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At the age of fifty, J.F. Silver decided to write a story as a birthday gift for his wife. She liked it so much that new fantasies were offered and Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe came to life. A sexy tale featuring characters in their fifties, the series encourages couples to communicate and try new things. The couple has been featured at various media outlets including newspaper, radio and a popular podcast about sex after fifty. They’ve been happily married for forty-one years so it obviously works for them.
Today, J.F. enjoys music and playing the drums when he isn’t busy writing. Together, the couple loves exploring their new home state of Colorado and the American West. He loves hearing from readers.


Contemporary Erotic Romance for Couples. The stories contain many varieties of sexual fantasies, including Polyamorous relationships, BDSM, Bisexuality, Group Sex, Interracial, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, etc.



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“Well, since we have the entire night and we’re all dressed up for each other, let’s sit here and talk for a while. I think we can be pretty honest by now, don’t you?” Mika asked. “Elaine,” she said, looking her right in the eye. “Do you trust me?”
Staring right back at her, Elaine said, “Yes, Mika, of course I trust you.”
Mika smiled at her, then looked over at me. “Do you trust me, Joe?”
“Yes, I trust you Mika, and John, too. You don’t have some deep, dark secrets, do you? Are you spies or something?” I asked, laughing. Elaine, John, and Mika all cracked up.
“That’s great,” John said. “I like your thinking, Joe, but it’s nothing so nefarious. Mika and I are curious to know what you and Elaine like. Fantasies, things like that.”
Mika looked at me. “Yeah, things like that. How do you feel about sharing? I’d like to hear what turns you on, Joe.” Then she gazed over at Elaine. “And I’d love to learn about your desires, dear.” Mika took a sip of wine, the two never losing eye contact.
“You’re going to share too, right?” Elaine asked, quickly adding, “I will if we all do.”
“Of course, that’s the fun part,” Mika told her with a smile. “Who would like to start? How about you, Joe? Ready to tell us what turns you on?” I took a drink, then looked around the table.
“I get to go first, huh? Well, what I really like is to watch. I love watching Elaine when she touches herself, and if we’re really being honest here, I love watching her with you, Mika. That really turns me on.”
“Nice,” Mika said, smiling at me. “Do you like to watch porn?”
“Yes, we both like it,” I answered.
“Lesbians, three-ways, that kind of thing? Is that what you like, Joe?” she asked.
“Yeah, those are my favorite things to watch. And oral sex, especially for the women. I also have to tell you, Mika, Asian women turn me on.”
“Really?” She looked over at Elaine, who nodded in agreement. “So, having a three-way, was that your ultimate fantasy? Or is there more, maybe with an Asian woman this time?” Mika made the room much hotter with these questions.
“Mika,” I told her, “that would have to be my ultimate fantasy.” I was being honest. I also knew not only was it possible, but that night was very likely to happen. Mika looked me over, perhaps giving that some thought. I sure was.

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“The girl over there,” Elaine inquired, pointing down at the blonde from earlier. “She danced for us downstairs. Do you know her?”
“Oh yeah, let me guess. She did a little more for you than she did for Joe, right?” Elaine nodded. Renee continued, “Her name’s Amber and she’s one of the most popular girls we have. Her specialty is the private couple’s dance. She likes women a lot, especially older women like you, Elaine. Believe me, she would love to give you a private dance. Would you like one? We could bring her up here.”
“No, that’s okay,” Elaine said, laughing. “I think we’ll be fine. I was just curious. Have you and Amber ever been together?”
“What do you think?” Renee answered quickly enough to convince Elaine she had. The champagne was really good and it was getting a bit warmer. Renee took a sip then asked,
“Elaine, have you ever danced on a pole?”
“No, but I’ve always wanted to try it,” she replied.
Renee got up and walked over to some switches on the wall. She flipped one that dimmed all the lights except around the pole. The next produced music, the same bass-thumping soundtrack that was playing in the club below. Renee walked slowly over to the pole, put one hand on it and spun around once before looking at us. She’d obviously learned a lot of these moves here and was quite good at this. She was older than the girls in the club but every bit as sexy. Dancing just a few feet away from us, Renee began taking off her clothes. She made it a nice tease, slowly stripping down to just her bra and panties before urging Elaine to join her.
By now, Elaine was more than ready to give the pole a try. She got up and moved toward Renee who demonstrated a simple spin. Elaine grabbed on to the shiny gold pole and spun around herself, getting the hang of it quickly. Renee smiled at her and moved closer, holding the pole while doing a deep squat right in front of her. She came back up slowly, being sure to get real close. This was already much hotter than the first time they danced together, and we know how that ended up. Renee got right up against Elaine and showed her how to share the pole, the two of them obviously having a lot of fun. Elaine offered no resistance when Renee helped her strip down to her bra and panties, too.

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In the hallway, we saw Cinderella and her Prince, also going our way. Downstairs, a few couples were waiting in line at the entrance to the ballroom. Not everyone was masked. We had a sexy Elvis with Madonna from the cone bra era and the first Batman of the night, this one accompanied by a very curvy Catwoman. We exchanged hellos though nobody said much while we waited. But, these women, including Elaine, were hard not to notice and the atmosphere was already flirtatious as eyes, masked or not, checked them out. Hell, I was guilty. Catwoman’s suit was really tight.
“Remember our plan,” Elaine whispered to me. “You and me in that Jacuzzi later.”
I gave her a kiss and replied, “I don’t think I can wait that long.” She smelled so nice and looked ridiculously hot in her low-cut black top. We held hands while I gave the tickets to a witch sitting at a small table. Each ticket was unique and she checked her list. Smiling, she asked if this was our first time. When we answered, she went over the rules, the most important being no nudity or sexual activity outside the ballroom. Next, we walked down a dimly lit hallway that ended at a large black curtain. A tiny opening was all that separated us from whatever waited on the other side.
“No matter what,” Elaine told me, “No names and our masks stay on.”
“I agree. Are you ready, Mrs. Z.?”
“Yeah, let’s do it.” Holding hands, she went through first. The ballroom had a large dance floor and spacious booths lined two of the walls, each illuminated by a glowing, carved pumpkin. Looking around, the decorations specific to this holiday definitely got our attention. Strategically placed throughout the ballroom were pairs of hanging, life-sized skeletons positioned as if engaged in sexual acts. On closer inspection, the glow coming from the pumpkins revealed that each was carved, not into faces, but also into sexual positions. I had to check but they were indeed real and each appeared to be different, like a Halloween version of the Kama Sutra.

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“How’s the research going, Elaine?” John asked as we sat down to share this great pizza. “Mika’s not telling me much.”
“It’s been interesting, for sure,” Elaine replied, pausing for a big bite. “I’ve been looking into the health benefits of orgasms,” she continued. “Mika’s been studying the more psychological aspects. How do you explain that?” She looked at Mika, who began pondering the question.
“Okay, well, we know the most important sex organ is the mind, right?” Mika inquired, looking around at each of us. “Thoughts, fantasies, all these things that get us aroused, all start here,” she said, pointing at her temple. “But, we’re trying to connect it to orgasms. What is it up here that helps us climax? It’s different for everyone.” She paused to enjoy lunch.
“Okay, here’s what I’ve been thinking about that,” Elaine chimed in. “Last time we were together, you couldn’t come. Not right away, I mean. But, you saw what happened for me and Mr. Big Shot over here,” she said, smiling at John. “I can’t explain it but it worked for both of us, didn’t it?” He smiled back with no answer required.
“Whenever you do that to me, you never have a problem coming,” I said to Elaine. “I’m not sure you realize that.” She looked at me as if trying to recall a time she hadn’t.
“So, that’s your trigger, honey,” Mika told her. “You’re an exhibitionist. We all know that. That’s your psychological turn-on.”
“And, I think yours is when you put on one of your little, black leather outfits and spank or drip hot wax on one of us, especially me. Mika, you’re on fire when that happens and you know it!” Elaine gestured to prove her point. Mika did have to agree and gave her a hesitant nod. We all enjoyed the delectable pizza for a minute in silence.
“I get what you’re saying about turn-ons and our minds being the most important sex organ, but what about the physical issues people have?” John asked. “For example, Joe and I rely on the little blue pills to help us perform but they don’t give us an orgasm. It’s still up here,” he said, now pointing to his head. “We still need that mental stimulation.”
“Yeah, well, we all know what sets you guys off. Up here, I mean,” Mika told us. “Elaine and I just need to kiss and you two are toast! Come on, face it.” She gave us a serious look. We had no case against that and she knew it.
“Well, I’ve discovered some very interesting things about the health benefits of an active sex life, especially as we get older,” Elaine said. “Like, did you know that having three orgasms a week cuts the risk of heart disease by fifty percent?”
“To healthy hearts,” John announced, raising his can of Diet Coke for a mock toast.
Elaine smiled at him. “And, apparently, having an orgasm is one of the best cures for migraines,” she added with a nod. John turned and gave me a wink.
“Oh, my head,” he kidded, squinting at Elaine in mock pain. “I think I need to lie down.”
“Nice try, honey,” Mika told him with a giggle. He just shrugged.
“So, you’re saying orgasms keep us healthy but our minds really hold the key,” John stated, looking at our wives.
“Yeah, something like that,” Elaine replied as Mika nodded in agreement.

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Mika had big plans for her and Elaine before their night out on the town. She booked a special session at the bathhouse in Japantown, which apparently included the full treatment. They left shortly after breakfast and John and I found ourselves completely alone for the first time in a while. We did need to talk and there was no time like the present.

“Joe, are you nervous about this?” he came right out and asked.

“No, actually, I’m okay with it,” I smiled at him. “So, Elaine must have told you what happened at the club.”

“She mentioned watching you and how much she liked it.”

“Yeah, she liked it and thinks Mika would, too,” I told him.

“That also came up,” he replied. “And, she’s right. Mika would love watching us.”

“So, this is a birthday surprise, for Napa this weekend,” I said, as if he didn’t know that. “Elaine has something special planned. She purchased the tools at the club.”

“Elaine as the Dom?” John smiled. “That’s always fun.”

“Yeah, I think that’s the idea.” Damn, I was getting a little hard thinking about it.

“For the record, Joe,” he told me. “Things happen at the Next Century Club that sometimes you don’t expect. I’ve been with men at the club and Mika has watched. I can’t even tell you how many times she’s told me she’d love to see us together.”

“I don’t doubt that,” I said. Mika had mentioned it once or twice to me, too. “So, this is top secret, okay? Elaine’s orders. And, just curious here, how exactly did Elaine ask you to do this with me?”

John flashed a big grin. “Oh, come on, Joe. You know Elaine has a certain flair for persuasion.”

“Uh huh. Let me guess. You were persuaded out there on the balcony?” I asked, pointing.

He nodded. “She can be extremely persuasive in the open air. She had me up against the railing. What was I supposed to do? Resist?” He had to laugh.

“Well, my mission, which I accepted without complaint, was to keep Mika busy in the Jacuzzi while that transpired. I’m not good with these secrets, man,” I joked.

“I think we can handle this, Joe,” he said, and it felt like any pressure was off. Yeah, we could do this and I realized it wouldn’t just be for Mika and Elaine.

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2019 Elaine's Island


Elaine’s Island blurb:

Not an “average” story from Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe!
Following a successful but exhausting book tour, Joe and Elaine are ready for a vacation. An offer to review an exclusive adult resort in the Bahamas is too good to pass up. Immediately, this small island reveals a mysterious presence, one that sparks unexplainable, new desires in Elaine. Meanwhile, best friends, Mika and John are in California awaiting the birth of their first grandchild but always close in spirit. Even while enjoying this getaway in paradise, an otherworldly feeling continues to haunt Elaine. What is her extraordinary connection to this beautiful place? Come along with Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe for a mystical journey unlike any they’ve ever experienced!

Elaine’s Island excerpt:

Joe, I’d like to show you something I found this morning,” she told me. “Or, somewhere.”

Somewhere? Like a place on the island?” I asked.

Just change into your swimsuit and come with me, please,” she instructed.

Swimsuit, huh?” I was curious now. “What are you wearing?”

She gave me the sexiest look of the day and said, “Not a thing.”

So, I have to, but…”

Oh, I guess I could throw a little robe on,” she teased while walking toward the bedroom to do just that. “Come on, we have to go before it gets dark.”

I was fascinated now and followed her to the bedroom to change. There may have been no resistance had I taken her right there but I really wanted to know where we were going. After slipping on her tiniest silk robe, Elaine grabbed my hand and led us out the door toward the beach. She didn’t say much but her excitement was obvious as we strolled briskly in the opposite direction from the resort. After a short distance, her attention seemed focused on the thick rain forest to our right, as if searching for something. All I could see were trees.

Here it is,” she said, stopping suddenly. “Follow me, honey.” Elaine ducked her head and led us through a narrow opening in the dense greenery until it cleared enough for us to stand. “What do you think of this, Joe? Pretty amazing, huh?” she smiled.

Wow!” I answered. Before me was a small lagoon with a beautiful waterfall on one side and a white sand beach on the other. The afternoon sun filtering through the trees gave the water a unique shade of bluish green. “How in the world did you find this?”
She didn’t answer, instead grabbing my hand again and leading us toward that gorgeous waterfall. Stopping next to it, she turned to me and let her robe slip to the ground. Her eyes gazed at my swimsuit, silently commanding me to remove it.