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He had been in the BDSM lifestyle for over twenty years. She, would never be able to adapt to it, not after what she’d gone through.

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Excerpt: Copyright©Linzi Basset


“Patronize you? I wouldn’t dare, sweetie, but, let’s be honest. This is hardly the environment where you would find what you’re looking for.”


“Married bliss. A white picket fence and two-and-a-half kids.”

Kacie simmered with anger, until the vision of what he’d just said began to form in her mind. She could envision two little cherubs who inexplicably had the same liquid silver eyes as the man watching her closely.

Well, sorry for you, Pea, but I’ve already found it. All I have to do is make you see it.

In her career, once Kacie set her mind on something, come hell or high water, she made sure she achieved it. The same strength now filled her and for the first time in her life, she had hope. That she might be able to overcome the emotional clusterfuck her life had become.

She took Parnell’s hand in hers and splayed his fingers open between her two palms. Her hands appeared almost childlike against his huge one. She took a deep breath.

“Do you know that I’m still a virgin, Parnell?” Her voice cracked but she refused to back down.

“Kacie,” he grated through clenched teeth.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she managed to croak.

“Do you? I sincerely doubt that,” he managed to mutter.

“It’s true. I’ve—”

“Kacie, don’t do this.”

“But it’s true, Parnell. Yeah, I’ve been abused—fuck, more than anyone would ever . . .” Her voice gave in and she had to swallow the lump that threatened to choke her, but she refused to give in. She wanted a different life and she wanted Parnell to be a part of that life. She had to see this through.

“Stop this, Kacie. Now.”

“But, I’ve never had sex. Did you know that, Parnell?” She dared a quick glance at him. His eyes glowed silver. She looked down at their entwined hands. “I tried, many times, but I just couldn’t get past . . . every time I would freeze up and wham—it was over. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I see how happy Seth is, and how Sasha glows when they come out of the bedroom in the mornings. I want that too. I want to know what it feels like to be sexually aroused; to experience the pleasure of intimacy without those . . . fucking monsters invading my mind.”

“Kacie, enough,” Parnell ordered. He sat up. He still battled the knowledge of what she’d gone through. Anger surged inside him at the memory.

“And I want you to teach me.”


Kacie looked at him as he stood up and towered over her.

“You heard me.”

“Yeah, I fucking heard you and I say again, this is not the damn place for you to be having this . . . epiphany!”

Kacie froze. She rose slowly. Her head moved in a negative shake without realizing. Everything inside her felt like it was withering to a slow death.

“You don’t . . . you’re disgusted with me. That’s it, isn’t it? Just like all those years ago! You . . . oh god. How did you know where to find me?” Suddenly her mind went blank and she couldn’t remember what he’d told her before.

“Kacie, let me take you—”

“HOW? Tell me!” she screamed at him.

Parnell knew better than to touch her at that moment or to lie to her.

“I intercepted the email they sent to Seth.”

Her eyes filled with tears. “You saw? Oh no, not you. You should never have . . . that’s why I disgust you. You saw how they . . .,” she couldn’t continue as a sob racked through her body.

She stumbled toward the door and fumbled with the knob, trying to yank it open. Two hands spun her around and caught her face between them.

“Stop this, Kacie. You don’t disgust me. You had no control over what they did to you.”

“But Seth trained me. I should’ve fought harder. I shouldn’t have allowed them—”

“I saw you fighting as hard as you could, sweetie. Not even a man of my strength would’ve been able to overpower all those men. I watched you break a man’s bones and snap another’s neck. No, Kacie, I’m not disgusted by you . . . I admire you,” he said, his forehead against hers. He brushed his thumbs over her cheeks, wiping away the tears.

“Now, no more of this. I don’t ever want to hear you talk like this again. Are we clear? Come on, Kacie. That’s my condition. I will teach you about sex and intimacy, but you will ban all thoughts of self-recrimination from your mind.”

Their eyes met in a heated exchange as the visions of the upcoming tutorial flashed through their respective minds.

“You will? Really?”


Curious to read the story? It’s available on Amazon.

Parnell’s Gift Amazon e-book

You can find more information on Linz Basset here: Linz’s Wicked Pen Author Page


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