Emily Foxx’s New Release


Congratulations, Emily on your new release, Crystal’s Birthday Surprise.

Crystal’s Birthday Surprise by Emily Foxx

Release date August 4, 2017.

Amazon e-book https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0748M2SPK

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35893841-crystal-s-birthday-surprise

Blurb: A pop-star by day and at night Crystal Roberts is a submissive/baby girl to Daddy Dominant, Derek Johnson. They have been together for four years.
For the past two months, Daddy Derek has been on edge due to Crystal’s stalker, a man named Aaron Moore. Crystals’ disobedience of late has not helped him.
Daddy Derek’s birthday is coming up, and Crystal wants to give a surprise he will never forget, but along the way, things start to go wrong. Will her surprise go ahead?

***Note, this DD/bg relationship is consensual. It does contain BDSM scenes***

Written for ages 18+.


“Over my knees, right now.” He ordered commandingly.
My hands let go the edge of the dresser while he pulls me towards him. He places me across his knees. My silky blonde hair dangles in front of my eyes. All I can see is his legs upside down in front of me.
“I will give you five smacks on each cheek of your bottom for now, and you will get an additional twenty after your concert.”
“Yes, Daddy.” 
I feel his warm hand massage my bare bottom. Crisp air hits my bare bottom from him lifting his hand for second before he impacts my left cheek and repeats the same on the right. The sound of the smack cracks in the air. My skin prickles from the fire inflicted from his hand.
“One,” my voice shrieks a little.
I hear Daddy inhale a deep breath as he impacts my left and right cheek again harder. My eyes close. The fire burning on my bare bottom spreads like wildfire.
“Two,” my voice reaching a high peak.
“Baby girl, you know that I love you to disobey me, but this is not the time to do so.”
He smacks me harder on my bottom. I can feel the bitterness of the fire rise on my bottom.
I wail, “Three.”
Each strike of the hand becomes more intense as he impacts my left and right cheek again. The intense burning on my bottom increases its torment.
My limbs relax a little knowing I have one more to go. I put the thought of more after my concert away from my mind. Daddy strikes me again left and right making sure I feel the impact of what he did, guaranteeing it will leave a lasting effect throughout my concert.
“Five, Daddy.”
I flinch a little as he places his palms on my hot cheeks. I moan as he gently kneads the throbbing pain with his fingers in a circle on my bare bottom. I can feel his cock stir as it pushes hard against my body. The ache between my thighs now throb. I know we don’t have the time for a fuck, but the thought makes me trickle more arousal down my inner thighs. He runs the tip of his finger along the entrance of my pussy and pushes his index finger in, parting my wet pussy lips.
“Tsk, tsk… Baby girl, you are very wet. You cannot help yourself. I promise you will be punished after the concert. You have cut it too close tonight.”
Daddy lifts me so I can stand. He cups my face and kisses me gently. I place my hands on top of his.
“I know, but it did help release some tension,” I curl a smile at him.
He smirks and looks at his watch.
“You have less than five minutes to change your panties and fishnet stockings.”


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