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Pandora Spocks is a sassy ginger and hopeless romantic, living her happily ever after in South Florida.

Pandora has had stories pinballing around in her head for years. At one point, she spent hours daydreaming in Mrs. Howe’s ninth grade algebra class. She didn’t learn much algebra, but she had some really good ideas. Recently she decided to try her hand at sharing those stories with others.

She enjoys reading and writing literary erotic romance. She is the author of the three-novel epic romance Rannigan’s Redemption, and a naughty little romantic novella, Just One Night. Lost & Bound joins Luke & Bella as the second book in The Dream Dominant Collection, a series of light BDSM stand-alone novels.

Pandora is currently at work on her next spicy romance.


–I’m a member of ASMSG.

–Two of my books were nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards.

–A couple of years ago, I joined the Alliance for Self Published Authors (ASPA), an international Google+ community of multi-genre authors.  At the time, its primary focus was exchanging reviews.  Before long, I was made a moderator, responsible for arranging review rounds for members.  Recently, the owner of that group left to pursue other projects, taking the name with her.  She passed ownership to me, and after consulting with the remaining members, we changed the name to Self Published Indie Network (SPIN).  I’m currently working on revamping the mission of SPIN.  While we still do review exchanges, we’re also utilizing other social media to reach out to readers.  On the G+ site, I’ve instituted ‘Workshops’ on various topics, where members can share their expertise and experience on topics like newsletters, maximizing key words and search terms, etc.

–I will be signing books at the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention in July.


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Dream Dominant Collection

The Dream Dominant Collection is a series of stand-alone novels featuring sexy, Dominant men, and the strong, red-haired submissives who find them irresistible.  They are contemporary erotic romance novels with a light BDSM theme.





“Looking for this, baby girl?”  Luke was leaning against the bathroom counter, completely dressed in faded jeans and a grey t-shirt, a fluffy white towel folded in his hands.  He placed the towel on the floor.

“I’ll be back in one minute.  Be in the ready position here,” he said firmly, indicating the towel on the floor.  “Don’t bother drying off.”  With that, he turned and walked out of the room.

Bella stood blinking for a moment then stepped out of the shower.  She knelt on the towel, water dripping all over the floor, and tried to relax.  Her heart was pounding.  His tone had been quiet and intense.  She wondered what he had in mind and, struggling to calm her thoughts, she closed her eyes and waited.

She heard him return, opened her eyes briefly and saw his bare feet, then closed her eyes again.  He walked around her slowly then stopped in front of her and pulled her head to his leg, stroking her hair gently.

“Good morning, baby girl,” he purred.  “How are you feeling today?”

Keeping her head down, Bella answered, “I’m well, Sir.”

He gripped her chin roughly and forced her head up.  “I’ve told you, baby girl, that I want to see your eyes.”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“The reason I ask about how you’re feeling is that you had a rough night last night.  You got drunk and you conducted yourself in a most disrespectful manner.  Would you agree?”  As he asked, he slipped his belt around her neck and pulled it snug.

She blinked and hesitated.  “Um, yes, Sir, I had a lot to drink,” she said.

“As my baby girl, it’s your position to reflect well on me in public.  Would you agree?” he asked.  “Lift your hands.”  He dropped the end of the belt and secured her hands in front of her using the belt from her robe.

“Um, yes, Sir,” she answered.

“You’ve seen enough.”  He covered her eyes with the tie he’d worn that night in Edinburgh.

“And did you do that last night, baby girl?  Did you reflect well on me?” he whispered in her ear.

“No, Sir.”

“So you would agree that you have earned punishment?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Come with me.”  Luke took her hands and helped her stand.  She was still wet from the shower and she slipped a little on the tile.  “I’ve got you, baby girl.  Trust me,” he said softly as he walked her into the bedroom.

Bella felt her knees against the bed.  “Now bend over across the bed, baby girl.  Rest your torso on the bed and reach your arms up over your head.” She did as he directed.

He left her standing, leaning on the bed as he walked around and took her tied hands, pulling them straight and securing them to the opposite side of the bed.  With her feet on the floor, Bella couldn’t move.

He returned to her and lightly stroked her backside and down the backs of her thighs.  “Move your feet apart,” he commanded.  She did as she was told.  He slipped his hand between her legs and moved it up to her sex, gently stroking before sliding a finger inside.  “You’re a little wet now.  We’ll check again after,” he said softly.

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She glanced around anxiously.  “Where are we going, anyway?  It’s getting dark.”

Blake smiled enigmatically.  “You’ll see soon enough.  Come on.”  He lightly took her hand and together they walked up the trail leading away from the lake.  When they passed the trapper’s cabin, Shasta looked to Blake wonderingly, and he just winked.  Soon enough they came to a fork in the path.  Blake moved to the left without hesitating.  A few yards down the path, they stopped.  Shasta looked around and saw nothing but trees and rocks.

“This looks like a good place.”  Blake reached into his duffel and pulled out the throw, placing it on the ground.  “Okay, kitten, the dress comes off.”

She gaped at him.  “We’re just gonna…fuck in the woods?”

His eyes sparkled with amusement.  “Nobody said anything about fucking.  Just get naked.  Now.”

Shasta pulled the dress over her head, and Blake took it, folding it and placing it into the bag.  “Now, we haven’t had knee time today.  You may kneel on the blanket.”

Shasta stepped into the center of the throw and knelt in the way he’d shown her, sitting back on her heels with her hands, palms up, resting on her thighs.  Closing her eyes was automatic.  Blake stepped in front of her, placing his right foot between her thighs.  Tenderly, he stroked her hair, and she let out a contented sigh.  “Knee time is good, isn’t it, kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she murmured.

“Okay, now I have a job for you.”  Shasta expectantly raised her eyes to meet his.  “I’m going a little further up the trail.  You will wait for me right here.  I’ll come back for you when I’m ready.”

Immediately her eyes went to the trees.  “I’m staying here?  Naked?  That’s a little scary.”

“Trust me, kitten?”  He watched her intently.

Her deep mocha eyes were wide and clear.  “I trust you.”

“You’re such a good girl,” he murmured, leaning down to kiss her.  “Now, we’ll just slide this into place…”  He produced the black satin blindfold and settled it over her eyes.  Shasta shivered.  “I won’t be gone long.”

She listened as his footsteps moved away from her.  Soon, all she heard were forest noises.  Unable to see, her other senses were heightened and she heard the snap of twigs and the call of a loon from far down the lake.  The early evening breeze chilled her, and she shivered again, her bare flesh covered with goose bumps and her nipples stretched into sharp, painful peaks.

Heavy footsteps were approaching, the crunch of leaves and pine straw growing louder.  It’s Blake.  It’s just Blake.  Unless it’s not.  She fought panic.

“There’s my good girl, just where I left her.”  Blake took Shasta’s hand and helped her stand.  “Okay, kitten, playtime starts now.  You will follow my every direction without question or hesitation.  And you will be silent.  You will not speak unless I give you permission.  Is that clear?”

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FOR SPARROW by Pandora Spocks

Release Date: Oct. 3, 2017

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Cover (attached separately) by Linzi Basset


When Jessi Crenshaw’s husband Graham dies unexpectedly, she’s devastated.  He’s the only man she’s ever loved.  Just eighteen when she met him, she’s been married to him for twenty-five years.  Now she’s lost her friend, her lover…and her Dominant.

But as it turns out, Graham had an inkling that his health was in decline, and he tapped his friend and protégé in the Lifestyle, firefighter and paramedic Judd Farris, to be Jessi’s Dominant until she gets back on her feet.

Judd is determined to fulfill his promise to his friend.  But it’s a damn odd arrangement—a platonic Dom/sub relationship.  With her fiery auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, and audacious spirit, Jessi captured his attention the first time he ever saw her.  At her husband’s funeral.

A man could go to hell for the things he’s been thinking.  But they’ve drawn a line, and he’s going to stick to it.

Judd’s sexy good looks and his gentle confidence aren’t lost on Jessi.  She’s torn between loyalty to the man she loved, and desire for the man increasingly in her fantasies.  In the letter Graham left for her, he mentioned that she might find Judd attractive.  But that’s simply ridiculous.  He’s five years younger than she is.  He couldn’t possibly be interested in her.  Could he?

Judd’s a Dom without a sub, and Jessi’s a sub without a Dom.  It’s perfect for the time being.  Could it be that Graham had more in mind than merely a temporary solution?

And could it all end at the hands of a madman?

FOR SPARROW is a contemporary erotic romance novel with a light BDSM theme.  It’s the third book in the Dream Dominant Collection.


Jessi complied, resting her torso on the bed, her head turned toward the slider overlooking the beach and the ocean beyond.  In the dim light, she could also see herself, naked and bent over the end of the bed, reflected in the white sheer-shrouded glass.  Her expression was wanton, needy.  And she felt immensely happy.

Judd smoothed his hand over her bare bottom, pausing to tweak the plug.  Jessi gasped at the sensation and felt the need in her core grow.  She yelped when the first smack surprised her, but after that, she gave herself over to the sensations, the whack on her cheeks, the vibration in her ass, the tingle in her pussy.

At some point, Judd put down the paddle and used his hands to smooth away the sting.  “Up on the bed and on your knees, Angel.”

Jessi complied, and he turned her to face the bank of glass.  “Head up.  I want you to watch as I fuck your cunt.”

She gasped, her eyes meeting his in the reflection as he impaled her with no further preamble.  He pounded into her, all the while fidgeting with the red-jeweled flange of the butt plug.  Jessi felt a release of fluid she was powerless to stop.

“Come when you’re ready, Angel.  You’ve earned it,” Judd coaxed.

Needing no further encouragement, Jessi cried out as ecstasy overtook her, starting in her drenched core and radiating throughout her body.

“Good girl,” Judd murmured as her shuddering subsided.  He leaned forward to kiss her shoulder.  “But we’re not done quite yet.  I’m still taking your ass tonight.”

Gently, he helped her down to her belly and slid her to the edge of the bed so that her feet rested on the floor.  Using his foot, he pushed her feet wide, and he carefully removed the butt plug, wrapping it in a waiting towel.  “What’s your color, Angel?”

She heard concern in his voice.  “Um, green, Sir.  I’m good.”

“Good.  Very good.”

Next, Jessi felt a cool dollop of lube at the top of her crack and Judd massaged it around the hole the plug had vacated.  That was followed by the pressure of Judd’s cock pushing at her entrance.  “Breathe, Angel.  Just relax and breathe.”

Jessi did just that, closing her eyes and focusing on the renewed sensation in her pussy as Judd pushed his way into her back hole.  When his head pushed past her taut ring, he stopped, giving her a chance to acclimate before he pushed forward.

Jessi raised her head, seeking out his eyes in the glass door.  She watched as he slowly pushed himself in to the root, and she saw his chest hitch as he forced himself to hold still again.  At the question in his eyes, she nodded, and he gave her the full force of him, withdrawing abruptly, then slamming back into her, pounding her tight passage.  He pulled her to her knees to gain better purchase, his balls slapping against her clit with every charge, and she felt her moment building again.

“Come with me, Jessi.  I want us to come together,” he grunted, as he released himself for the second time that night.

Jessi saw sparks and screamed out her pleasure, continuing to shake as he slid from her grasp and collapsed onto the bed.  Judd gathered her to himself, wrapping her in his arms as they both gasped for air.  She snuggled in to his chest and he lightly kissed her temple.  “I’m yours,” she whispered.

“Yes, you are.  You’re mine, Jessi.”


Rannigan’s Redemption Trilogy

Rannigan’s Redemption is a 3-novel epic steamy romantic law drama about arrogant Manhattan attorney Michael Rannigan and smart, redhaired Maggie Flynn, the new law school grad Michael hires to join his elite firm.  The trilogy chronicles their complicated relationship over the span of nearly a decade.





While the last time had been rushed and frenetic fucking, this time he wanted to make love to her, taking the time to enjoy her sensuality.  He could feel her nearing her edge as her pussy began to involuntarily grip him harder, but she kept her eyes on his, even when her climax came, causing her to cry out.

“Oh, shit, Michael!”  Her excitement pushed him over the top and he came loudly as his essence shot out of him once again.

He rested his forehead on hers for a moment before gently rolling off of her, coming to rest on his back, gasping for air.  Maggie breathed in deeply and chuckled lightly.  Michael pushed himself onto his side and gave her a curious look.  “What?” he asked.

She giggled again.  “First of all, I’m dying of heat stroke under these covers,” she said.  Together they managed to kick the coverlet and sheet off of themselves.

“Is that better?” he asked.

“Hell, yes!” she laughed, rolling onto her side to face him, left arm curled under the pillow under her head.  She gave him a shy smile and he grinned back at her.  “I’m also dying of thirst.”  Michael leaned up to hand her one of the glasses of bourbon and took the other for himself.  They both sipped appreciatively.

“Being a sex god really does take it out of you,” Michael quipped, and she giggled again.  He put the glasses back on the table and they lay just gazing at each other.  He reached to lightly trace her outline with his fingers, from her shoulder down her side to her waist.  When he reached her hip he stopped, pulling her forward onto her stomach.  She lazily bent her knees bringing her feet to rest over her ass, ankles crossed.  He leaned up to look at the sun tattoo on her hip, tracing his finger over it.  “So this really is the only tattoo you have?”

Maggie giggled.  “Are you disappointed?”

Michael smiled.  “Not disappointed, exactly.  The way you talked that time…I imagined all sorts of ink in all sorts of places.”

She looked at him slyly.  “You imagined my body?”

“I’m a guy.  It’s what we do.”  He looked at her curiously.  “Is that bad?”

“I don’t know,” Maggie blushed.  “It’s just that, well, I’ve imagined being here, in this bed with you, for a long time.”

He smiled wryly.  “Have you, now?”  Michael looked thoughtful.  “Why haven’t we ever done this before?”

Maggie sighed deeply.  “Because you are you.  And you’re leaving tomorrow.  With Vivian.”  There was a sad glint in her eyes.

Michael breathed out.  “I’m leaving tomorrow.”  He met her eyes, searching.  “But we’re here together now.  Are you sorry?”

She shook her head sharply.  “Of course not!”  She leaned over to kiss him lightly.

He took her hand and held it to his lips, watching her carefully.  “How about I go refresh our drinks before the next round?” he asked impishly.

Maggie laughed out loud.  “Seriously?!”

“Does that mean no?” he asked innocently.

“It means hurry up before I change my mind,” she laughed.

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After dinner, they skipped out on the rest of the festivities in favor of heading to Michael’s place for drinks.  Behind his bar mixing a martini for her and pouring a bourbon for himself, Michael regaled Alexis with stories from his years in court, embellishing here and there for effect.  She laughed in the appropriate places as she perched on a bar stool across from him.  His eyes were drawn to her mesmerizing cleavage and to the shapely left leg obligingly revealed by the slit in her gown.

“Are you going to keep undressing me with your eyes all night, or are you going to man up?” she asked as she drained her glass.

Michael grinned mischievously.  “I’m something of a voyeur,” he said.  “How about you undress while I watch?”  He sauntered over to the couch and took a seat, crossing his ankle over his knee and resting his arms on the back.

Alexis slid off the stool and stood in the middle of the living room.  Giving him a sly look, she reached under her left arm and unzipped the Elie Saab gown and let it slide down and pool around her black Christian Louboutins.

She reminds me of Veronica, Michael thought.  They could almost be sisters.  His cock responded instantly to that thought.

He smiled appreciatively at her black lace bustier with garters holding up sheer black stockings.  A tiny black thong completed the ensemble.   His eyes traveled back up to the creamy mounds bursting from the top of the overextended lace.  He hooked a finger toward her in a ‘come hither’ motion.

She walked over and straddled him, pressing her lips to his.  He’d waited as long as he could to get his hands on her glorious tits.  A sharp tug allowed them to spill out over the top of the bustier and he gathered them up in his hands, hefting their weight and brushing across the sharp pink nubs with his thumbs.

Alexis, for her part, began to grind his erection with her sex, moaning lightly as his member responded favorably to her movements.  As he took her left tit into his mouth, she moved her hands down to undo his pants and release his rock-hard cock.  Shifting slightly, she pulled aside the thong and slid him into her, tossing back her head as he filled her wet and needy core.  Her movements began in earnest as she rode him feverishly.  Michael moved his hips in harmony with hers and felt his release begin to build.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and gripped her tightly as he stood, laying her on the coffee table and beginning to fuck her in earnest.  “Oh, baby, you feel so good,” he cooed into her ear.  Her heightened cries announced her imminent climax and he felt his own release pulsing in conjunction with the clenching of her sex.  The sensation of ecstasy washed over him as his essence poured out.

He held himself over her for a moment, panting to catch his breath, before he kissed her lightly on the forehead and removed himself from her.

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“You sound funny.  Where are you anyway?”

“I’m in the bath,” she giggled, “I put my phone next to the tub.  I had a hunch you might call and I didn’t want to miss you.”

Bobby felt his cock stirring and gave a low chuckle.  “So what are you wearing right now, cher?”

Maggie glanced down at herself and grinned.  “Well, I’m wearing bubbles but they’re starting to disappear.”

She heard him laugh again.  “Really?” he asked.

“Really.  So what are you wearing?” she asked.

“Hang on,” Bobby said into the phone.  Maggie could hear noise in the background and he spoke again.  “I locked the door and took off my shirt and jeans.  I’m down to grey boxer briefs.

“Mmmm,” Maggie cooed appreciatively.  “I love grey boxer briefs.”

“I’m more interested in bubbles that disappear.  What do you see now?”

“Well,” she grinned, “in this candlelight it’s a little hard to see but I’m pretty sure those are my nipples sticking up out of the water.”

Bobby stretched back on the bed and pressed the phone to his ear.  He could picture those nipples, feel them on his lips.  “Touch them for me, cher,” he purred.  The line went quiet for a moment before he heard her moan lightly.  His cock stood at attention, and he stroked himself there, closing his eyes.  “How is that?”

“It’s nice.  Not as nice as when you do it,” she said softly.

He smiled to himself.  “I wish I could be there right now.  Move your hand lower.  Touch yourself for me.”

Her hand wandered lower coming to rest between her thighs.  “Oh, that’s good,” she breathed into the phone.

Bobby slid off his boxer briefs, kicking them to the floor.  “Make yourself come, cher.  I’ll do the same.”

“I’m putting you on speaker,” Maggie told him.  Moments later he could hear heavy breaths occasionally interrupted by soft moans.

Bobby gripped his cock and slid his hand up and down, remembering how it was to be inside her.  “Come on, cher, we’ll do this together,” he urged softly.  “Are you touching your pussy?”

“Yes,” she breathed.  Maggie worked her clit feverishly with one hand and pulled her nipples with the other, feeling herself nearing the edge.  “Oh, shit, Bobby, I’m so close…”

“Do it, cher, come for me, baby,” he breathed as he neared his own climax.  When he heard her call out loudly, he couldn’t hold off any longer, his release exploding across his stomach and chest.  “Oh, baby,” he murmured into the phone.

Maggie dried her hands on a towel and picked up her phone, taking it off speaker.  “Bobby, that was…” she panted.

“It was indeed,” Bobby agreed.  “You should see me, cher, I’m a mess,” he chuckled.

She giggled.  “I don’t mind a mess. In fact,” she continued, feeling emboldened by the combination of wine and their long-distance connection, “if you ever wanted to pull out and come on me, I kind of like that sometimes.”

His eyes rolled back in his head as he cock sprang to life again.  “Is that a fact, cher?”

“Mm-hmm,” she replied.  “You know, cum across my belly, dripping off my tits, off my chin…  I’m naughty like that.”

“Are you, now?  I need to get myself back to the city,” he growled, and she laughed lightly.

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The entire 3-novel collection is also available as a boxed set.

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She pushed him up and knelt on the bed.  “Like this,” she said, turning around to face the veranda on her hands and knees, back arched provocatively.

A low, appreciative growl rumbled through Mac.  “I like the way you think.”  He watched their reflection in the glass separating the stateroom from the veranda, Katie with her firm, round ass pointed in his direction, her heavy breasts swaying loosely, her eyes meeting his.  Mac used both hands to caress her backside appreciatively before landing a hard smack on her right ass cheek.  His eyes immediately went to hers in the reflection, his hesitation replaced with confidence when he saw the approving gleam in her eyes.

“You are something,” he murmured, sliding the black lace panties down to her thighs.  Kneeling on the bed behind her, he reached between her legs to stroke along her slit with his fingers, coating them with the juices of her arousal.  He brought his hand to his lips and licked his fingers clean, eyes locked on hers in the reflection in the glass.  With his knee, he pushed her legs further apart but was stopped by the panties still around her thighs.

“Tear them,” she urged.

“Yes, ma’am,” he chuckled, gripping the lace fabric with both hands and ripping the garment, tossing aside the shreds.  He retrieved a foil packet from the bedside table and tore it open, quickly sheathing his massive member.  Katie watched his every move.

Mac gripped her hips and eased himself to her entrance, enjoying her gasp as he slid home, driving himself as deeply as he could go and he held himself there as their eyes locked.  He watched as arousal accelerated her breathing, her breasts heaving beneath her.  Then he withdrew nearly the entire length of himself before slamming back in again.

Katie moaned softly.  “Oh, yes…”

Encouraged by her response, Mac began pumping hard, feeling his climax building once again.  Her sex began to respond, her walls gripping him harder, and he knew she was nearing her edge as well.  But he wanted to slow down a little.

He stopped pumping and leaned over her, wrapping his left arm around her waist.  “Kneel up for me, baby,” he cooed into her ear.  Gently, he helped her rise into a kneeling position in front of him.  “Hold onto my neck.”  Katie did as she was told, raising her arms and locking her fingers behind his neck.  Mac continued to hold her with his left arm, using his right hand to explore the terrain of her body, fondling her firm, round tits, tweaking her aroused pink pegs, before finally sliding down to her wet pink folds, finding there her sensitive nub which he began to work with gusto.

“Oh, shit!” she breathed, as she leaned back against his broad chest and closed her eyes.

“No, baby, I want you to watch us.”

Katie smiled seductively and met his gaze once again in the reflection.  As he continued working her magic button with his hand, he renewed long powerful strokes with his cock.  He watched her bite her lower lip and as her breasts began to heave again he knew her moment was close.  He hoped he could hold himself off long enough.

“That’s it, baby, just let it go,” he quietly urged her.

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