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I am an Australian author. I am known to be fun-loving with a sense of humor. I love to write erotic romance stories that have a suspenseful/thriller twist.
I like to read dark romance of any era, historical, science fiction with suspenseful/thrillers and all types of music.


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burning desires 2


5-star reviews:

Format: Kindle Edition

This is the first book I have read from this author. The bathtub masturbation scene had my heart rate rising. Elise has a commitment phobia after being cheated on by ex-fiancé and Dom, Lachlan Harris, and thwarts attempts by Jamie Blackmore—who is also her boss—to further their relationship passed being friends-with-benefits. But then a chance meeting in an elevator with Englishman, Charlton Brooks, changes her thinking. Charlton is in Sydney to check up on his discreet escort agency—submissives made available for Doms/Dommes. Charlton knows what he wants…and what he wants is Elise—his Australian Rose. The steaminess between Elise and Charlton rises up from the pages of this story. Their relationship is tested through family emergency, murder and kidnapping. I enjoyed the character development and the plot of this story. There are many twists and turns, and I didn’t see the one coming at the end. I highly recommend this book.

An Excerpt:

The morning sun shines through the cream-colored blinds. My body always wakes up just before the alarm clock. I flicker my eyes open, staring up at the ceiling. The alarm blares at me; it’s six-thirty in the morning.  I stretch out my body from head to toe. I turn over my duvet springing out of bed.  I pick up the phone then remember the broken glass. I must get a replacement as soon as possible. There are twenty notifications from Jamie; I ignore them all. He is going to Brisbane this morning to negotiate a deal with another channel, and I will deal with him when I have a chance. I have a few things happening with work in these next four weeks. I grab my business suit, placing the suit on the bed and walked into the bathroom.

Half an hour later in the elevator, as the doors slide closed my stomach stirs from the pull of the descent. The doors open to the level below. My eyes are drawn in by the magnetic pull of Charlton’s midnight blue eyes just like last night in the same elevator. I cannot help but stare at him. The corners of his eyes crinkle when our eyes meet. He’s truly a handsome man, and when he smiles I admire the dimple on his chin.

“Good Morning, Elise. I trust you slept well.”

The elevator doors close as we descend to ground level. I’m dressed in a black slim-line skirt with a slit on the side, silky ivory blouse, and matching jacket. Charlton stands beside me as my face heats up at his remark.

“Good Morning, Charlton. I did sleep well.” Of course, only after I masturbated thinking about him.

“Elise, your skin is radiant this morning. I do love a woman with a bit of pink on her skin,” his eyes flash wickedly. My pulse quickens. Yes, Charlton is handsome but what is it about this man? In my mind, there is something familiar about him, but I cannot quite place it now. The doors slide open; He gestures with his hand. “After you, Elise.” I slowly amble out of the elevator, hoping Charlton will follow me. “Elise, before you go.” I turn to face Charlton, his eyes blazing; he’s holding his hand out to shake mine; it’s like we just finished a meeting. “I just wanted to say; it was lovely meeting you, Elise.”

Without warning, Charlton walks off. My mouth drops open, watching him walk out the front entrance of the hotel. I’m a little lost at what had just happened. No man has ever just walked off without giving me his card. I regain my equilibrium while walking out the front doors of the hotel straight into my taxi.

At Martin place in the Channel Six studios. Charlton is playing on my mind since I saw him again in the elevator this morning, his midnight blue eyes take me to another world every time I laid my eyes on him. I felt like a little lost puppy abandoned by her owner. I haven’t felt like that in five years. I shake the memories beginning to surface in my mind.

I’m in the newsroom, standing with Executive Producer Mr. Simon Richards, discussing the news conference on climate change. His remark regarding the share of news on political agenda causes tension in the veins to throb in my temple.

“Yes, I understand your circumstances.” I lean forward gazing straight into his almond hazel eyes, so he hears me crystal clear. “Look, I run a tight ship,” my voice, firm. “My political channel, Agenda which is my baby has always handled political news first since 2013.  My channel shares to all the media networks including yours. You either accept that or send me to someone else who will.”

“Whoa,” He holds his hands up in defense. “I understand completely. I sense we are getting the backhand.”

My lips tighten. This man is infuriating. Not only that, he’s dressed like his at a social event and stinks to high heaven. I feel like telling him to have a shower and come back dressed appropriately as an executive producer should look. But I am not his boss.

“Are you serious, Richards? You are not listening to what I said and I’m rather annoyed you would think our channel backhanded your network. You know the protocol. Grow some balls, Richards!”

He swallows a lump in his throat, trembling like a little school boy meeting a woman, apart from his mother for the first time. “Yes, Ms. Fitzgerald.”

“Good, glad we have that settled. Good day, Mr. Richards.”

“Yes, good day.”

I gather my belongings as I have finished what I needed to do here. I stride out of the newsroom, the tap of my Jimmy Choo’s echoing along the corridor as I walk out onto the path of Martin Place. Business men and women are walking down along Martin Place, sipping on coffees they bought at the Lindt Café just across from Six Studios. I saw a row of taxi’s and climbed into one, to take me back to the hotel.

I notice Jamie walking towards the Studios my heart skips a beat when I see Lachlan Harris with him, thankfully they didn’t see me in the taxi. I thought Jamie was heading to Brisbane this morning. My mind’s piqued, wondering what’s going on. I suppose I will find out sooner or later.

I reflect on my past with Jamie and Lachlan. I already knew him, through Lachlan, a dominant who is my ex-fiancé. They are best mates. My ex, Lachlan, and I have a strained past. The tightness in my chest engulfs me at the thought of him. I still get heart palpations whenever he lays his eyes on me. He was the first love of my life. I can never go back to him, that is certain, but I don’t think I will ever get over him completely. We understood our boundaries and respected each other when it comes to business.

Jamie and I were only together when it had to do with business or time together alone, though we did attend my girlfriend’s wedding together it was because we were a part of the bride and grooms party. I may be ruthless, but I do feel bad to be honest when I think about what he said last night. I should have been more aware of his feelings towards me. After all, Jamie is a great guy.  I just don’t love him.  I hope this does not interfere with our working relationship.  My mind wanders to when Lachlan first introduced me to Jamie.

Back in 2009

At a club on the dance floor, no bigger than a size of a modern kitchen. A local rock group is playing Australian Band Cold Chisel’s old hits from the eighties. Singing at the top of my voice to the song Khe San, moving to the beat and I smile to myself; my dad always spoke of his days in Vietnam when this song was on. I feel the vibration rise through my bare feet. I dance better, barefoot. Kathy, my best friend from high school, takes my hand to twist me around, and we both laugh losing balance landing with our bottom first. Kathy and I are in convulsions as onlookers watch us. Still laughing when we stand up from the floor.

“Oh God.” I wipe the tears of laughter from my rosy cheeks. “I haven’t had a girl’s night out like this since our high school days.”

“Elise, I’m so happy to see you laugh for a change. I am glad I talked to you going out with me. You cannot stay home during your break from university and sulk about that loser Lachlan Harris. There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

She rolls her eyes in the direction of some guys observing us from a nearby table. I throw my head back, laughing.

“Oh, please. I know what those guys are thinking, no thank you.”

I am still pining for Lachlan. I met him three years ago when I first started University in Newcastle, an hour’s drive north from Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia, where I lived my entire childhood. Lachlan was giving a seminar at the University. The place was mayhem when word got out that Lachlan, son of well-respected Gordon Sports News Limited, Ronald Harris was doing the talk. I remember the day I met him vividly…

Our eyes locked when Lachlan was giving the speech in 2006. In a trance, my pulse quickens at Lachlan’s steely gaze from his magnetic blue eyes. I was fresh out of Year twelve, nineteen years old. Lachlan was eight years older than me. He pursued me for a week. We were so in love.’

I found out a week later when I caught him in a lie that Lachlan had been cheating. He told me he was sick and couldn’t take me out. I accepted it like any girlfriend would. On that day, Kathy and I went out for dinner at a restaurant where I caught him cozied up in a dark corner with Sabrina, another girl from the university. I walked straight up to him.

“Hello Lachlan and Sabrina,” sarcasm dripped from my mouth.

Lachlan’s eyebrows rose realizing he was caught red-handed. He stood up from his chair.

“Elise, I am sorry, I don’t know what to say.”

I stared at him, not believing what I was hearing. “Are you serious?” I stormed off. I hadn’t heard from Lachlan since.

Kathy shakes me back to reality, “Speak of the devil.” She nods her head, behind me. I twirl around. Lachlan is in front of me. His brooding dark blue eyes burn through me. My senses all lost in a frenzy of wanting, needing his love. But in my mind, he has hurt me, can I forgive him? My heart is racing. I need to leave now shifting my feet ready to move away. Lachlan moves to block me.

“Elise, please let me explain. I came up from Sydney especially to see you. Your mother told me you would be here.”

Great, thanks, Mum, I murmur under my breath. “You were caught plain and simple, just admit it.”

A guy about thirty years old which is Lachlan’s age, stand beside him with a cheeky grin on his face. The man’s almond honey eyes gaze at me with admiration.

“Elise, this is Jamie Blackmore, my best mate. I told you about him.”

I went to shake his hand, and he took my hand and kissed the back of it. There is a charm about him, but he doesn’t make my heart flutter. “It’s a pleasure, Elise. I heard so much about you when I was living in Europe.”

I nod; Jamie’s personality is uncanny beside Lachlan’s. “Yes, I have too” I half smiled at Jamie and returned my gaze to Lachlan, “Okay, enough of small talk.  I am listening.”

“I apologize for putting you through this Elise. I do love you. It was a stupid spur of a moment thing. I want a chance to prove my love for you.”

Tears blot my vision. My heart tells me to give him a chance, but my mind told me to kick him to the curb. I listened to my heart. “Yes, I will give you one more chance.”

Lachlan places his hands on my flushed face to give me a passionate kiss, Oh, God, there it is! Under his spell, the brush of his lips on mine leaves me gasping for breath while my body tingles from head to toe.  Lachlan notices Kathy come up from behind me.

“Hey, Kathy.”

“Hey yourself, Lachlan.”

“Elise. Jamie and I are booked at the Ocean Hotel at The Entrance, would you and Kathy like to join us?”

Kathy’s smile widens hearing where they are staying.  The hotel is well known on the Central Coast to have one of the best ocean views and outdoor spas on the balcony.  I notice a twinkle in her eye when she stares at Jamie, and I smile to myself.

“Yes, Lachlan, we’d both would like that.”

Present Day

In the penthouse, on Tuesday afternoon, I used my foot to close the door behind me. When I approach the kitchen, I see a package on the granite kitchen bench. I slide onto my stool at the breakfast bar, picking up to unwrap the box. My eyes widen as I remove the wrapping.

It’s a Pandora box. Butterflies dance in my stomach while my heart beat fast, curious to know what is inside the box. My heart skips a beat. It’s an eighteen-karat-gold charm bracelet with a love heart clasp. There are three charms attached: a stiletto, a sports shoe, and a rose. My stomach is swirling with butterflies, and I quickly pick up the card to check who sent the beautiful bracelet. I gasp, it’s from Charlton. He is romantic, remembering the brief moments we were together in the elevator. I study the note…

Elise, although brief, they were pleasurable moments meeting you both times in the elevator. The rose is a symbol of your provocative scent. I hope we meet again in the future. Yours, Charlton xx.

My heart radiates in appreciation of Charlton’s thoughts of me. My smile curls into a wicked grin. He notices the little things. I wish that I could return the thanks to him, but I have no time. I take the card off the wrapping and place it in my handbag with the bracelet still in its box. I have a meeting to make sure my staff adheres to the protocols into media sharing.

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Evelyn's Journey book 2


An Excerpt:

On a crisp Monday morning, I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around myself. The bathroom is full of steam. I wipe the mirror with the palm of my hand to check my face and place moisturizer on my olive skin. Renee is home on a month’s break from modelling.  Earlier in the morning, we both went for a five-mile run.  We both love running together.

I enter my bedroom.  My room is bright from the sun shining through the floral curtains. I have a job interview today; I want to make a good impression. I open my closet and thumb my way through my shirts and skirts on the hangers. I have decided on wearing an ivory blouse and grey pencil skirt that shows off my slender figure and long legs. And selected ivory stockings from my drawers to match the shirt and my favorite creamed colored Louboutin.  I place them on my floral duvet on my size double bed and get changed.

I observed myself in the full-length mirror on my closet to do a last-minute check. I smoothed down my pinstripe skirt and turned to gaze at my clock on the wall.  It’s now time to go for the interview. I grab my purse, cell, and keys to leave my house.

I love my car.  A red colored Hyundai Excel. Music plays in the background.  I am lucky to have left in plenty of time. The traffic on the road was bumper to bumper.  A siren blares behind me and quickly move to the side of the road to let an ambulance go through.  Ambulances always send chills through my body ever since the car accident which killed my mother eighteen months ago, my car stopped in front of the wrought iron gate in Doctor Bradley Stevens driveway. I activate the speaker outside the open window of my car. Birds chatter in a frenzy on the front lawn of the doctor’s residence.

A confident man’s voice bellows out of the speaker, “Is this Ms. Evelyn Fox?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Ms. Fox, please come through the gates and park near the entrance.”

My pulse quickens. Oh, fuck! That voice again.  I close my window as the gates open and park near the entrance as instructed. I check my face in the rear-view mirror, rolling my eyes. I haven’t met the guy and already losing self-control over a man’s voice.

I’m amazed at the size of Dr. Stevens house. An older style house, in excellent condition. I step out of the car.  The lawns immaculately cut.  I love the water fountain and stare in wonder at the water cascading over a statue of two children under an umbrella. He must employ a few people to maintain his property. I close my car door to head to the front door.



I am privileged to have a gym at my place. Rejuvenated after a workout. The past few months have been hectic. I’ve been helping out at the local hospital due to their shortage of doctors, and my appointments with regular patients here.  I am grateful for my mother who taught me, time management skills.  It has come in handy to run my business smoothly. I employ a cleaner and gardener as I hardly have time to maintain my house and property.

My current cleaner Adele finished yesterday. A lovely middle age woman. She had to leave due to her mother’s illness and will miss her.  I have narrowed my list of applicants for the cleaner’s position down to 6. In my foyer out the front of my house. The warm sun lights through the front of my house. My house could not be a better position. Especially during the colder months. My eyes gaze through the tinted sheet glass window outside to watch Ms. Fox park her car. She intrigues me. I thoroughly combed through her resume yesterday.  Evelyn Fox is 22 years old. She is a qualified registered nurse with honors and has flawless references. Why is she applying for a cleaning job?  My breath quickens at the sight of her.

I turn to my left and observe myself in my huge mirror from the floor to ceiling. One of many secret compartments which house my salacious needs behind the mirror. I adjust my navy tie on my Armani three-piece gray suit. Evelyn is a radiant beauty. Definitely, would suit my needs as a submissive.  No… I smirk. She is here to apply for the cleaning position. I am surprised she isn’t a model. Evelyn is tall, and her hair is silky long and Fuck me dead! Has long slender legs, the slit of the pencil skirts reveals her luscious thigh.  A desire soars through my veins to my cock and clears my throat. This interview has just turned into an interesting event.

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