hundreds of treasures from the humans he had stolen, now neatly placed in his nest. The bird was like a bored ferret and enjoyed his little game of thieving things he took a liking to.

“Hello, my greedy one.”

Crimson smiles, her ebony fangs flashing, indicating her needs to Briar.

“Baby, you make me hard just looking at you.”

She glides seductively across the floor, nearing his desk and closing his lair’s door with a swish of her mind.

She unzips her black gown and lets it fall seductively to the ground, left in only heels she flicks her tongue along his pale greedy lips. Her hand meanders down his thigh, finding its place on his hard cock fighting against his trousers. She slowly rubs her hand up and down his bulge, a soft moan escaping her full lips in anticipation. Her peaks are swollen, full and brushing against his jacket.

She peeks at him from under her long lashes.

“You’re fucking bird keeps stealing my hairbrush.”

He smiles devilishly.

“I don’t blame him.”