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A self-confessed reading addict, Karen is usually found either writing or with her nose stuck in a book. Or Adulting because apparently, she should do that too sometimes!

She’s a lover of wildly inappropriate humour, has an addiction to swear words and lands her foot in her mouth daily… but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Karen can be summed up with 5 words:

Friendly, loyal, thankful, funny and above all… Smutty!


Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, New Adult



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Sinful Smutters





Kit’s Spiral

(The Spiralling Ink Series)

A Blurb…

“I want you to get out there and find someone. I want you to promise me that the next person you meet that makes your heart race, you act on it. Ask him on a date; accept a dinner invitation, no matter what. Fall in love Kit! Will you accept the challenge?”

 How do you pick up the pieces when a big part of you is gone? I lost half of my soul the day Matty died. He was my best friend, the only one who really understood me.

Until I met……. Him.

 So what do you do when everything you know changes in the blink of an eye?
 You take good care of the ones left behind. You protect against the evil in your path. You keep your promise to the one that saved you. You try to be loved.

My name is Kit – and this is my spiral.


Kiss me Kit.” My eyes slowly open as I tilt my head to his. A gentle brush, lip against lip, over and over again until my knees feel weak. “You taste like heaven,” he murmurs against my lips, swooping back in for another caress. He relaxes his grip on my top, only to slide it up my stomach, his knuckles skimming the skin revealed. The kiss is broken long enough for him to pull the top over my head as I raise my arms. He drops it behind me, his hands running down my arms and sides and circling my waist. His lips grab my own again, this time with purpose as he seeks entrance with his tongue.

I’m dimly aware that he is moving us backwards towards the bed, but I’m too wrapped up in his kiss to do anything but let him lead. I hear the snap of my bra being unfastened, the cool air hitting my aching nipples breaks through the cloud of lust as he gently lowers the straps down my arms. Needing a moment, I sit myself on the edge of the bed and scoot back against the pillows. Nate follows, a predatory look to his face that has my body warming all over. His muscles flex as he leans over my body, his arms on either side of my thighs as he lowers his face to my stomach. He blows warm air across the flesh, and then inhales my skin, rubbing his nose below my belly button.

“Been dreaming about this body.” His tongue laps against my skin as he makes his way up towards my breasts. “These incredible nipples, how you came for me with just a touch.” He rests his body on top of mine and I welcome the weight, my legs instinctively parting for him. His abs press against my core and I groan at the contact.

“Babe, I’m hanging on by a thread here,” he moans, his hands cupping my breasts. His gaze is fixed on the large mounds and he dips his head to nuzzle between the flesh, licking at the underside of one boob, then the other. Back and forth he continues, slowly working his way to the aching peaks on top, my body tight with anticipation until finally he takes one into his mouth. His eyes find mine, sparkling in the dim light from the landing and then he sucks. Hard.


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(The Spiralling Ink Series)

A Blurb…

“Use those feelings Claire, channel that fear and anger into something positive.” He swept his gaze over my face and looked me straight in the eye. “You’re not a victim, not any more. It’s time to take control and fight back. Not just physically,” he tapped at my temple. “Up here.” His hand glided down my neck and settled over my pounding heart. “And here. Anything is possible.”

 Pain. Broken. Fear.

They took it all… my body, my soul, my strength…

 My Matty.

I was floating through this life, my face an endless smile for my loved ones so they wouldn’t know the emptiness inside, the coldness that stayed with me.

Then the numb faded, I broke from the devil whispering in my ear. I was awake, alert, ready to find my strength.

 But I wasn’t expecting him…
 Heat. Desire. Need.
 My name is Claire – and this is my Spiral.




 I lifted my arm and pivoted back on my feet, changing my centre of gravity with the move. I couldn’t help but smile and give myself a little clap to celebrate. AJ had been punishing me relentlessly with this manoeuvre for the last three sessions and every time I had put the wrong foot back and basically fallen right into his clutches. This time, I had nailed it!

“God, what the fuck is that? It’s like training a fucking cheerleader,” he shook his head and grabbed up his bottle of water. I pretended not to notice the pull of muscles in his throat and neck as he downed the drink but he was hard to ignore.

 “So I’m pleased with myself? Sue me for wanting to celebrate.”

I flounced past him and took a swig from the water fountain, glancing up in time to catch him staring at my bottom. “Do you mind?” I snapped.

 “Not at all princess,” he smirked, his gaze still on my body. I narrowed my eyes at him but he carried on staring, not in the least bit fazed.

“So how goes the search for the perfect prince?”

I screwed my face up and plopped down on the bench. “It’s not. Just because I want a happily ever after doesn’t mean I’m actively looking for it.”

 “What kind of fucking fairy tale is that? Next there’ll be call waiting on the magic mirror!”

I laughed and bit my lip as I looked at him. “Belle telling the beast she needs to finish her book?”

 He scratched his head looking so confused, it was quite sweet. “You lost me princess, sorry.”

I gasped theatrically and held my hand to my heart. “AJ! Everyone knows Beauty and the Beast.”

“Yeah well, you stick to Disney, I’ll stick to Pornhub.”

 I scowled and fiddled with the thread on my leggings, ignoring the booming laughter from the other side of the room. “You’re disgusting.”

“Never claimed to be anything else,” he retorted, coming towards me and taking his position on the mat.

 With a huff, I stood and faced him, ignoring the amused look he was still casting my way.
 We continued to train, the whole time with him trying to school his features at my permanent frown. Who doesn’t like happy endings for god sake? Perhaps there was something wrong with him?

“Ok, ok,” he laughed. “We’re done for the day. I can’t concentrate with that huffy look you’ve got going.”

 I turned on my heel and stormed towards my bag, feeling on edge but not really understanding why.

“Sorry if I upset you your highness,” he stood beside me and placed his hand on my shoulder. “I’m just not the fairy tale type.”

 “Why,” I demanded, turning to face him with curiosity.

“Because it’s not real. One true love, the good guys always win, its bollocks. Life is what you make it and relationships are no different.”

 “Wow, you really are a catch AJ,” I turned away from him and packed up my bag.

“I’m not heartless,” he continued. “I just think that your so called fairy tale is just another word for fantasy. Now that I can help with. I’ve made a lot of fantasies come true princess…”

 I froze as he pressed his front up close to my back, not close enough to touch but I could feel the heat of his body well enough that a fine layer of goose bumps broke out across my skin.

“Want me to show you?” he whispered huskily.

 I closed my eyes and gathered my wits. He was playing with me. “You’re no prince.”

“No,” he nipped at my earlobe and groaned deeply. “But I could be your beast.”

 My response was there, on the tip of my tongue or at least I think it was. My brain had gone all mushy and for a split second, I wanted him to show me… and then he left me. I watched as he grabbed his bag from the floor, a huge cocky grin in place as he saluted me.
“Later princess.”


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(The Spiralling Ink Series)


By the time I made it to the Trapford memorial hall the lights were all turned off and the car park was empty. I parked up and let the car idle as I stared at the front steps. Self-loathing began to settle deep in my stomach as I sat there. I had needed this tonight and he had held me up, stopped me from getting to the one thing that made me have some semblance of a normal life.

I picked the phone up and rang my lifeline.

“Hello, you have reached the voicemail of Olivia…”

I hung up and cradled my head in my hands. Looked like I wasn’t going to get what I needed here tonight, so it meant on to the second option. I put the car in first and followed the back roads until I came to a dirty looking pub out in the middle of nowhere. The Raven was something like you would expect in a horror movie, somewhere you wouldn’t want to break down in front of. I stowed my bag in the glove box and locked the car up, all the while questioning if this was what I really wanted to do tonight. But it was either this or a bottle and with the way Chris and Del were watching me, this was the lesser of the two evils.

I pushed through the door and took stock of my surroundings. The decor was no more welcoming inside than it was outside. The walls were dingy and the chairs looked like they had seen better days but I wasn’t here for the view.

Or maybe not that view I thought as the object of my interest walked out from the pool room and stalked over to me.

“Well, well, well,” Jax drawled as he got nearer. “Didn’t expect to see you here tonight Hayley.”

I worked to keep the cool and calm look upon my face as he reached out a scarred hand to me. He was frightening to look at having been in one too many fights over the last god knows how many years. I couldn’t even tell for sure how old Jax was. He looked to be in his early thirties and I didn’t care enough to delve any further than that. He was rugged, built like a body builder and towered over me and anyone else that stood near him. His long brown hair swept over his ridiculously wide shoulders as he stood, waiting for me to make the next move.

I placed my hand in his and just gave him a small smile.

He took a few small steps backwards, pulling me along with him before he turned and made his way to the door behind the bar. No one watched us go, everyone in here knew not to cross paths with the surly landlord. He was something of a hot head and had busted many a bone in this place.

I had barely cleared the top step of the stairs before he was tearing my clothes from my body and biting my exposed skin. I yelped as his teeth clamped down hard onto my nipple through the satin of my bra.

“How rough do you need it?” he growled.

His teeth bit down until a hint of blood started to seep through the material.

“Hurt me,” I whispered. “Make me feel it.” Make me forget.

He stole a quick glance up to my face. Then to my scar.

“You’re gonna fucking feel me for days little girl,” he growled. “On your fucking knees.”

I made a move to drop down but he grabbed me roughly and forced his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me with power, not passion. It was a command and a warning all at once.

“Take this shit off,” he grunted, pulling at the strap of my bra for emphasis. I was quick to completely remove the rest of my clothing, watching him intently as he removed his own. His tightly packed muscles contracted as he stripped and all I could do was stare as he dropped his jeans to the floor and unwrapped a condom.

His massive erection bobbed as he began to roll the latex around it and then I was thrown to the ground on my hands and knees, arse up in the air before he rammed his thick cock into my not at all ready pussy.

I screamed at the intrusion and he waited a beat to make sure I really wanted this.

And I did.

I needed it.

And I hated myself for it.


I lay in my bed and stared at the ceiling, trying to decide if it was even worth getting up. It was Saturday after all, I had no plans and wasn’t that what the weekend was for? Except I knew if I didn’t touch base with my dad by lunchtime he would be hounding my ass. That’s what you get for being a bit of a wild child – having to answer to daddy at the grand old age of twenty-six.

I stretched and immediately felt the ache in all my muscles. Now that I was waking up fully, I also felt the tender swelling surrounding my nipple, and that wouldn’t be all. Jax had pounded into me for hours last night, only to switch me over and start all over again. The man was a machine that was for sure.

By the time I made it to my bathroom I felt every one of those heavy thrusts. My legs struggled to hold my weight as I staggered through the door and practically collapsed onto the toilet seat. I held my breath as I began to pee, worried that it would sting but with relief I was able to go in peace.

That was the only plus side it seemed. When I felt somewhat steadier I stood from the throne and flipped the shower on, ready to wash as much of the grime away as possible. It was a thankless task but necessary. As soon as I was clean, I towelled off as quickly as possible and headed back into my bedroom, ready to face my demons.

Slowly and methodically, I pulled the corners of the single sheet from their hooks on the back of my bedroom door and dropped it to the floor.

I closed my eyes and counted to ten, trying desperately to time each number with the sound of my heartbeat. The moment ten whispered past my lips, my eyes sprang open.

And there I was.

My reflection shone back at me without a trace of warmth.

My body looked no different, not really from a year ago. Hell, two years ago even. I was slim and quite tall, taller than Kit and Claire and was lucky enough to have a metabolism that let me pretty much eat and drink whatever I wanted. This was a good thing when your best friend was a pig and made you eat with him all the time.

My gaze travelled up from my feet; my pretty feet with the pretty polish.

Up my shapely fuzz free legs.

Past my flat tummy with the gorgeous tear drop pendent dripping from my belly piercing.

Over my slightly more than a handful breasts; I had great tits.

Up my slender neck.

And then there I was, staring into my own green eyes, willing them to stay focused.

“I am pretty,” I whispered.

Dragging the towel from my head, I reached for the dressing table and grabbed my comb. I turned back to the mirror and slowly began to work the knots from my hair, all the while keeping my eyes focused.

As the last snag fell free, I faced myself fully on and allowed myself to look at the skin on the side of my face.

“I am pretty,” I whispered again.

The jagged scar jumped out at me almost immediately. It started just behind the corner of my eye, not quite to my temple. It slithered down the side of my face, like a snake winding its way across the dessert. Down, down it twisted, carving a path through the perfect flesh and leaving an angry open welt as it careened towards the line of my jaw.

It was hideous… I was hideous.

“I am pretty,” I whispered once more and finally let a single tear fall.

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(Don’t Judge a Book  – Book One)

A Blurb…

“Those of you in the Hot Steppers club will be glad you were here this evening I promise you that. They call him – the tech with the torso….”

A woman screamed in the back.

“…. They say he knows a million ways to pleasure you….”

Whoops and hollers started from a massive crowd of ladies in the front.

“…. oh you know where I’m going with this don’t you ladies?”

Yeses and shouts of joy were echoing around the club as ladies everywhere started chanting.

“That’s right ladies, hold onto your bras. For one night only and back by popular demand, we bring you…. From Dork to Dirty!”

 I’m Jasmine Cooper. Executive Head of Marketing for a leading Advertising Agency. I work hard and I’m always completely in control of my universe. Until the devil herself persuaded me to go to ladies night…

Who would’ve thought a sensible level-headed woman would let a stripper take her home, ravish her body, and turn her into a gibbering wreck? Certainly not me!

A stripper, how cliché… and how embarrassing! Thank heavens nobody else knows how dirty and debased he made me. No one would suspect the unspeakable things I did with a man in a mask! And that’s just fine, I can put it behind me as a moment of madness.

 Until the tech geek from IT walked into my office and I completely lost all my composure. It couldn’t be him – could it?


My eyes sprung open and I held my breath. Jesus Christ that was not my usual type of dream. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time I dreamed at all. I didn’t have time to dream. I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling.

Amazing. That was the most intense feeling in the world and it wasn’t leaving me. I could still feel him even now. I laughed loudly as I realised that the best sex, well nearly sex of my life was with a male stripper that I was fantasizing about in my dreams. Nice Jasmine. I scratched my thigh sleepily and stopped short when I discovered bare flesh. Lifting the duvet up, I dropped it again quickly when I realised that I was indeed naked. How strange, I never went to bed without my pyjamas on.

With a shrug, I sat myself up and swung my legs round to get out of bed when I spotted my knickers on the bedside lampshade.

“Bloody hell, how pissed was I?” I muttered as I shook my head and started towards the bedroom door to grab my dressing gown – and paused as a very clear image pushed its way to my mind.

 My limbs quaking gently. My body flung across my bed and barely able to move. A dark head of hair emerging from my nether regions. A black Zorro mask still hiding his features but doing little to cover the lustful lick of his lips. He rises up and stands before me, naked and huge and muscled and dear god just beautiful…. and then he picks my knickers up and wipes his mouth with them, slowly. My jaw drops as he then lifts the crotch of them to his nose and inhales deeply.

“Smells like heaven,” he smirks as he hangs them on the side of the lampshade.

 “Oh, my god,” I whimper as I grab on to the doorframe for support. What in the ever-loving hell had I done?


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(Don’t Judge a Book  – Book Two)

The Blurb…

Life was dull until the Dirty Dork came crashing into my world with his quiet smile and his sinful dancing. Now I don’t remember what it is to be without him… and I can’t wait to be Mrs Ben Hope.

But nothing’s ever easy when you’re about to marry a tech loving ex stripper, especially when there’s a meddlesome parent turning my dream wedding into a designers paradise.

 It’s time for drastic action…

 What could possibly go wrong?

 *This is a follow up Novella to be read after Dork To Dirty *No Stormtroopers were harmed in the making of this book


“I’m happy to brainstorm, Mr Hope,” my fingers grasped the zipper and slid it down, parting the fabric enough to slip a finger inside and trace him through his boxers.

He smiled down at me with so much love in his eyes, so much adoration and I couldn’t hold myself back. I snaked a hand up and around his neck and pulled him down onto me, his weight pushing me back into the plush leather seat. He groaned wildly and thrust both hands into my hair, demolishing the carefully perfected up do from this morning and I couldn’t find it in me to care.

“Jasmine,” he sighed as his lips crashed into mine and stole my breath away.

Every kiss, every time was just like the first. But there had been two first kisses for us. One as Ben and Jasmine… and one as Jasmine and the Dirty Dork.

And this was all dork!

His tongue invaded my mouth and stroked against my own. My hand fumbled with the button on his trousers, desperation making my moves clumsy but I just couldn’t find the will to slow down. Finally, I released him from the cloth but before I could get better acquainted he left me.

“Ben,” I moaned, eager to drag him back but he merely pulled me from the chair and switched us around.

His hands made quick work of pulling my skirt up around my waist and sliding my knickers down until they hung at my ankles. Then he grabbed my waist and hoisted me from the floor. My legs straddled his and in one smooth move, he impaled me on his huge pulsating cock.

We stilled and groaned together. It wasn’t the first time we had made use of this office, but I couldn’t remember the last time it had felt so needed. I began to move but he held me in place by my hips, lust etched across the plains of his handsome face.

“What do you need, Miss Cooper?”

A small smile graced the corners of his lips as he waited patiently for me to answer him. I loved my man, so gentle and attentive… but sometimes… just sometimes…

“I need the Dirty Dork,” I whispered hoarsely.

Before my very eyes, quiet unassuming Ben sat a little straighter, looked a little darker and by god did he look sexy.

“Back by popular demand,” he stood suddenly, me in his arms and placed my butt onto the desk next to us. “For your eyes only.”


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